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what’s-your-comfort-game-when-you’re-sick? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What’s your comfort game when you’re sick?

I’ll be honest, friends: I’m thick with cold and I’d like this day to end. Maybe you can help me make that happen. Once I’m done here, I’m going to crawl under a blanket and play something comforting that will distract me until bedtime. So I’m here to ask: what’s your comfort gaming for when you’re sick? Read more

what-game-has-the-best-melee-combat? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What game has the best melee combat?

When done poorly, swinging your arms in a videogame feels like nothing at all. Fists phase through opponents, swords smack like dull sticks, and it’s all a little too much like making a health points withdrawl at the NPC ATM. Thankfully there are lots of games which do it wonderfully – so, which game does it best? Read more

do-we-still-need-e3? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Do we still need E3?

E3 is coming back. It skipped 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and will grace our screens in 2021 as an all-digital event. Last year was the first time since 1995 that an E3 didn’t take place, so we saw what would happen if the event no longer existed… and life went on. Game companies and media outlets took their plans for the big conference and made them their own, hosting live streams and releasing demos digitally all throughout the summer. While a lot of it was a summer mish-mash of shows, we still got all the announcements that would’ve…

what’s-your-favourite-video-game-easter-egg? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What’s your favourite video game Easter egg?

With Easter coming up, and Discount Easter egg Day soon after, I’m curious: what’s your favourite Easter egg in video games? I suppose this world must house some edutainment game which would let you answer this literally, but I’m more interested in those hidden jokes, references, and oddities which surprise and delight. Tell me your favourite and who knows, maybe I’ll eat a Cadbury Buttons egg in your honour. Next Tuesday, once they’re cheap. Read more

what’s-the-best-trilogy-of-pc-games? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What’s the best trilogy of PC games?

Hitman 3 is out later this week and if Brendy’s review is any indication, it’s great. He calls it “as capable and pleasing as its trilogy-siblings,” and names the trilogy as a whole, “one of the most fun-loving games of the previous decade.” That got me thinking. What is the best trilogy in PC gaming? (more…)

are-there-any-vr-games-you’re-looking-forward-to-in-2021? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Are there any VR games you’re looking forward to in 2021?

Earlier today, we got a glimpse inside Ian Hitman’s head with a trailer for Hitman 3‘s new VR support. Except we didn’t, really, because support has thus far only been confirmed for the PSVR and not for our superior PC-based virtual reality headsets. So it’s got me thinking. Is there anything to be excited about in VR gaming in 2021? (more…)

what-new-gaming-subscription-service-would-you-want? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What new gaming subscription service would you want?

One-off purchases are out, and recurring payments are in. Subscription services are hot again, with publishers from EA to Ubisoft giving access to their games for monthly fees, Stadia charging for better cloud gaming, Fortnite considering fashion subs, and so many companies threatening to send boxes of tat to your door. So few seem worth it. But I’m curious: if you could create a new gaming subscription service, what would you want? I’d be tempted by The Sims. (more…)

what’s-your-favourite-video-game-explosion? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What’s your favourite video game explosion?

Remember, remember the fifth of November: gunpowder, treason, and plot. I myself see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. But while we commemorate gunpowder treason with fireworks on Bonfire Night, can you honestly tell me you remember with complete certainty whether we’re celebrating the fact that the plot was foiled, or that someone at least tried to detonate a king? You can’t. Don’t pretend. But seeing as this is a day of joyous explosions, I must know: what’s your favourite video game explosion? (more…)