RPG: Turn-based

after-the-success-of-pentiment,-you-need-to-try-this-unassuming-new-game-pass-addition VG247

After the success of Pentiment, you need to try this unassuming new Game Pass addition

If you’re thinking “I know about the quirky manuscript game on Game Pass,” you’re probably thinking about something else – this is Inkulinati. Wage war by drawing in the margins of medieval manuscripts. Have your inked creations carry out your battle commands, march across page, and take down… whatever the hell that strange cat-fish hybrid is. Doodle like an illuminator, scribble like a scribe; they say ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’. Now prove them right. If you’re thinking that you already know about the medieval manuscript-inspired game on Xbox Game Pass, you’re probably picturing Pentiment, developed by Obsidian…

persona-4-golden’s-new-port-is-a-perfect-japanese-rpg-time-capsule,-but-as-for-persona-3?-it’s-complicated VG247

Persona 4 Golden’s new port is a perfect Japanese RPG time capsule, but as for Persona 3? It’s complicated

Atlus’ first proper mainstream hit JRPG is back with a bang, and now that it’s on Game Pass, you have no excuse not to play it. Just don’t mention Persona 3. This week, the modern Persona series will be fully democratized. Once a hard-line PlayStation exclusive, all three of the modern-era Persona games – which follow a fairly similar template across the trio – will be available on PlayStation 4 (and 5, via backwards compatibility), Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. It’s a banner day for Japanese RPG fans, or the JRPG curious. Now you don’t need a Vita…

afrofuturist-strategy-game-we-are-the-caretakers-leaves-early-access-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Afrofuturist strategy game We Are The Caretakers leaves early access today

After a year and a half, strategy RPG We Are The Caretakers leaves early access today. Caretakers will receive a new patch at launch, adding in the fourth Era of the campaign. This closes out the game’s story with five more missions, an end-game, and other final improvements. If you haven’t checked in with Caretakers since its launch in 2021, a lot has changed through its 10+ patches. Read more

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-gives-us-our-1000th-pocket-monster,-for-better-or-worse VG247

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gives us our 1000th pocket monster, for better or worse

Love it or hate it, it’s here. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are here, and with this latest generation comes the 1000th Pokémon and there’s definitely going to be a Marmite situation going on here. Obviously a spoiler ahead for the 1000th Pokémon, as it hasn’t officially been revealed yet. Look, I’m not that old. I’m slightly too young for the original Red and Blue, even Gold and Silver, but I’m that ripe age to have grown up with Ruby and Sapphire, a simpler time where there were only 386 Pokémon. But that was literally 20 years ago, and now there’s…