cloud9-defeat-rogue-to-reach-worlds-2021-quarter-finals:-na-get-one-up-over-eu-in-epic-54-minute-tiebreaker-match ESports News UK

Cloud9 defeat Rogue to reach Worlds 2021 quarter finals: NA get one up over EU in epic 54-minute tiebreaker match

Cloud9 beat Rogue in an epic 54-minute Worlds 2021 Group A tie-breaker match to advance to the quarter finals this evening. Cloud9 secured the infernal drake at the 47-minute mark thanks to a quick pick from Perkz, before taking the baron. From there they pushed siege after relentless siege before winning a teamfight in the bottom river to take the victory, in what was an extremely close game. The teams faced one another in the final Group A tie-breaker match, after finding themselves with two wins and four losses each in the group stage, along with China’s FunPlus Phoenix (FPX)….

interview-with-larssen-from-rogue:-‘we-will-make-eu-proud-at-worlds’ ESports News UK

Interview with Larssen from Rogue: ‘We will make EU proud at Worlds’

Image credit: LoL Esports Flickr, Michal Konkol/Riot Games Rogue’s Swedish League of Legends mid-laner Emil ‘Larssen’ Larsson has had another solid year so far, helping his side reach the Spring 2021 LEC final versus Mad Lions, finish first in the Summer 2021 regular season and qualify for Worlds as EU’s third seed, not to mention having his contract extended with Rogue. But just a few years ago, before Larssen made it to the big stage, he started his career in the UK scene with teams like ManaLight and MNM Gaming. Continue reading Interview with Larssen from Rogue: ‘We will make…

worlds-2021-group-draw-concludes:-which-groups-are-the-eu-lec-teams-in-and-what-chance-do-mad-lions,-fnatic-and-rogue-have-of-reaching-playoffs? ESports News UK

Worlds 2021 group draw concludes: Which groups are the EU LEC teams in and what chance do Mad Lions, Fnatic and Rogue have of reaching playoffs?

The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) 2021 group draw has been completed and the four groups have been confirmed. Jankos, the jungler for G2, who failed to qualify for Worlds this time around, today drew the groups for the tournament which takes place in Iceland in October 2021. Teams have of course been making preparations for the competition, with the likes of Cloud9 contracting Icelandic esports org Dusty as an exclusive 2021 Worlds partner to help them train ahead of the tournament. Continue reading Worlds 2021 group draw concludes: Which groups are the EU LEC teams in and what…

lec-playoffs-preview:-how-will-the-teams-fare-in-the-summer-season-2021-finals-and-who-should-you-bet-on? ESports News UK

LEC Playoffs Preview: How will the teams fare in the Summer Season 2021 finals and who should you bet on?

Promoted article (in partnership with Dragoni) | Image credit: LEC Flickr (Michal Konkol/Riot Games) The League of Legends LEC Summer 2021 playoffs get underway on August 13th, with Rogue, G2, Mad Lions, Misfits, Fnatic and Vitality fighting to be crowned champions of Europe. The top three will of course progress to the most prestigious tournament in LoL esports – Worlds. So how does each team fare going into the playoffs, and what are their chances of winning? Continue reading LEC Playoffs Preview: How will the teams fare in the Summer Season 2021 finals and who should you bet on?

mad-lions’-lec-win-‘marks-the-end-of-the-dominance-of-g2-and-fnatic-in-the-lec,-with-competition-becoming-increasingly-fiercer-each-year’-–-riot ESports News UK

MAD Lions’ LEC win ‘marks the end of the dominance of G2 and Fnatic in the LEC, with competition becoming increasingly fiercer each year’ – Riot

Image credit: LEC Flickr (Michal Konkol/Riot Games) Riot Games has commented on MAD Lions winning the Spring 2021 LEC and how ending G2’s reign as European champions reflects the tougher competition in the league. Yesterday, MAD Lions beat Rogue 3-2 in the LEC finals. In doing so, they became the first League of Legends European champions in six and a half years outside of G2 and Fnatic. The only other team to have won a European LoL title (EU LCS or LEC) was Alliance, back in Summer 2014 (you can see the full list on, with Fnatic having seven…