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Icarus review: frustrating, familiar survival fare that’s nonetheless enticing

About five hours into Icarus, the new survival game from Day Z’s Dean Hall and co, I had a moment. I’d just been savaged by a bear, and had morosely jogged back over to my corpse from the respawn drop ship several miles away. It was dark, and also stormy, and also there were more bears. I desperately needed to find and reclaim my pack, stuffed with meat, tools and building supplies, which was proving difficult because your corpse just appears as a small pile of excruciatingly indiscernible brown sandbags. As the minutes dragged on, my mind flashed back to…

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Session-based survival game Icarus is delayed to November

The extraterrestrial survival game Icarus may have just made RPS’s list of top games in August but, oh dear. It’s now delayed until November, actually. It will still be playable for some folks next month though, it turns out. RocketWerkz have announced that they’ll be running a handful of beta weekends for pre-order players focused on different areas of the game beginning at the end of August. Read more

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DayZ creator’s new PvE survival game Icarus shows off 30 minutes of co-op

DayZ creator Dean Hall has been off with his company RocketWerkz working on their new extraterrestrial crafting survival game Icarus. They’ve now popped up to give a closer look at what your first drop onto the alien planet might be like. Their first livestream sure makes Icarus look like a prettier version of survival games I’ve seen a lot of, but RocketWerkz seem pretty focused on ensuring Icarus stands out for its session-based setup that challenges you to escape the surface on a drop ship instead of sticking around forever. Read more

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DayZ creator’s new game Icarus fills in its space lore

There are dozens of survival games now, but DayZ still feels like lightning in a bottle. No game before or since has done such a good job of creating tension among players, where the occasional sighting of another human seemed filled with possibility and threat. It’s for this reason alone that I’m interested in Icarus, a scifi survival game from RocketWerkz and Dean Hall, DayZ’s designer. An eight minute in-fiction ‘documentary’ did not give me a second reason. Read more