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rockstar-handing-out-red-dead-online-freebies,-grab-the-game-for-$4.99-until-february-15 VG247

Rockstar handing out Red Dead Online freebies, grab the game for $4.99 until February 15

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 6 February 2021 16:05 GMT Rockstar is pleased with the response it has seen since the launch of the standalone version of Red Dead Online, so it is marking the game down for a limited time and handing out free goodies.The introductory offer to purchase the standalone version of Red Dead Online is currently available from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store, and Steam for $4.99 – but only until February 15. After that, it will run you $19.99 once again.Right now, Rockstar is also handing out a special bonus to everyone…

take-two-shuts-down-gta-online-cheat-maker VG247

Take-Two shuts down GTA Online cheat maker

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 26 January 2021 12:07 GMT Company donating proceeds to a charity of the publishing giant’s choosing.Video games giant Take-Two Interactive has killed a website that made and distributed exploits for GTA Online.As spotted by Eurogamer, LunaCheats has been shut down after having had “discussions” with – read: legal threats from – Rockstar’s parent company. This has resulted in the outfit closing down its business, with its website saying that it will be donating proceeds from selling GTA Online cheats to a charity of Take-Two’s choosing.“After discussions with Take-Two Interactive, we are immediately ceasing all maintenance, development,…

red-dead-online-roleplayers-wrangle-a-tricky-cattle-drive-and-one-hallucinating-heifer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Red Dead Online roleplayers wrangle a tricky cattle drive and one hallucinating heifer

Online game roleplay is a wonderful and curious exercise in creativity and adaptability, especially as the number of participants in an attempted scenario grows. Such was the case when the Wild West RP server for Red Dead Redemption 2 got together a group of players to act out the sale and transfer of cattle between two ranches. Herding cattle can’t be so hard, can it? Unless people are playing the unruly cattle, that is. (more…)

red-dead-online-players-can-now-acquire-the-prestigious-bounty-hunter-license VG247

Red Dead Online players can now acquire the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License

The Prestigious Bounty Hunter License is now available in Red Dead Online.Red Dead Online, which is now a standalone game, has a Prestigious Bounty Hunter License available.It has added 10 new Ranks of progression on top of the 20 from the Bounty Hunter Role Ranks with high-level items and skills to acquire. You can also expect new weapon variants and horses, Infamous Bounty targets on the Bounty Boards, and more. You can purchase it from any Bounty Board and if you reach Bounty Hunter Rank 30, you’ll continue to accumulate Bounty Hunter XP. This can be traded or RDO$ and…

gta-5’s-next-heist-is-a-solo-able-caper-on-a-drug-lord’s-private-island Rock,Paper,Shotgun

GTA 5’s next heist is a solo-able caper on a drug lord’s private island

Rockstar have finally tipped their hand on the big, new heist they have planned for GTA Online, which they’ve previously said would take you crime lot to a whole new location. No, it’s not Vice City, but you will be leaving Los Santos. The Cayo Perico Heist will send you off to a drug lord’s private island and you can even fly solo if you like. (more…)


GTA Online doling out double and triple rewards this week

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 8 October 2020 20:16 GMT This week in GTA Online you can earn double and triple rewards depending on your choice of activity.Until October 14, you can earn double rewards in all GTA Online Contact missions. Feel like participating in Transform Races? Earn triple rewards when you take part.All Associates’ and Bodyguards’ salaries are also tripled for the next seven days.If you log in this week and play, you will walk off with a Fruit Tee for free. Nothing like paying nothing for something to wear.Head to the casino this week, give the lucky wheel a…

gta-online-players-earn-double-this-week-in-mobile-operations-missions,-plus-an-extra-gta$100k VG247

GTA Online players earn double this week in Mobile Operations Missions, plus an extra GTA$100K

Play GTA Online this week and walk away with double rewards when you participate in Mobile Operations Missions, plus, get a GTA$100K bonus.All Mobile Operation Missions are offering double this week in GTA Online, plus, if you complete any mission you will earn an extra GTA$100K. The money will be deposited when you log in next week.To help you out, all Bunkers and a Mobile Operations Centers are currently 40% off.There are additional rewards as well: earn double pay in Gunrunning, and double pay and RP in Survival Series this week as well.Just for logging in anytime between now and…

red-dead-online-players-should-be-on-the-lookout-for-legendary-bears-this-week VG247

Red Dead Online players should be on the lookout for Legendary bears this week

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 22 September 2020 20:32 GMT The Owiza and Ridgeback Spirit Bears are this week’s Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online.You can find the Legendary Owiza Bear in Red Dead Online wandering around the Dakota River, particularly at night and under heavy rainfall.During the day near Little Creek River, be on the lookout for the Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear. You can distinguish it from others due to the red stripe down its back.Both are rather aggressive, so keep that in mind while trying to get a reward for a free Hat up to Rank 15.If you take…

red-dead-online-leaks-suggest-halloween-update-is-in-the-works VG247

Red Dead Online leaks suggest Halloween update is in the works

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 21 September 2020 17:48 GMT Rockstar Games seems to be getting ready for a big Red Dead Online Halloween event that seems to be taking some inspiration from Undead Nightmares.A new datamine seems to suggest that an glut of undead characters will be arriving in the multiplayer portion of the game this Halloween.A new video uploaded over at Red Dead Guides reveals almost 50 zombie character models have been discovered in the game’s files. The models are currently hidden from view and don’t appear to be manifesting anywhere in-game.Each of the models sports the same sort…

gta-online-players-earn-double-rewards-in-business-battles-this-week VG247

GTA Online players earn double rewards in Business Battles this week

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 10 September 2020 19:36 GMT Play GTA Online this week and walk away with double rewards when you participate in Business Battles and Land Grab.Business Battles and Land Grab aren’t the only things to do this week in GTA Online. You can also earn double rewards on Gunrunning Sell Missions.Apparently, word has it The Diamond’s vault has received a shipment of gems, so once you set up the Casino Heist, make your way to the vaults to check for the shiny things. Speaking of the casino, while you are there, be sure to give the Lucky…

gta-online-players-can-earn-rewards-in-the-diamond-adversary-series-this-week VG247

GTA Online players can earn rewards in the Diamond Adversary Series this week

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 4 September 2020 19:22 GMT Win big at The Diamond this week in GTA Online. This week in GTA Online, the Diamond Adversary Series is offering double payouts for all modes in the series. You will also earn a special one-time bonus when on the winning side of any mode in the series. What do you win? A quarter-million in cash. Not a bad payout.As with last week, this week’s bonuses are based on the most-played activity – VIP or MC Work and Challenges – over the weekend. The VIPs took the last one which means…

research-or-make-a-coat-out-of-a-legendary-gator-this-week-in-red-dead-online VG247

Research or make a coat out of a Legendary Gator this week in Red Dead Online

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 25 August 2020 17:29 GMT Hey Naturalists, there is a new Legendary animal in town this week in Red Dead Online. Head outside of Saint Denis this week and find the Legendary Banded Gator this week in Red Dead Online. Harriet has heard the creature has a taste for “human flesh” so it’s best to stay as far away as possible while trying to tranquilize and research the creature. The new Sighting Mission is available for Naturalists at Rank 5 and above.You can choose to sedate it for Harriet, or just shoot the thing and bring…

gta-online-players-earn-double-in-galaxy-super-yacht-missions-this-week VG247

GTA Online players earn double in Galaxy Super Yacht missions this week

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 21 August 2020 15:28 GMT Participating in A Superyacht Life this week in GTA Online will earn you a tee, and double rewards. You will earn the Six Figure Tee and double rewards in GTA Online for participating in six yacht-based contact missions.As part of the GTA Online summer update, Galaxy Super Yacht owners can participate in these missions solo or with up to three other players via online co-op.The missions are: Overboard, All Hands, Bon Voyage, Salvage, Icebreaker, and D-Day.To help you out, you can take 30% off Yachts and Yacht Upgrades and Modifications, and…