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have-you-played…-painkiller:-black-edition? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have you played… Painkiller: Black Edition?

Like so many games buried deep within my Steam library, I am unsure when I bought Painkiller: Black Edition or my exact reasons for doing so. I expect it was cheap in some kind of daily sale. Perhaps I was hungover, and hoped a small treat would ease my aching head. I vaguely recall booting it up once, perhaps a decade ago, and getting no further than its main menu. Painkiller was destined to rot in a digital purgatory of my own design forever, an unassuming icon that I would scroll past on my way to reinstall Destiny 2 for…

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Your troupe of brawling, eccentric performers packs a wallop in Circus Electrique

Instead of commanding a group of rugged, blood-soaked mercenaries on a turn-based death crawl through unimaginable horrors, how about a neo-Victorian circus troupe brawling with biomechatronic Londoners? That’s Circus Electrique, a turn-based RPG that’s much more lighthearted than its Darkest Dungeon counterpart (and seemingly main inspiration). But after playing a preview of the game’s first mission, there’s more than meets the eye in this part steampunk RPG, part circus tycoon management sim. You play as Amelia, a young, bold journalist returning to London to cover the grand re-opening of the Circus Electrique. A metaphorical spanner gets lobbed into the works,…

everything-shown-at-the-warhammer-skulls-showcase,-including-three-new-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Everything shown at the Warhammer Skulls showcase, including three new games

The week-long Warhammer Skulls event has kicked off with an avalanche of announcements. Leading the pack are three new games: CRPG Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader, digital card game Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge, and retro FPS Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun. Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef, the 2D action platformer, also got a release date. It’ll be out on the 20th of October. Read more

“the-days-of-metacritic-determining-how-well-a-game-sells-are-long-gone”-says-saber-boss VG247

“The days of Metacritic determining how well a game sells are long gone” says Saber boss

After finding success with both Evil Dead: The Game and World War Z, Saber CEO Matt Karch says games can look beyond Metacritic for success It’s been a good week for Embracer Group and Saber Interactive: after the publisher/developer combo announced that Evil Dead: The Game sold 500,000 units in under a week, it’s become clear that there’s an appetite for all things multiplayer horror – a trend helped into popularity by the runaway success of games like Dead by Daylight. During Embracer Group’s Q4 Report presentation, Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch was asked about the launch of Evil Dead:…

evil-dead:-the-game-review-–-a-groovy-gore-fest,-but-something-is-missing VG247

Evil Dead: The Game Review – A groovy gore-fest, but something is missing

Henrietta is out to try and swallow Ash William’s soul again, and again, and again…. Evil Dead: The Game is an affectionate love letter to Sam Raimi’s horror franchise and its mass of loyal fans. I’ll hold my hands up and immediately say that I feel indifferent towards the Evil Dead movies. While I’m a horror devotee through and through, my love lies with the crass nature of Rob Zombie movies when it comes to those delicious horror/camp crossovers. That being said, I have a huge appreciation for the work of Sam Raimi, and was still incredibly interested to see…

method-man-pairs-love-of-horror-with-hip-hop,-releases-new-song-for-evil-dead:-the-game VG247

Method Man pairs love of horror with hip hop, releases new song for Evil Dead: The Game

Wu Tang Clan rapper’s song samples the original Evil Dead soundtrack and its characters. Wu Tang Clan rapper and legendary lyricist, Method Man, is a pretty hardcore fan of The Evil Dead. The musician has always been a fan of Sam Raimi, often making reference to Raimi’s work in his songs. Now, after the team behind Evil Dead: The Game reached out to Method Man and producer, Statik Selektah, the pair have collaborated an an original new song fit for bashing brains out with boomsticks. Following the release of Evil Dead: The Game’s official theme earlier last week, which brings…

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Mythforce looks like a first-person 80s cartoon

Beamdog, the Canadian studio behind the ‘Enhanced Edition’ remasters of Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate, have announced their first original game: Mythforce. It’s a roguelikelike first-person stabber with a striking visual style inspired by 80s children’s cartoons. Also, Beamdog are being bought by Aspyr Media, joining the mahoosive Embracer Group as the consolidation of the games industry continues. Read more

evil-dead:-the-game-has-been-delayed-to-ensure-it’s-“groovy-as-hell” VG247

Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed to ensure it’s “groovy as hell”

You’ll have to wait a few extra months to channel your inner Ash. Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed, again. Originally slated to release last year, the game was pushed into February 2022 by Boss Team Games in order to give it some extra polish and to ensure it’s the “ultimate Evil Dead experience” we’ve all been waiting for. Now, the game has been moved to May 13 for what seems to be for the same reason, as the studio said it needs more time to deliver the best possible experience. It other words, it has to be “groovy…

evil-dead:-the-game-release-delayed-for-polish-and-to-add-a-single-player-component VG247

Evil Dead: The Game release delayed for polish and to add a single-player component

Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed to next year.Originally slated to release this year on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, Evil Dead: The Game has instead been delayed to February 2022.Watch on YouTubeAccording to the developer, Boss Team Games, the extra time will give the team a chance to give it some extra polish and to ensure it is the “ultimate Evil Dead experience you’re all waiting for.”The additional time will also allow the team to implement a single-player option.Boss Team’s co-op and PvP multiplayer action title was announced at The Game Awards in…

embracer-group-has-acquired-the-maker-of-deep-rock-galactic,-huntdown,-and-six-other-studios VG247

Embracer Group has acquired the maker of Deep Rock Galactic, Huntdown, and six other studios

By Sherif Saed 5 August 2021 12:26 GMT Embracer Group is expanding its studio portfolio further with eight new teams.Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic, Koch Media, and many other publishers and developers, has announced today the acquisition of eight established studios. The teams will fall under Embracer’s various arms, bringing the group’s total size to over 8,000 employees.Watch on YouTubeWithin the premium games space, Coffee Stain will now own Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship, and Huntdown maker Easy Trigger. Koch Media, through its subsidiary Vertigo Games, has acquired VR developer Forcefield. Koch is also now the…

snowrunner-has-escaped-the-mud-of-epic-games-store-exclusivity Rock,Paper,Shotgun

SnowRunner has escaped the mud of Epic Games Store exclusivity

The off-road trucking of SnowRunner has ended a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity, today coming to Steam as well as Xbox Game Pass For PC. It’s the follow-up to MudRunner, which was itself a spin-off from Spintires – two great games about dirty gert trucks getting stuck in physics-simulated mud. This time, it has snow too! The publishers have also kicked off a second year of free content updates and paid DLC. Read more

metro-exodus-enhanced-edition-is-out-now-as-a-free-upgrade-on-pc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is out now as a free upgrade on PC

I’ve found that the dingy post-apocalyptic world of Metro Exodus always looked quite good, but today developers 4A Games made those visuals even better. They’ve released the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition, expanding the FPS’s ray tracing capabilities, increasing framerates and display resolutions, among other technical upgrades. You can download the Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition right now if you’d like, but be warned: it requires a ray tracing-capable GPU at the very minimum. Read more

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Sure, Crysis Remastered is nice, but have you ever played the original Crysis?

Crysis Remastered review Crysis is a first-person stealth playground and a staggering spectacle, but new tech wizardry doesn’t justify the new price. Developer: Crytek Publisher: Crytek Release: Out now On: Windows From: Epic Price: £28/€30/$30 Crysis was always about more than its graphics. Crysis was and is a first-person stealth playground, with destructible buildings, clever enemies, and a set of flexible superpowers with which to make one collide with the other. Crysis Remastered is that game again, with new graphical bells and whistles you probably can’t use, and a substantially higher price than the original game costs now. (more…)

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Halo 3: ODST has arrived on PC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has gained another game, except this one isn’t actually about that Master Chief guy. Halo 3: ODST arrived on PC today, giving players the chance to follow the story of some normal human dudes, and not a giant Spartan. It takes place before the events of Halo 3, and you play as some Orbital Drop Shock Troopers who’re trying to figure out why the Covenant invaded New Mombasa. (more…)