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Preview: Empire Of Sin is a seamless blend of four different gangster games

There are two, pretty obvious, factors by which I judge strategy games: how immediately satisfying they are to play, and how well that satisfaction holds up in the long run. Success in the first respect is often a trade-off for success in the second, as the things that dazzle on day one become dulled by the cumulative effect of small design problems. It’s hard, then, to take the measure of a big ol’ strategy game during a limited preview play session. But after just a day with it, I have high hopes that Empire Of Sin, the extraordinary prohibition gangster…

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Strategy game Empire of Sin will be released in December

Empire of Sin, the strategy title from Romero Games, will be released on December 1.Empire of Sin puts you at the heart of the criminal underworld of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago.In it you will “hustle, charm, and intimidate” your way to the top do whatever it takes to stay there.The character-driven, noir-inspired game outs you in the middle of the roaring 20s, where you will work behind the scenes in the underbelly of organized crime.If you are unfamiliar with the game, here’s the synopsis and a list of features:Slip into the shoes of one of the fourteen real and historically inspired…