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league-of-legends-world-cup:-riot-wants-to-run-an-international-tournament-in-the-future ESports News UK

League of Legends World Cup: Riot wants to run an international tournament in the future

Riot Games is open to organising an international League of Legends World Cup-style tournament in the future, where teams would represent their countries. This has been a talking point since two showmatches took place between an all-star French team and a Spanish mix team, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers. But could this kind of thing become an official Riot tournament in the future? John Needham, global head of esports at Riot Games, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to engage with our fans and while a LoL World Cup would translate well around the world, making room in…

valorant-uk-&-ireland-skirmish-announced-as-intel-extends-sponsorship-with-esl-prem ESports News UK

Valorant UK & Ireland Skirmish announced as Intel extends sponsorship with ESL Prem

A one-off UK & Ireland Valorant tournament has been announced, which will be operated under the ESL Premiership banner. The Valorant UK&I Skirmish – Powered by Intel, will see the first instance of organised Valorant play for the local ESL UK office. It will include open qualifiers and an eight-team round robin group stage, which will see two groups compete to qualify for position in the playoffs. On Saturday June 26th, qualified teams will begin their bracket run to be crowned champions and lay claim to the £10,000 prize pool. Continue reading Valorant UK & Ireland Skirmish announced as Intel…

valorant-will-start-recording-voice-chat-to-tackle-hate-speech Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valorant will start recording voice chat to tackle hate speech

I played a lot of Valorant in the two weeks after its release and enjoyed myself immensely. Then I got yelled at by a teammate and never played the game again. Now Riot say they’re going to start recording in-game voice comms so they can analyse it and “take action against players who use voice comms to harass others, use hate speech, or otherwise disrupt your experience.” They also acknowledge that this will pose a privacy concern for some, but that “if you prefer to not have your voice chat captured, you may turn off voice chat.” Read more

valorant-voice-chat-will-recorded-to-combat-“disruptive-or-offensive-behavior” VG247

Valorant voice chat will recorded to combat “disruptive or offensive behavior”

Valorant voice chat will now be recorded by Riot GamesRiot Games has made changes to its Privacy Notice and Terms of Service, noting that starting now, all voice chat in Valorant will be recorded for the purposes of combating “disruptive voice communications.”Watch on YouTubeAccording to the notice, this will also be a possibility in Riot’s other games, such as League of Legends, but for now, the only game where chat will be recorded is Valorant (thanks, Blue).“We know reducing disruptive behavior is a complex problem that will require long-term investment and many different approaches to address—particularly in terms of voice…

valorant’s-sunny-new-map-breeze-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valorant’s sunny new map Breeze is out now

It’s time to take a trip to the bright beaches of the Bermuda Triangle – not in real life, I don’t think I’d ever want to go to that spooky place. But in Riot Games’ tactical FPS Valorant, it’s the delightful setting of the new map Breeze. Moving well away from the cold corridors of Icebox, Breeze is a lush seaside location complete with a historical fort, wide open spaces for relaxing (or fighting), and some ominous techy pyramids. It’s out right now, alongside a new battle pass and some pricey gun skins in Episode 2 Act 3. Read more

valorant’s-new-map-has-a-neat-yet-pointless-trap-door Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valorant’s new map has a neat yet pointless trap door

I love a good gimmick in my Valorant maps. Icebox and its many ziplines, Bind and its teleporters, and now Breeze and its daft trap door. Riot Games announced Breeze earlier today: it’s a new seaside map coming to the tactical FPS next week. It’s big, it’s pretty and I had a chance to try it out early and capture some footage for you to feast your eyes on. Breeze also features a trap door that I don’t full understand the function of, but that just makes me love it all the more. Read more

mad-lions’-lec-win-‘marks-the-end-of-the-dominance-of-g2-and-fnatic-in-the-lec,-with-competition-becoming-increasingly-fiercer-each-year’-–-riot ESports News UK

MAD Lions’ LEC win ‘marks the end of the dominance of G2 and Fnatic in the LEC, with competition becoming increasingly fiercer each year’ – Riot

Image credit: LEC Flickr (Michal Konkol/Riot Games) Riot Games has commented on MAD Lions winning the Spring 2021 LEC and how ending G2’s reign as European champions reflects the tougher competition in the league. Yesterday, MAD Lions beat Rogue 3-2 in the LEC finals. In doing so, they became the first League of Legends European champions in six and a half years outside of G2 and Fnatic. The only other team to have won a European LoL title (EU LCS or LEC) was Alliance, back in Summer 2014 (you can see the full list on, with Fnatic having seven…

wild-rift’s-open-beta-lands-in-the-americas-on-march-29 VG247

Wild Rift’s open beta lands in the Americas on March 29

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 9 March 2021 17:31 GMT Residents of North and South America will be able to participate in the beta.Riot Games has announced the open beta for League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile. The open beta will go live on March 29. Wild Rift’s Open Beta comes to the Americas on March 29th. #GetRiftReady — League of Legends: Wild Rift (@wildrift) March 9, 2021While currently playable in other parts of the world, this will be the first time it will be made available in North and South America. You can expect to grab the beta…

riot-and-bungie-join-forces-to-sue-valorant-and-destiny-2-cheatmakers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Riot and Bungie join forces to sue Valorant and Destiny 2 cheatmakers

Riot Games and Bungie have teamed up to sue a pesky cheatmaker who’s been selling hacks for their games, Valorant and Destiny 2 (amongst others). In a joint lawsuit filed by the companies on Friday, they accuse GatorCheats of selling and distributing “malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain unfair competitive advantage.” (more…)