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nate-is-leaving-rps,-come-say-goodbye Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nate is leaving RPS, come say goodbye

Every October, Nate disappears into a puff of smoke to be replaced by his good pal Ghoastus, the Roman ghost. Alas, his yearly ascent to higher realms has sadly come much earlier than expected this year, as today is Nate’s last day at RPS – come say goodbye. Read more

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See you in 2021!

Alright, that’s it. RPS is concluded for 2020. We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy Hogmanay, a Festivus for the rest of yous, and a general good’un for whatever else you might be doing after the RPS treehouse falls empty. We’ve left Horace a big bowl of Twiglets, Nate’s put a mince & onion pie out for Jason Statham, a series of traps involving Warhammer 40K figurines and coconut crabs should deter burglars, and a few posts are scheduled for the break. Hold tight. We’ll see you back on Monday, the 4th of January, 2021. (more…)