this-massive-5tb-external-drive-is-down-to-just-85.94-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

This massive 5TB external drive is down to just £85.94 today

External hard drives are hard to find at a good price right now, as miners of the new Chia cryptocurrency have purchased drives in huge numbers. However, there are still good deals to be found from time to time, including thi 5TB Expansion Drive from Seagate, which is down to £84.94 at Ebay right now when you use the code SHOP4LESS. That’s a respectable savings from this drive’s normal price of around £105, and makes it around £15 cheaper than the nearest comparable drives on Amazon. Read more

pay-$5-/-4-for-$15-/-14-worth-of-games-at-the-ubisoft-store Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pay $5 / £4 for $15 / £14 worth of games at the Ubisoft Store

Ubisoft have taken a leaf out of Epic’s book, as they’re offering coupons worth $10 / £10 which can be used on all carts worth $15 / £14 and up. To get the discount, just get your cart to the minimum level (with either a single game or multiple games) and then use the code FORWARD at the checkout. Get $10 / £10 off at the Ubisoft Store with code FORWARD Read more

get-up-to-85%-off-games-and-dlc-in-ubisoft’s-far-cry-sale Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Get up to 85% off games and DLC in Ubisoft’s Far Cry sale

Ahead of Ubisoft’s June 12 ‘Forward’ E3-adjacent live video game announcement stream, the company has discounted its popular Far Cry franchise games by up to 85%. This makes it a good time to play the earlier games in the series – and you still have time to beat one or two titles if Far Cry 6 releases in October as planned. Read more

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The best gaming keyboard is 55% off today at Best Buy

Esports legends Fnatic make some truly high-grade gaming peripherals, and their full-size Fnatic Streak mechanical keyboard is more than 50% off today. In fact, you can pick up the Streak from Best Buy for just $50, a $60 reduction from its normal price of $110 and the lowest price we’ve ever seen by a long shot. Read more

the-best-cheap-nvme-ssd-for-gaming-just-got-a-lot-cheaper Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best cheap NVMe SSD for gaming just got a lot cheaper

The WD Blue SN550 is one of our most highly recommended SSDs, thanks to its excellent price to performance ratio, and today it’s even cheaper than usual. The 1TB model has been reduced from £89 to £80 on Ebay, thanks to today’s PICKSAVE10 promotion. Here’s what you need to know about the drive – and a few other highlights that you can find using that same Ebay code. So, the WD Blue SN550. Katharine was a massive fan when she reviewed the drive last year, and it even takes a place of pride in the best gaming SSD rankings as…

37-is-an-insanely-good-price-for-a-top-mechanical-keyboard Rock,Paper,Shotgun

£37 is an insanely good price for a top mechanical keyboard

Whoa – the Xtrfy K4 TKL was already a great value mechanical keyboard at its original price of £90, but today Amazon are selling the UK model for just £36.59. That’s a titanic reduction and a truly wicked deal for a high-grade mechanical keyboard. Katharine hasn’t reviewed the K4 TKL for RPS just yet, but I have happened to test it out – so let me run through its strong points quickly. It’s got high quality Kailh Red switches, which are plate-mounted to improve the typing response. It has thick ABS keycaps, lubed stabilisers and foam padding in the bottom…

msi-creator-laptops-are-$300-off-at-newegg-right-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

MSI creator laptops are $300 off at Newegg right now

MSI makes some of the slimmest gaming and content creation laptops around, and today several creator-focused models with light designs and discrete graphics cards have been discounted heavily at Newegg in the US. The standout deal is the MSI Laptop Prestige 14, which has dropped from $1200 to $900 – with an instant savings of $200 and a $100 rebate. You even get a carry bag that Newegg claim is worth $109 for free – not a bad deal! Read more

samsung’s-odyssey-gaming-monitors-are-15%-off-with-this-sneaky-code Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Samsung’s Odyssey gaming monitors are 15% off with this sneaky code

If you’re after a Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor, this is one of the best times to pick one up – as the Korean chaebol is offering up to 15% off their entire range at their UK store, including the in-demand Odyssey G7 and their flagship G9. To get the discount, you’ll need to use the voucher code ENG6N7PYP at the cart page at the Samsung store. It’s incredibly rare to see significant discounts on these Odyssey monitors, and especially at Samsung’s UK store, so do take a look at these while you still have the chance! Read more

this-prebuilt-rtx-3060-pc-costs-less-than-the-sum-of-its-parts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

This prebuilt RTX 3060 PC costs less than the sum of its parts

Last week we posted about a rather excellent gaming PC deal, which bundled up an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card and AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor into a computer box with surprisingly solid components throughout, all for less than one thousand of your Earth pounds. Today, that deal makes a return of sorts, as UK system builders AWD-IT have a very similar prebuilt gaming PC, once again for a little less than £1000. Read more

the-cheapest-places-to-find-resident-evil-village-for-pc,-in-the-us-and-uk Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The cheapest places to find Resident Evil Village for PC, in the US and UK

Resident Evil Village is the talk of the town, and you may well be wondering where the cheapest place to pick it up is. We’ve scoured every legitimate key-totin’ outfit in the land to find out – on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US, the cheapest place we’ve found for the PC version is Newegg, where you can pick up a digital copy of the game for $50. (An Xbox Series X/S version is also available at the same price.) The game also comes with two pre-order bonuses, even though you’re sneakily purchasing it post-release: the Mr. Raccoon…

save-up-to-98%-in-fanatical’s-insanity-sale Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Save up to 98% in Fanatical’s Insanity Sale

Fanatical are holding a massive ‘Insanity Sale’ right now, with savings of up to a whopping 98% up for grabs. New flash deals are being added all the time, and one of the latest highlights is The Banner Saga 3 for 75% off, taking the culminating chapter in Stoic’s epic turn-based strategy trilogy down to a ridiculous £4.68 in the UK. Big Varl boy Bolverk approves. Read more

the-gog-‘we-love-games’-sale-is-now-live VG247

The GOG ‘We Love Games’ sale is now live

By Grace Curtis, Friday, 12 February 2021 16:50 GMT GOG are celebrating Valentine’s day with a romantically infused ‘Games We Love’ sale, which includes their biggest ever discount on the Witcher 3. The iconic slash n’ cast RPG is down 80% to just $9.99 for the Game of the Year edition. Cyberpunk 2077 is also down a tidy 10% to $53.99. If you’ve ever wanted to sample the meatiest games in CD Projekt’s catalogue, now’s your chance. Mixed in with the regular titles is an interesting little curio: the Commander Keen Complete Pack. Commander Keen is a classic id Software series that…