Sam Barlow

immortality-review:-a-peeling-apart-of-stories,-power-and-film-that-can’t-quite-balance-on-a-knife-edge Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Immortality review: a peeling apart of stories, power and film that can’t quite balance on a knife edge

Drumroll, please, for the latest interactive, live action, film archival puzzle from Sam Barlow, of Her Story and Telling Lies. This latest rumination on voyeurism also delves into storytelling, sex, death, religion, love, lust, lies, pretence (as distinct from acting), power and self. That’s a lot to pack into the partial, out of order clips of three different films, which manage to span both decades and careers. The central figure is Marissa Marcel, an almost-star actor who made three movies before disappearing. So the question you strive to answer, by looking through unedited takes and rehearsal footage, is: what happened…

Sam Barlow plans to make a Silent Hill: Shattered Memories-sorta game again

Sam Barlow, the writer and designer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, has been muttering about plans to make a follow-up of sorts to the 2009 horror game. Not a sequel nor even a game with ‘Silent Hill’ in the name, but a spiritual successor combining bits of that with lessons he’s learned from making other games and a bit of extra oomph. After Shattered Memories, Barlow found fame with voyeuristic FMV games Her Story and Telling Lies. The non-Silent Hill game is still only an idea, mind, one he’s still pitching. But maybe? (more…)