‘tft-2.0’-teased-by-riot-with-big-announcements-due-in-early-2022,-patch-note-days-also-revealed-for-the-year-ahead ESports News UK

‘TFT 2.0’ teased by Riot with big announcements due in early 2022, patch note days also revealed for the year ahead

Riot Games has talked up a bright future for its autobattler game, Teamfight Tactics (TFT), having spoken about a concept of ‘TFT 2.0’. While this isn’t a direct sequel as such, it’s the idea that TFT has developed greatly since its launch in 2019, and will continue to evolve in 2022, making it a 2.0 version of the game. Speaking in a TFT 2021 Year in Review discussion video, Riot Mortdog said, as reported by Dexerto’s Andrew Amos: “I remember Meddler [VP of game and production direction for League of Legends and TFT] was like, “we need to find TFT…

could-benjyfishy-have-been-a-pro-lol-or-csgo-player?-benjyfishy-and-mrsavage-book-reviews-–-essential-reading-for-fortnite-fans,-aspiring-players-and-their-parents ESports News UK

Could Benjyfishy have been a pro LoL or CSGO player? Benjyfishy and MrSavage book reviews – essential reading for Fortnite fans, aspiring players and their parents

Benjyfishy and MrSavage are two of the most popular Fortnite pro players, with a ton of experience and success in the game. But the rise to pro gamer is not an easy one – as discovered by the player’s respective parents Anne Fish and Johnny Troset Andersen. The pair have just released a new Fortnite esports guide for players and parents, and Anne has also published a book all about Benjy’s journey in esports specifically. Dom Sacco drops from the battle bus into these two books and shares his opinion in this review. Continue reading Could Benjyfishy have been a…

pentakill-3-lost-chapter-album-and-live-concert-review:-kayle-vocalist-noora louhimo-steals-the-show ESports News UK

Pentakill 3 Lost Chapter album and live concert review: Kayle vocalist Noora Louhimo steals the show

League of Legends’ virtual rock band Pentakill return with a third album, Lost Chapter, and an ambitious live concert. Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco reviews the highs and lows of both, with Kayle and her IRL vocalist Noora Louhimo arguably the star of the show When Kayle’s original Pentakill skin was launched a few years ago, it earned the nickname Pentakayle by some in the community. The top-lane late-game monster joined the Pentakill virtual band line-up as a vocalist, joining the likes of bassist Yorick, lead vocalist Karthas, synth player Sona, drummer Olaf and guitarist Mordekaiser. Continue reading Pentakill 3…

are-360hz-gaming-monitors-worth-it?-how-should-you-optimise-g-sync/freesync?-new-intel-processors…-view-our-latest-esports-hardware-video-report-with-alpha-beta-pc ESports News UK

Are 360hz gaming monitors worth it? How should you optimise G-Sync/FreeSync? New Intel processors… view our latest esports hardware video report with Alpha Beta PC

Promoted article (contains affiliate links) Each month we sit down with the experts at Alpha Beta PC, a new UK-based gaming PC provider, to review esports hardware news and info from the past month. This time we chat with Alex Theodossi to find out if expensive new 360hz gaming monitors are worth it, how to optimise for G-Sync, big news from Intel on the way around its latest processors, the newest Razer Blade laptops and more. Continue reading Are 360hz gaming monitors worth it? How should you optimise G-Sync/FreeSync? New Intel processors… view our latest esports hardware video report with…

two-uk-based-youtubers-destroy-soulja-boy-on-twitter-after-artist’s-rude-response-to-damning-reviews-of-his-new-trdr-handheld-games-console ESports News UK

Two UK-based YouTubers destroy Soulja Boy on Twitter after artist’s rude response to damning reviews of his new TRDR handheld games console

American rapper Soulja Boy got roasted on Twitter yesterday evening after a pair of UK-based YouTubers stood up to him. YouTubers SUNPI and NNESAGA (pictured) were two of the first UK-based YouTubers to review the device, and defended themselves on social media after the rapper verbally abused SUNPI and got involved in a debate with NNESAGA. Soulja Boy responded to the reviews of his new handheld game console, the Soulja Boy Game, or TRDR Pocket, which is essentially an Android-powered app-based device priced at $299.99. Continue reading Two UK-based YouTubers destroy Soulja Boy on Twitter after artist’s rude response to…

the-ascent-review-–-a-consistently-stunning-and-surprising-action-game-that-sets-a-new-standard VG247

The Ascent review – a consistently stunning and surprising action game that sets a new standard

It’s not often we get a game like The Ascent.I don’t know what it is about the top-down shooter genre that endears it to indie developers. There are too many of them – usually with a pixel-arty look, but simultaneously not enough – the kind that used to push visuals and environmental detail to the point that you’d want to hack in a first-person camera just to get as close as possible to their worlds.I would have been content with The Ascent being among the latter; it’s what I went in expecting. The Ascent is that, and so much more.Watch…

pokemon-unite-–-thoughts-from-a-4-year-old-and-his-35-year-old-dad:-is-this-the-perfect-entry-point-moba? ESports News UK

Pokémon Unite – thoughts from a 4-year-old and his 35-year-old dad: Is this the perfect entry-point MOBA?

Nintendo Switch MOBA Pokémon Unite launched last week and promises a fresh experience in the genre that includes esports heavyweights League of Legends and Dota 2. But what’s it like to play across the generations, and could it introduce youngsters into the world of competitive gaming? Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco and his son get to grips with Unite. “Watch out, Rebecca!” My four-year-old son has a knack for naming Pokémon. Continue reading Pokémon Unite – thoughts from a 4-year-old and his 35-year-old dad: Is this the perfect entry-point MOBA?

legend-of-mana-hd-remaster-review:-a-faithful,-gorgeous-recreation-of-a-ps1-classic-–-warts-and-all VG247

Legend of Mana HD Remaster review: a faithful, gorgeous recreation of a PS1 classic – warts and all

Square Enix’s methodology for remastering Legend of Mana is an admirable one, retaining much of what made the original game special – even where it won’t hold up great in 2021.Watch on YouTubeOf all the companies with a lavish back catalogue of classics to use and abuse, Square Enix seems to be one of those most confidently diving into its old work. We’ve seen bare-bones ports of the PS2 Kingdom Hearts games, previously unlocalized Japanese versions like Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, and of course lore-bending, earth-shattering remakes as with Final Fantasy 7. But a contender for the best…

necromunda:-hired-gun-review-–-a-brilliant-shooter-whose-lack-of-polish-stops-it-from-reaching-greatness VG247

Necromunda: Hired Gun review – a brilliant shooter whose lack of polish stops it from reaching greatness

Necromunda: Hired Gun is so close to being Warhammer 40,000 Doom.Necromunda: Hired Gun’s reveal in March caught me a little off guard, doubly so when I realised it’s out in June and not some years into the future. Streum On, the small French team behind it, typically takes a while to put out a new game. But years of experience and Focus Home Interactive’s newfound support have clearly helped the team arrive at the perfect size and scope for its games, because Hired Gun is a game that entertains, and sometimes impresses, without falling into the trap of overambition.Watch on…

dr-disrespect-book-review:-sorry-doc,-but-your-book-sucks-(actually-i’m-not-sorry,-hahaha!) ESports News UK

Dr Disrespect book review: Sorry Doc, but your book sucks (actually I’m not sorry, hahaha!)

Dr Disrespect is one of the world’s biggest video game streamers, with millions of followers, a unique entertaining style – and a moustache to die for. So when he announced he was writing a book, I got excited. This would no doubt offer an insight into his psyche, how he created his character and his controversial departure from Twitch. Right? Not quite. Maybe Doc should stick to streaming, writes Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco in this book review. Continue reading Dr Disrespect book review: Sorry Doc, but your book sucks (actually I’m not sorry, hahaha!)

turnip-boy-commits-tax-evasion-review:-the-funniest-game-i’ve-ever-played Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion review: the funniest game I’ve ever played

Oh, to be a sentient turnip. A little stubby-legged jackanape with a serene, blank smile, several very fashionable hats, and a fondness for destroying paperwork. An unlikely hero, is Turnip Boy: he is a turnip, he is a boy, and he has evaded some taxes (specifically, taxes owed to Mayor Onion, an onion who is also the mayor). In this specific case, it’s pretty clear that the tax thing is a flimsy excuse for Mayor Onion to get Turnip Boy to carry out dangerous and annoying errands. But off you pop on a colourful 2D action adventure anyway. Read more

nier-replicant-review:-it’s-not-a-remake,-but-it’s-one-of-the-best-remasters-in-recent-memory VG247

Nier Replicant review: it’s not a remake, but it’s one of the best remasters in recent memory

This new release of Nier goes to great lengths to improve the 2010 original – and while it’s no Automata, it’s now a fantastic experience.Watch on YouTubeSquare Enix has pitched this new version of flawed 2010 cult classic Nier as not quite a remake, but also more than a remaster. The argument is that the game defies definition, thus the deliberately-obtuse, largely random title: NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Having seen basically everything the game has to offer, however, I feel pretty confident in properly defining it. It’s a remaster – but a big one.With that said, it’s undoubtedly one of the…

a-train:-all-aboard!-tourism-review-–-a-fun-transport-sim-in-need-of-better-tutorials VG247

A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism review – a fun transport sim in need of better tutorials

The Switch’s entry in the A-Train series won’t be for everyone, but if you can push past its complexities, there’s much to enjoy.A-Train is one of those video game series that I wish had a more consistent path to localization. While over the years things like niche Japanese RPGs have gotten better at eventually surfacing with English-language versions, this little strategy simulation franchise has remained spotty at best.A-Train, or ‘Let’s Take the A-Train’ as its Japanese name actually translates, is basically a business simulation franchise in the vein of the finest PC efforts. It so fits into that definition, in…

evil-genius-2-review Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Evil Genius 2 review

The lair is on fire. A generator just exploded. A superspy has infiltrated the vault. This is Evil Genius 2 at its most hectic, a game of base-building and minion management, with a bit of tower defense thrown in. In true supervillain style, this game has two dramatically different faces. One reveals a handsomely animated base-building game of trap-setting and floor-planning, with a fun theme, appropriately silly voice-acting and plenty of panicked fire-fighting. The other shows a gurning numbers game, a stubborn goblin of timers and clicky icons, withholding resources and chuckling. I like one of these faces a lot…