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Garden Story review: a cosy, sweet-natured RPG

Have you ever seethed at the injustice of juicy, happy grapes being crushed underfoot? Probably not. I hadn’t either, but playing Zelda-like Garden Story has changed things. It stars Concord, a purple vineyard-venturer so stalwart and noble that my empathy for grapes is now at its apex. Sommeliers. Jam makers. Raisin(eers?). M&S Holiday advert charcuterie board arrangers. Watch your fucking backs. I’m ride or die for grapes now. Garden Story has radicalised me. Read more

surprise,-juicy-action-rpg-garden-story-just-launched-its-sweet-adventures Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Surprise, juicy action RPG Garden Story just launched its sweet adventures

Tiny grape guardian adventure Garden Story had been planning a release for an unannounced date this summer and oh look! It’s today. This little community sim and combat ’em up has been in the works for a bit and has ripened enough to pick at last. A new launch day trailer shows off some more of all Concord’s slashing, questing, and adventuring to conquor all the Rot invading The Grove. Read more