Santa Ragione

the-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-3rd Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 3rd

Welcome to day three of the RPS Christmas Advent Calendar. Well, I say day. Actually it’s night, but there’s surely nothing to hurt us in this quaint old town. Wait. Did you hear that? Is there… is there something behind us? I swear it sounds like something is following us. I don’t like the sound of that rattling at all. Do you have a map? Oh my god you don’t have a map? Read more

saturnalia’s-neon-folk-survival-horror-will-stick-to-you-for-a-very-long-time Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Saturnalia’s neon-folk survival horror will stick to you for a very long time

We’ve got a pretty good line in interesting folk traditions here at RPS. I grew up in a county where staying up all night at the stone circle to welcome the Summer Solstice was an annual tradition (later augmented by a woman wearing antlers offering a selection of downers and hallucinogens), and as a child I had an unnecessary encounter with the Salisbury Hob-Nob. For the past few years Alice0 has gone to the Burryman’s Parade, gracing us with pictures of that most wholesome gentleman. Rural traditions are fun if you’re part of them, but to outsiders they can be…

italian-folk-horror-saturnalia-pits-you-against-a-terrifying,-weird-town Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Italian folk horror Saturnalia pits you against a terrifying, weird town

A few years ago I had to be on very strong painkillers to help me sleep, and while I didn’t have more nightmares than usual, the quality of the ones I did have was markedly more weird than what I was used to. Enter Saturnalia, “a fever dream inspired in equal parts by authentic Sardinian culture and classic Italian giallo horror films”. Announced a year ago and “coming soon” in 2022 to the Epic Games Store, this extremely unsettling slice of nope – but also yes – just got a new trailer. If Stanley Tucci visited this town on his…

the-best-game-you-missed-in-august-2020:-milky-way-prince-–-the-vampire-star Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best game you missed in August 2020: Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star

As 2020 goes kicking and screaming into that good night, we’ve rounded up some of the best games from the year that we didn’t end up covering. Check the Best Game You Missed tag for more. Playing Milky Way Prince made me think about people I would rather forget, and memories that will never quite stop hurting. You know, the ones about the intense, dysfunctional relationships you sometimes end up in when you’re stupid and young. It’s a game that feels young at its core – the first commercial work of a solo developer, Lorenzo “eyeguys” Redaelli, and the first…