lost-ark’s-may-update-adds-a-smashing-new-class-and…-a-playable-chicken? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lost Ark’s May update adds a smashing new class and… a playable chicken?

The May update for Amazon Games and Smilegate’s multiplayer online action RPG Lost Ark introduces a new class this week that really enjoys smashing things up: the Destroyer. The ‘Destined For Destruction’ update also brings a brand-new Guardian Raid, Deskaluda, which looks like a dragon made out of Victorian iron fencing and ooze-green Dulux. Axe-wielding goat lad Valtan arrives this month to finally incorporate team-based Legion Raids into the Western version of Lost Ark too. Read more

here-are-all-the-pressers-filling-the-vacuum-left-by-e3’s-shambling-zombie-corpse E3

Here Are All The Pressers Filling The Vacuum Left By E3’s Shambling Zombie Corpse

E3? More like E0! That’s the sort of total groaner you could expect to hear at an E3 press conference—y’know, if the games industry’s historically biggest marketing event was actually happening in 2022. Yes, for the second time in three years, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has called off its flagship event. In 2020, event organizers declined to host an E3, citing the covid-19 pandemic. Last year, it returned, but as a purely digital charade. Rumors around E3 2022’s cancellation swirled as early as January, and the ESA officially called off the event in the spring, saying it would return…

spiders-announce-colonial-fantasy-rpg-sequel-greedfall-2 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Spiders announce colonial fantasy RPG sequel Greedfall 2

Spiders have begun work on GreedFall 2, a sequel to their colonialist fantasy RPG from 2019. Set three years before the events of the first game, it reverses the perspective with a new protagonist and a new setting, as well as aiming for “more tactical” combat. You can find the a cinematic announcement trailer below. Read more

slice-of-life-sim-spirittea-channels-stardew-valley-and-the-spirit-world Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Slice-of-life sim Spirittea channels Stardew Valley and the spirit world

No More Robots have announced they’ll be publishing Cheesemaster Games’ Spirittea, a supernatural bath-house management and life simulator based around magical tea that lets you see spirits. I’m sitting here right now slurping what must be my quintillionth cup of tea so far today, so I’m quite up for finding out more about this one. I just hope the water in the kettle doesn’t come from the bathhouse. Read more

finished-elden-ring-but-never-played-dark-souls?-now’s-the-time VG247

Finished Elden Ring but never played Dark Souls? Now’s the time

If your business with the Erdtree is finished, it’s time to return to the roots. So, you’ve finally completed Elden Ring. After dozens of deaths to every one one of dozens of bosses. After untold moments where that infernal golden tree looks like it’s just over the brow of the next hill only for you to get waylaid up a mountain – or for a whole new land to emerge between you and your goal – your beautiful, arduous journey is over. The completion of a From Software game can be a strange time, the initial elation of victory fading…

skyrim-mod-brings-shadow-of-mordor’s-brilliant-nemesis-system-to-tamriel VG247

Skyrim mod brings Shadow of Mordor’s brilliant Nemesis system to Tamriel

The mod is currently a work-in-progress, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s best feature was easily the nemesis system, and an upcoming mod seeks to add it to Skyrim. If you’re unfamiliar with Nemesis system, it works like this: enemies will remember the players actions, such as whether you had previously killed them or been killed by them, allowing them to move up and down the hierarchy. Get beat by a grunt often enough and it could work their way up the ladder, and they will bully you for constantly dying too. And now modder Syclonix seeks to add a similar system…

you-can-now-play-resident-evil-7-and-village-in-fully-immersive-vr-on-pc VG247

You can now play Resident Evil 7 and Village in fully-immersive VR on PC

Long gone are the floating hands, with thanks to prolific modder, Praydog. The prolific modder who brought both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes to VR has gone to even further lengths to bring the Resident Evil universe to a virtual reality headset near you. This time around, Praydog has updated and added to a handful of already impressive mods to bring Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and Resident Evil Village to PCVR, with full 6DOF. Rather than the flatscreen experience, Praydog has integrated full 6DOF VR support for each game, full VRIK (so you’re no longer a pair…

stardew-valley-has-sold-over-20-million-copies-worldwide-on-all-platforms VG247

Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies worldwide on all platforms

That a nice, round number. Stardew Valley has hit another sales milestone by moving 20 million copies worldwide on all platforms. The newest figure is valid as of March 2022, and 13 million of those copies were sold on PC alone. Just eight months ago, it was revealed the game had sold 15 million copies, which means an additional 5 million copies were sold since the figure was reported in September. Speaking with PC Gamer, the game creator Eric Barone called the 20 million copies milestone “really amazing,” and that he couldn’t believe the game has “reached this level.” That…

“we-hear-the-feedback,”-says-phil-spencer-regarding-redfall-and-starfield-delays VG247

“We hear the feedback,” says Phil Spencer regarding Redfall and Starfield delays

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The CEO says the company will “work to better meet” expectations. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer understands the frustration fans must feel over the delay of both Redfall and Starfield, and took to Twitter to comment on the postponements. Yesterday, Bethesda announced it had pushed both Starfield and Redfall into the first half of 2023 in order to make them the “best, most polished” titles they can be. Response from those looking forward to the games ranged from understanding to…

elden-ring’s-living-jars-are-the-nightmare-fuel-that-just-keeps-on-giving VG247

Elden Ring’s Living Jars are the nightmare fuel that just keeps on giving

How would you like to spend eternity crammed into a sentient jar? Because, in the Lands Between, that’s probably quite a likely fate. I can’t stop thinking about Elden Ring’s Living Jars – and not in a wholesome way. Yes, I was swept along in the initial wave of pot-worship, aaawing at their little arms and legs and wanting to pinch their clay cheeks like some over-familiar, boundary-ignorant grandma. But now, I see them for the ceramic horrors they are, Milkshake Ducks with rotting corpses instead of racism. And while I’ve tried to put them out of my mind, temporarily…

genshin-impact-devs-unveil-their-next-stylish-action-rpg,-zenless-zone-zero Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Genshin Impact devs unveil their next stylish action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero

MiHoYo have announced their new action RPG follow-up to Genshin Impact, Zenless Zone Zero, with registration for its closed beta beginning today. This one veers away from Genshin’s more traditional fantasy world towards post-apocalyptic urban science-fantasy, set in the effortlessly cool city of New Eridu. MiHoYo say this is “the last shelter for urban civilization due to the calamity”. So far, so mysterious. Read more

starfield-and-redfall-have-both-been-delayed-until-2023 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Starfield and Redfall have both been delayed until 2023

Bethesda have just announced they’re delaying Starfield and Redfall until the first half of 2023. Bethesda’s RPG space epic was originally due to arrive on November 11th 2022, with Arkane Austin’s first-person vampire survival game Redfall arriving sometime this summer, but now both titles have been shifted back to an unknown time between Janauary and June next year. Read more

here’s-everything-announced-during-the-nintendo-switch-indie-world-showcase VG247

Here’s everything announced during the Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase

Summer, fall, and 2023 releases announced – and some are even landing today. During today’s Indie World presentation, Nintendo announced a plethora of games coming to the Switch console. From the 20 indies games shown, there will be something for everyone to look forward to ranging from noir-punk to action-adventure to soulslike to platformers. Here’s the list of games shown during today’s Nintendo presentation: Another Crab’s Treasure: Developed by Aggro Crab, this crustacean-themed soulslike game puts you in an undersea world that’s on the verge of collapse. Playing as Kril the hermit crab, you will use the trash around you…

monster-hunter-rise:-sunbreak-–-could-this-be-the-series’-best-expansion-yet? VG247

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Could this be the series’ best expansion yet?

With the changes coming to Monster Hunter: Rise in Sunbreak, one of Capcom’s best games is going to get even better. It’s no secret I’m really into Monster Hunter: Rise: as well as pumping over 100 hours into the game on Switch, I started playing the most recent addition to the action-RPG series even more intently when it came to PC earlier this year. A quick rundown of all the information we’ve learned about Sunbreak over the last few months. Sure, it doesn’t quite have the depth (or breadth) of Monster Hunter: World, but Rise does everything I want from…