persona-4-golden’s-new-port-is-a-perfect-japanese-rpg-time-capsule,-but-as-for-persona-3?-it’s-complicated VG247

Persona 4 Golden’s new port is a perfect Japanese RPG time capsule, but as for Persona 3? It’s complicated

Atlus’ first proper mainstream hit JRPG is back with a bang, and now that it’s on Game Pass, you have no excuse not to play it. Just don’t mention Persona 3. This week, the modern Persona series will be fully democratized. Once a hard-line PlayStation exclusive, all three of the modern-era Persona games – which follow a fairly similar template across the trio – will be available on PlayStation 4 (and 5, via backwards compatibility), Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. It’s a banner day for Japanese RPG fans, or the JRPG curious. Now you don’t need a Vita…

xbox-game-pass-is-hiding-a-must-play-game-for-final-fantasy-and-chrono-trigger-fans VG247

Xbox Game Pass is hiding a must play game for Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger fans

Gorgeous pixel art, compelling RPG mechanics, heavy metal turtle racing – what more could you want from a love letter to 16-bit RPGs? It took a long seven years for solo dev Matthias Linda to put his debut game together, and – after playing it over the Christmas/New Year 2023 break – I can safely say that every last day was worth it. At least from a player’s perspective. Chained Echoes ran a successful Kickstarter campaign way back in 2019, where Linda managed to capture the imaginations of a bunch of 30- and 40-something players that had been craving a…