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the-rps-100-returns,-and-this-time-we-want-your-help Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS 100 returns, and this time we want your help

The RPS 100, our annual countdown of our favourite PC games of all time, is coming back for its second edition later this month – and let me tell you, with practically an all-new team in place since we last cast our votes, this year’s RPS 100 is looking to be quite the shake-up compared to last year’s list. This time, though, we wanted get you, our fair readers, involved as well. To that end, we’re introducing The RPS 100: Reader’s Edition, where you can vote for your favourite PC games of all time, to be published as a separate…

rps-is-15-years-old-today! Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RPS is 15 years old today!

On this day, in the year of our Horace 2007, Rock Paper Shotgun was born. Yes, previous birthday posts will tell you the site’s official birthday is August 20th – the day RPS was fully unveiled to the world – but those same posts will also tell you the four RPS founders were mucking about with the site in secret for well over a month before that. It’s also the date that’s been etched into our Wikipedia page, which we all know is the true source of all knowledge. So here I am, demanding showers of cake and confetti, because…

please-welcome-our-new-reviews-editor,-rachel-watts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Please welcome our new reviews editor, Rachel Watts

Back in the depths of February, we began our search for a section editor to take on our growing reviews section and bring their expert editing skills to every part of the site. Today, at long last, I’m happy to say we’ve found that person, and we’ve also given them the proper job title they deserve. Please say hello to Rachel Watts, our brand-new reviews editor. Read more

come-and-say-hello-to-our-new-vid-bud,-liam-richardson Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Come and say hello to our new vid bud, Liam Richardson

The RPS video chamber has been a little quiet since Colm left us at the end of last year, but this week I’m pleased to announce that strange noises have once again been heard from deep within our Treehouse recording booth. Indeed, our search for a new vid bud is finally over, so please say hello and welcome to Liam Richardson. Read more

letter-from-the-editor-#06:-help-test-our-new-liveblog-feature-tomorrow! Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Letter From The Editor #06: help test our new liveblog feature tomorrow!

Hello folks. I would say Happy New Year, but it’s already the 19th January and we’ve had two of the biggest news stories of the year in the space of a week, so I think that means it’s officially too late to keep banging the old New Year drum, isn’t it? The sentiment remains, of course, even if I do now feel a thousand years old in the process. Rather than reaching for the annual reset button, though, today I wanted to talk about some of the new and exciting things that are coming up on RPS this year. For…

rps-is-out-for-the-holidays.-see-you-in-2022! Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RPS is out for the holidays. See you in 2022!

All right, folks, we’re now officially done and dusted for the year. 2021 is being brought to a close, and RPS is entering its annual hibernation period. We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy holiday, and a general Festivus for the rest of yous as we scuttle out of the RPS Treehouse for a couple of weeks and have a nice big sleep in our mountain of sweet wrappers. We’ll see you back bright and early on Tuesday January 4th 2022. Read more

imogen-is-leaving-rps,-come-and-say-goodbye Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Imogen is leaving RPS, come and say goodbye

As that age-old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. As we prepare to put a full stop on the year and see out 2021 from our cocoon of Christmas chocolate wrappers, we must also sadly bid farewell to our news writer Imogen Beckhelling, who is heading off for a new adventure in the games industry in the New Year. Today is Imogen’s last day at RPS, so come and say goodbye. Read more

letter-from-the-editor-#05:-2021-in-review Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Letter From The Editor #05: 2021 in review

Hello folks. It’s been a funny old year, 2021. On the games side, it’s often felt like a year of shifting goalposts. Games that were delayed by the pandemic last year finally got their due in 2021, but in turn many of the releases we were expecting this year have inevitably slipped into 2022. The pandemic has affected games of all sizes this year, and I don’t think it will go down in the history books as one of our all-time greats. There were still plenty of fantastic games that came out this year, mind, and we’re still counting down…

get-35%-off-rps-yearly-subscriptions-this-black-friday-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Get 35% off RPS yearly subscriptions this Black Friday week

It’s that time of year again, folks. It’s the week in November when the sky grows dark, the ground trembles underfoot, and wallets are busted open in the never-ending search for the biggest and best Black Friday deals. You will likely be seeing a lot of these deals posts appearing on RPS over the coming week, but I promise you this one’s properly good – because it’s us that’s on sale rather than a fancy mouse, keyboard or headset. From now until November 30th, yearly subscriptions to RPS are 35% off for new subscribers – and all you need to…

nate-is-leaving-rps,-come-say-goodbye Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nate is leaving RPS, come say goodbye

Every October, Nate disappears into a puff of smoke to be replaced by his good pal Ghoastus, the Roman ghost. Alas, his yearly ascent to higher realms has sadly come much earlier than expected this year, as today is Nate’s last day at RPS – come say goodbye. Read more

see-you-in-2021! Rock,Paper,Shotgun

See you in 2021!

Alright, that’s it. RPS is concluded for 2020. We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy Hogmanay, a Festivus for the rest of yous, and a general good’un for whatever else you might be doing after the RPS treehouse falls empty. We’ve left Horace a big bowl of Twiglets, Nate’s put a mince & onion pie out for Jason Statham, a series of traps involving Warhammer 40K figurines and coconut crabs should deter burglars, and a few posts are scheduled for the break. Hold tight. We’ll see you back on Monday, the 4th of January, 2021. (more…)