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riot-reveals-new-league-of-legends-void-champion,-bel’veth VG247

Riot reveals new League of Legends Void champion, Bel’veth

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Not the kind of gal you want to take home to meet the folks. Riot Games has revealed details for its latest League of Legends champion through a cinematic trailer. The new champion, Bel’veth, is an empress and “God of Oblivion” coming from the heart of the Void in Runeterra. Bel’Veth is decribed as a “dark cancer” that has metastasized within the heart of the Void, and she wants to consume and rebuild Runeterra in her own image. She devours…

riot-will-buff-valorant’s-phoenix-and-cypher,-per-reddit-ama VG247

Riot will buff Valorant’s Phoenix and Cypher, per Reddit AMA

The Valorant team recently talked about all things Fade, game balancing, and Agents in general. Recently, Riot Games had a few members of their team conduct an AMA on Reddit to discuss all things to do with Valorant agents and game balancing. Valorant’s Character Team came together to answer many players questions, and we got some interesting insights into the future of the game and its agents. Some of the most enlightening news from the Reddit AMA is that regarding Phoenix and Cypher. Two of the oldest Agents in the game, the pair are both admittedly much weaker than their…

everything-we-know-about-project-l,-the-riot-games-fighting-game VG247

Everything we know about Project L, the Riot Games fighting game

Here’s everything we currently know about the upcoming fighting game from Riot Games. If there’s one game that has everything biting their nails in anticipation this year, it’s Project L. A fighting game based in the League of Legends universe, this title is drawing the attention of fighting game players, longterm League players, and more as the game slowly moves forwards to its eventual release. For those looking to stay informed on this project, this article will take you through everything we currently know about Project L. As more information comes out, this piece will be updated, so be sure…

league-of-legends-challenges-are-headed-to-the-rift-may-11 VG247

League of Legends challenges are headed to the rift May 11

Coming in patch 12.9, over 300 challenges are being added to the game to spice things up a bit The League of Legends team at Riot Games have revealed more info about the upcoming challenges system, which is set to go live in-game with patch 12.9 on May 11. This system brings over 300 individual challenges to the game, offering some goals aside from increasing your rank and increasing champion mastery score for those invested in the MOBA. Challenges were first teased back at the start of the year with the 2022 season stream, although we didn’t receive many details…

youtube-streamer-with-6.9m-followers-banned-after-valorant-tirade-clip-surfaces Twitch

YouTube Streamer With 6.9M Followers Banned After Valorant Tirade Clip Surfaces

In maybe the swiftest escalation of 2022, gaming YouTuber and experimental rapper IShowSpeed was banned from Valorant (and other Riot Games titles) and potentially YouTube for demeaning a female player in Riot’s tactical hero shooter. IShowSpeed has since apologized for his behavior, saying he was “not having a good day” in the clip that went viral and appears to have sparked the ban. While moderation was speedy, the entire debacle has sparked discussion around trash talk in games, and who gets a second chance when they’re young and reckless.

tft-rising-legends-emea-finals-take-place-this-weekend,-with-uk-caster-counterfeit-part-of-the-broadcast-talent-line-up ESports News UK

TFT Rising Legends EMEA finals take place this weekend, with UK caster Counterfeit part of the broadcast talent line-up

Rising Legends, the competitive circuit for Teamfight Tactic (TFT) players in EMEA, is wrapping up the season with its finals, where five players will qualify for the TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Championship. Since the Rising Legends esports circuit for EMEA launched late last year, Riot Games says thousands of players have participated in Rising Legends through the Golden Spatula Cups and its Open Qualifiers, the ranked ladder and the Superbrawl. The finals will take place this weekend from March 25th to 27th 2022 and will see players battle it out for a share of the €20,000 prize pool and one…

arcane’s-creators-have-spoken-about-what-fans-can-expect-from-vi-and-caitlyn’s-relationship-in-season-2-of-arcane ESports News UK

Arcane’s creators have spoken about what fans can expect from Vi and Caitlyn’s relationship in Season 2 of Arcane

Arcane was a smash hit for Riot Games when it launched on Netflix last year, picking up rave reviews from fans and critics alike, as well as awards like the nine accolades it picked up at the recent Annie Awards. It was the portrayal of characters and their relationships that the League of Legends animated show did so well. One relationship that caught viewers’ interest in particular was between Caitlyn, an enforcer in Piltover, and the undercity rebel, Vi. Continue reading Arcane’s creators have spoken about what fans can expect from Vi and Caitlyn’s relationship in Season 2 of Arcane

riot-games-buy-big-part-of-arcane-animation-studio Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Riot Games buy big part of Arcane animation studio

Riot Games have acquired a “significant” stake in Fortiche, the French animation studio they’ve worked with on League Of Legends music videos and the spin-off Netflix series Arcane. Riot’s unspecified share isn’t large enough to buy control of Fortiche, but they say “this agreement ensures we’ll be working closely for decades to come.” Fortiche’s League animations have been better than Riot’s games so yeah, go on, I’ll take more. They’re currently working on a second season of Arcane. Read more

riot-games-acquires-stake-in-fortiche-production,-the-french-animation-studio-behind-arcane-and-other-lol-videos,-the-pair-will-‘work-closely-for-decades-to-come’ ESports News UK

Riot Games acquires stake in Fortiche Production, the French animation studio behind Arcane and other LoL videos, the pair will ‘work closely for decades to come’

Riot Games has acquired a ‘significant non-controlling stake’ in Fortiche Production, the French animation studio behind the breakout animated Netflix series Arcane and other League of Legends (LoL) videos. LoL publisher Riot today announced the new equity investment, with Brian Wright (chief content officer at Riot) and Brendan Mulligan (director of corporate development at Riot) joining Fortiche’s board of directors. Riot and Fortiche have worked together for almost a decade, first collaborating on the music video ‘Get Jinxed’ (featuring Djerv) to celebrate the launch of the iconic League champion Jinx. Continue reading Riot Games acquires stake in Fortiche Production, the French animation…

caedrel-cancels-chemtech?-chemtech-drake-disabled-in-league-of-legends-as-riot-looks-to-make-design-changes ESports News UK

Caedrel cancels Chemtech? Chemtech drake disabled in League of Legends as Riot looks to make design changes

Update (February 12th 2022): We have updated the headline of this article to reflect this Caedrelverse video from the LEC YouTube channel. Couldn’t help ourselves! Update (January 24th 2022): Riot Games has officially disabled the Chemtech drake in League of Legends following criticism from the playerbase. Riot said in this announcement post on the League of Legends website: “When we introduced the Chemtech drake, soul, and terrain in pre-season, we shared our intent for it to have a higher impact on games than the original four elemental drakes. Continue reading Caedrel cancels Chemtech? Chemtech drake disabled in League of Legends…

riot-issued-40,000+-valorant-player-bans-and-400,000-chat-restrictions-in-january-as-part-of-clampdown-on-toxic-behaviour,-plans-for-‘real-time-text-moderation-and-harsher-punishments’ ESports News UK

Riot issued 40,000+ Valorant player bans and 400,000 chat restrictions in January as part of clampdown on toxic behaviour, plans for ‘real-time text moderation and harsher punishments’

Riot Games hit toxic Valorant players with 40,000 bans and 400,000 chat restrictions (or mutes) in January 2022. The publisher also outlined plans for ‘harsher punishments’ and talked about its hopes to roll out real-time text moderation in the game, beyond automatic text detection, in response to toxic player behaviour. Mutes are automatically made when a player types something in chat that Riot detects as abusive, or when enough reports have accumulated over time, from different players in different games, giving Riot data to better understand when a player is abusing comms in text or voice. Continue reading Riot issued…

riot-games-opens-new-uk-office-in-reading,-looks-to-hire-staff-across-several-positions ESports News UK

Riot Games opens new UK office in Reading, looks to hire staff across several positions

League of Legends and Valorant publisher Riot Games has opened a new office in Reading, UK. This will act as a base of operations for its EMEA publishing team and Northern Europe publishing team. Riot recently hired Will Attwood to work on competitive experiences across Northern Europe for all Riot titles. Will previously worked at Ubisoft on the likes of the UK and Ireland Nationals, and at ESL UK, where he worked on the ESL League of Legends Premiership and more. Continue reading Riot Games opens new UK office in Reading, looks to hire staff across several positions

‘janna-top-strategy-doesn’t-need-to-be-removed’-–-we-speak-to-the-uk-lol-content-creator-who-helped-popularise-janna-top-on-the-chaos-he’s-caused,-how-it-can-be-countered-and-the-changes-riot-should-make-instead ESports News UK

‘Janna Top strategy doesn’t need to be removed’ – we speak to the UK LoL content creator who helped popularise Janna Top on the chaos he’s caused, how it can be countered and the changes Riot should make instead

Janna Top with Smite – an unconvential pick in League of Legends is causing havoc in solo queue and has the whole community talking about it right now. But why is this happening? And what does the UK content creator who helped popularise it, HappyChimeNoises, think of all the chaos? Esports News UK spoke to him to find out. What is Janna Top? How to play it and why it works First of all, why Janna is being picked in the top-lane instead of her conventional support role, and how it’s working so well. Continue reading ‘Janna Top strategy doesn’t…