vg247’s-the-best-games-ever-podcast-–-ep.45:-the-best-game-that’s-rubbish-after-ten-hours VG247

VG247’s The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.45: The best game that’s rubbish after ten hours

Some games are incredibly front-loaded, but which has the best, er, front? Welcome to VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast: Episode 44: The best game where you’d swap places with the main character. Video games are very long-form pieces of entertainment, and as such, they have to work hard to hold our attention. Statistically, most single-player games are left unfinished by a staggering majority of the people who buy them, as much as 90% by some estimates. But is it any wonder, when a lot of games just get a bit naff after the first act? Once the New Game Novelty…

meddling-with-gta-5’s-underwater-mod-was-a-titanic-challenge-–-and-probably-something-you-shouldn’t-do VG247

Meddling with GTA 5’s underwater mod was a titanic challenge – and probably something you shouldn’t do

Installing, running, and ‘enjoying’ a flood mod in Grand Theft Auto 5 seemed like it would be a lot of fun – but after dipping my toes in, I realised my mistake. Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC isn’t short on water modsm so turning Los Santos into a sunken metropolis should have been easy. But what I got instead was an aquatic, corpse-heavy nightmare that even James Cameron couldn’t capitalise on. At the risk of sounding like an old-school Bond villain, I’ve long had an interest in flooding Grand Theft Auto 5’s world. Back when the PlayStation 3 was…

grand-theft-auto-trilogy-finally-returns-to-steam,-with-50%-off VG247

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy finally returns to Steam, with 50% off

The trilogy will remain on sale on Steam until February 2. Being a fan of Grand Theft Auto is not the most fruitful endeavour right now, unless you’re massively into GTA Online. It’s been nearly a decade since the last title in the series, Grand Theft Auto 5, and we’ve heard next to nothing about the illusive Grand Theft Auto 6. The only release we’ve been privy to since 2013 was quite the mess at launch. You can take a look at the trailer for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition here. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy –…

gta-online-weekly-update-(december-22)-–-bonus-rewards,-discounts,-and-vehicles VG247

GTA Online Weekly Update (December 22) – bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles

Rockstar North, Rockstar Games. December 22 is here, which means it’s Christmas time thanks to today’s GTA Online Weekly Update! The game has received a selection of temporary changes and updates as is the norm for the vast amount of the year, although this week is obviously an especially unique week with loads of holiday-themed rewards and content. This also includes limited discounts, bonuses to specific mission types, and free vehicles for you to fight over. In the GTA Online December 22 weekly update, new events, a new christmas-styled cars, and a whole lot of seasonal prizes are up for…

uk-teenager-arrested-in-connection-with-gta-6-leaks Rock,Paper,Shotgun

UK teenager arrested in connection with GTA 6 leaks

Police in the UK have arrested a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking, and it’s been alleged that it could be connected to the breach at Rockstar Games that led to the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks. Journalist Matthew Keys tweeted that a source has told him that the teenager’s detainment was related to the Rockstar hack and another involving Uber. Keys claimed that the suspect is connected to hacking group Lapsus$, which organises through Telegram channels. Read more

gta-6-leaks:-forget-what-you-think-you-know-about-game-development VG247

GTA 6 leaks: Forget what you think you know about game development

Take it from someone who knows, you’ve all got no idea what you’re on about when it comes to GTA 6. Like many, my first thought upon seeing the GTA 6 leak was ‘fuck’. The second was a flashback to the protocols which had occurred when leaks or security breaches, no matter how minor, had happened when I was on the development side of the industry: usually, angry-faced men bursting into a room and demanding nobody touch anything. The third thought was what Rockstar, the king of image control and information flow, would do now. My mind ran to that…

following-gta-6-leaks,-devs-post-their-own-early-builds-to-show-visuals-aren’t-finished-first VG247

Following GTA 6 leaks, devs post their own early builds to show visuals aren’t finished first

One guy posted an opinion so dumb, that video game Twitter came together to counter-dunk. Following the gigantic GTA 6 leak last weekend, several developers have come forward in solidarity with Rockstar against misinformed claims that graphics are among the first aspects of a game finished during game development. How have they done so? By posting images and footage of their own early builds, and the basic and often-hilariously patched together early assets. The source of all this, the aforementioned GTA 6 leak, was confirmed to be real. With video of an early version of the highly anticipated open world…

a-lot-of-grand-theft-auto-6-screenshots-and-footage-appears-to-leak-online VG247

A lot of Grand Theft Auto 6 screenshots and footage appears to leak online

The leaks seem to lineup with earlier reports on the game. What appears to be an incredibly massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak has appeared online, so be wary if you’re trying to avoid spoilers. Earlier today, a large number of videos and screenshots of what looks to be an early build of what is presumably an early build of GTA 6 have cropped up online. If these leaks are real, what has been shown lines up with what Bloomberg reported earlier this year on the upcoming sequel from Rockstar. GTA 6, or whatever the next game in the series…

the-gta-6-leaks-benefit-precisely-no-one Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The GTA 6 leaks benefit precisely no one

A huge number of videos purporting to show in-game development footage for GTA 6 have been plastered across various internet forums this morning, because apparently no one can wait until a video game is actually anywhere near finished before they feel compelled to spoil it for all and sundry. The 80-some clips seemingly show everything from full, in-game scenarios to clearly unfinished bits of grey boxing, but you won’t find a link to them here, because the truth is, they’re simply not worth looking at. What possible benefit could they provide anyone right here, right now? The leaker gets their…

gta-online’s-criminal-enterprises-update-will-make-you-an-offer-you-can’t-refuse-on-july-26th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update will make you an offer you can’t refuse on July 26th

It’s a good time to be bad. At least, that’s what GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update coming July 26th would have us think. Not only does the update offer some fresh opportunities to make money for all kinds of criminals, but there’s also some changes requested by the GTA Online community inbound too. Check out your options by watching the trailer below. Read more

tour-de-jeux:-gta-online-offers-a-lovely-bike-ride,-murder-aside Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Tour De Jeux: GTA Online offers a lovely bike ride, murder aside

The game I’ve done the most virtuacycling in is named after a whole other form of transport, but it is also a great place to ride a bike. When I’m visiting Grand Theft Auto Online for funsies, just to watch mayhem unfold, I like to do it atop a BMX. Sure, everyone in Los Santos wants to murder me, but players are a little friendlier when you’re pulling sikk tricks. A little. Read more

rockstar-abandon-major-red-dead-online-updates-to-focus-on-gta-6 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rockstar abandon major Red Dead Online updates to focus on GTA 6

Rockstar have confirmed that they won’t support their digital Westworld of Red Dead Online with any further major content updates, as the development of the next Grand Theft Auto takes priority. The news came via a post on Rockstar’s newswire blog. Players among the Red Dead Online community have been vocal about their disappointment at the game’s apparent lack of support, with some even deciding to organise a funeral for the multiplayer cowboy spin-off scheduled for July 13th. Read more

gta-v,-mafia,-and-red-dead-redemption-2-vr-mods-are-dead-–-and-take-2-interactive-killed-them VG247

GTA V, Mafia, and Red Dead Redemption 2 VR mods are dead – and Take 2 Interactive killed them

VR mod creator, Luke Ross, conveyed the sad DMCA-related news to his Patreon followers just yesterday. If you’ve been enjoying either Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V, or Mafia: The Definitive Edition in VR thanks to some handy fan-made mods, we’ve got some bad news. Thanks to a DMCA claim by Take Two Interactive – the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K – has led development on the most popular VR mods to grind to a halt. This news comes via Luke Ross – the sole creator of a variety of VR mods for the aforementioned games – who…

gta-5-just-sold-another-5-million-copies-as-gta:-the-trilogy-–-the-definitive-edition-fails-to-stay-relevant VG247

GTA 5 just sold another 5 million copies as GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition fails to stay relevant

Who keeps buying Grand Theft Auto 5? We don’t know, but there’s enough of you to keep the numbers up for Take-Two. Only a few months ago, we heard that the Grand Theft Auto series overall continued to sell like hotcakes: as of February 2022, unit sales for the series topped 370 million, with the latest mainline release – GTA 5 – sales sitting pretty at over 160 million units. Has everyone forgotten about Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition? Fast-forward three months, and the game has – somehow – sold even more. During Take-Two Interactive’s conference…

gta:-san-andreas-multiplayer-mods-continue-to-thrive-in-the-age-of-gta-online-–-but-why? VG247

GTA: San Andreas multiplayer mods continue to thrive in the age of GTA Online – but why?

While GTA Online reigns supreme, massive communities of modders and PC players refuse to let San Andreas’ online modifications die. Before Rockstar Games’ official online take on Los Santos and its surroundings made a splash with GTA Online in 2013, many PC players had been bringing mayhem to San Andreas beforehand, thanks to modifications that were anything but short in ambition. Long-time GTA fans may remember – or still play – hugely successful mods such as San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) and Multi Theft Auto (MTA). Somehow, after all these years and against all odds, they’re still going strong and reeling…