the-ryzen-5600-is-much-better-value-than-the-5600x-–-especially-with-this-deal Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Ryzen 5600 is much better value than the 5600X – especially with this deal

AMD’s Ryzen 5600X was a favourite of value-oriented gamers when it debuted in late 2020 – to say nothing of RPS head big honcho Katharine – so unsurprisingly AMD followed it up with an even cheaper model, the 5600, about a year later. This non-X variant performs more or less identically, with a slightly low rated boost clock that translates into one or two percent worse performance in CPU-limited scenarios. Given the fact that the 5600 is £13 cheaper on Amazon right now, we’d recommend it over the X any time. Read more

amd’s-fastest-gaming-processor-is-down-to-$375 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

AMD’s fastest gaming processor is down to $375

The ‘world’s fastest gaming CPU‘, according to AMD, is on sale in the US today. The Ryzen 7 5800X3D is down from $450 to $375 via Antonline’s Ebay store, an awesome price for an extremely quick eight-core and 16-thread processor blessed with AMD’s new stacked L3 cache design, which allows it to beat almost every current-gen CPU in gaming performance. Read more