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Path Of Exile: Expedition has just launched its explosive challenge league

Hack and slash RPG Path Of Exile has just launched another one of its expansions, bringing lots of game updates, tweaks, and a new challenge league. Path Of Exile: Expedition is an explosive one, challenging you to detonate expedition sites and kill all the creeps that come crawling out of them. POE’s scheduled launch day maintenance has ended, so you’re now free to jump into the queue to take a crack at what’s new. Read more

genshin-impact-shakkei-pavilion-location-and-how-to-unlock VG247

Genshin Impact Shakkei Pavilion location and how to unlock

Genshin Impact Shakkei Pavilion is a new one-time Domain in Inazuma, but finding it isn’t so easy.You’ll have to finish a world quest first before things take an explosive turn. It takes a bit of time, though the rewards are worth the trouble. Among other things, you’ll get access to another new weapon you can create at the forge.Watch on YouTubeGenshin Impact Shakkei Pavilion | Tatara Tales questUnlocking Shakkei Pavilion takes a bit of work, and the first step is completing the Tatara Tales quest. Head to the Kujou Encampment area just west of the Violent Court Domain, and you’ll…

genshin-impact-naku-weed-locations-and-how-to-farm-naku-weed VG247

Genshin Impact Naku Weed locations and how to farm Naku Weed

Genshin Impact Naku Weed is a brand-new plant in Inazuma, and you might need quite a bit of it in the next few weeks.Naku Weed is a new Ascension material. While it’s not as plentiful as some new Inazuma materials, there are ways to change up your Naku Weed farming methods and make life easier.Watch on YouTubeGenshin Impact Naku Weed | What is Naku WeedIf you grab Naku Weed in the wild, you might be wondering what it does, and there’s good reason for that. Until August, Naku Weed doesn’t have much purpose.It’s a new level-up material that, for now,…

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Genshin Impact Memento Lens | How to find Abandoned Shrine and Mysterious Shadows

Genshin Impact Memento Lens is a new item that’s mandatory for completing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing rituals during that branch off from Sacrificial Offering.It takes a bit of work to get, including some ghost chasing and finding long-lost ruins. On the bright side, you’ll be able to unlock a new Domain not long after obtaining the Memento Lens.Watch on YouTubeGenshin Impact Memento Lens | Abandoned ShrineOnce you complete the Strange Story quest in Konda, your next task is finding the Abandoned Shrine. It’s northeast of the village, but the game gives you a broad range to search in. We’ve marked…

genshin-impact-a-strange-story-in-konda-|-explore-the-bottom-of-the-well VG247

Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda | Explore the bottom of the well

After leaving Ritou in Genshin Impact, one of the first side-quests the Traveller happens upon is A Strange Story in Konda, where a Shrine Maiden tasks them with finding a mysterious barrier and eventually with exploring the bottom of an equally mysterious well. The islands of Inazuma hold many secrets, with all manner of consequences. This quest asks the Traveller and Paimon to put their detective skills to the test, as well as their puzzling prowess. Watch on YouTubeAfter talking to Kazari and using an electro character’s power on the fox shrine next to her. Take the Ward that appears…

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Genshin Impact Old Handguard location: How to find Nobushi and Handguard items

If you want to level up Ayaka and max out her Talents, you’ll need plenty of Genshin Impact Handguard items.These are a new set of materials dropped by wandering samurai in the new Inazuma update. So far, it seems the Nobushi only spawn in a handful of locations, so expect some repeat visits as you level Ayaka up.Watch on YouTubeGenshin Impact Nobushi locationThe new Nobushi enemy drops Hanguard-series items. These swordsmen come in a couple of different varieties: Nobushi Hitsukeban Nobushi Kikouban Nobushi Jintouban Hitsukeban rely on firecrackers and fast bladework to unsettle foes. Kikouban use Electro-charged crossbow arrows, and…

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Last Stop review impressions – Why isn’t my life living in London this exciting?

By Dorrani Williams 21 July 2021 17:01 GMT I recently got a chance to check out an indie game called Last Stop by developer Variable State. It’s a story-heavy supernatural adventure game set in present-day London.As the only person of the VG247 team who lives in London, I was the most qualified to give it the Londoner stamp of approval. Check out the video below for my first impressions.Watch on YouTubeYou play as three different characters (John, Meena, and Donna) whose stories all weave together one way or another. You can play any of the three characters in any order…

genshin-impact-ayaka-build,-materials,-release-date,-and-more VG247

Genshin Impact Ayaka build, materials, release date, and more

Genshin Impact Ayaka is the new 5 star character introduced in Genshin Impact 2.0.She’s a sword user with Cryo as her element and has the potential to deal significant amounts of damage with the right build. Leveling her and her talents revolves around engaging with Inazuma’s new bosses and gathering new field items, so you’ll want to have the right build for the Homeward Heron.Watch on YouTubeGenshin Impact Ayaka release dateAyaka’s release date is July 21, the day the Genshin Impact 2.0 update goes live.Genshin Impact Ayaka bannerAyaka’s banner will last roughly three weeks before it’s replaced by a new…

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The running animations in Final Fantasy XIV are my everything

As someone who proclaimed that they didn’t like MMORPGs anymore, I’ve somehow slipped into Final Fantasy XIV. Everyone says it gets really good eventually, so I’m standing resolute in the face of many a fetch quest to reach this famed ray of light. Progress is slow, though. Not slow as in, “I’m taking my time”, but slow as in, “I cannot stop creating characters, help me”. Seriously, help me. Right now my progress towards that light is slow because I cannot stop running. Let me explain. Read more

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Horizon Forbidden West: release date, pre-orders, PS5 exclusivity, trailers, gameplay, and more

Horizon Forbidden West features Aloy in a brand new adventure along the Pacific coast, including the remains of San Fransisco. After the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, a mysterious red blight appears and threatens the local plants and animals. Aloy decides to investigate before it endangers even more people, some of which have starved off because of the blight.The Horizon series takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States, where people live in tribes and co-exist with mechanical monsters. Aloy revisits old friends, forges fresh bonds and fights against new foes in this sequel. New monsters pop up depending on the region….

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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster may come to other platforms if there’s “enough demand”

By Dom Peppiatt 20 July 2021 11:00 GMT Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster could eventually come to PC and consoles if there’s enough demand, a Q&A released by Square Enix has revealed.When the Pixel Remaster series was first announced, the internet reacted in collective joy – then horror – as publisher Square Enix revealed that they would only be available on mobile platforms.The games, which come with gameplay improvements, auto-battle options, modernized UI, a rearranged soundtrack, and more, seem like a nice modern way to enjoy the classic titles, so Final Fantasy enthusiasts around the world seemed fairly miffed when Square…

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Square Enix Humble Bundle sale offers up to 85 percent off

By Jessica Reyes 19 July 2021 20:38 GMT Have you ever wanted a super sale on Square Enix titles? Well, Humble Bundle is currently hosting a Square Enix publisher sale for up to 85% percent off select games. However, as a heads up, many of the most popular titles are actually closer to 50 to 60% off. Discounted games include a respectable number of well-known names including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and even the infamous Balan Wonderworld.Final Fantasy 7 is noticeably absent, but not without other games to make up for it. Square was especially generous with the Final Fantasy…

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Path Of Exile’s battle royale mode is back as a weekendly treat

As game developers have done for several years now, Grinding Gear Games made a silly battle royale mode for Path Of Exile as an April Fool’s joke back in 2018. GGG say it was a “quick and dirty job” with no custom game balance of its own, but it was well-liked enough that they decided to bring it back as more than a one-off gags day event. Path Of Exile: Royale is live right now through Sunday and will be making weekendly appearances throughout the upcoming expansion cycle. Winner winner Rhoa dinner! Read more

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP farming: How to get EXP fast

Raising Monsties is hard work, but Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP farming doesn’t have to be.For it’s credit, Stories 2 gives you plenty of ways to farm EXP – some of which don’t even require your direct involvement. To steer you in the right direction, we’ve outlined a few of the best ways to get Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP, fast.Watch on YouTubeMonster Hunter Stories 2 EXP Farming: SubquestsCompleting subquests earns you a hefty amount of experience points. All active Monsties in your party share these points, so this is a great way to quickly give a few levels to…

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Little Ones Lost quest guide

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, the Little Ones Lost quest tasks you with finding three small children in the wilderness of the Windwood.The area is vast, and you have only vague clues to guide you. Our Little Ones Lost guide points you in the right direction so you can get back to the story.Watch on YouTubeMonster Hunter Stories 2 Little Ones Lost: The tall grassAfter accepting the quest in Alcala, head to the Wendwood. Consider using Nargacuga’s Riding Ability to avoid fights if you’ve got one, since the narrow paths are crowded with monsters. Concentrating on avoiding them too much…