returnal-now-has-a-suspend-cycle-feature-along-with-photo-mode VG247

Returnal now has a suspend cycle feature along with Photo Mode

Kind of like a save point. Housemarque has finally added a more handy suspend feature to Returnal, allowing you to come back to a certain point in your game. Part of today’s update, the Suspend Cycle will allow you to pause your cycle to be continued later. This will let you exit the game and turn off your console without losing progress. This functionality is not your traditional “Save Game” mode though, because the game will only create a single use suspend point. Once you begin playing again, the suspend point is deleted and cannot be used again. Your game…

returnal-and-demon’s-souls-are-the-best-ps5-prime-day-deals-at-$50-each VG247

Returnal and Demon’s Souls are the best PS5 Prime Day deals at $50 each

Two of the best Prime Day deals from this year’s Prime Day sale are the PS5 exclusives Returnal and Demon’s Souls, both of which can be picked up for $50 each.Watch on YouTubeWe’re now onto day 2 of this year’s Amazon Prime Day sale, which ends tonight at midnight. While there have been plenty of amazing Prime Day PS5 deals, Returnal and Demon’s Souls are definitely the highlights.They are, arguably, two of the very best games available on the PS5 at the moment. And as they carry an RRP of $70, this is the cheapest they’ve been yet.Let’s start with Returnal….

here’s-what-to-do-if-your-returnal-save-file-has-been-corrupted VG247

Here’s what to do if your Returnal save file has been corrupted

By Sherif Saed 6 May 2021 13:50 GMT You may yet be able to salvage your Returnal save file.Following yesterday’s fiasco with Returnal patch 1.3.3 corrupting players’ saves, developer Housemarque has officially detailed the next steps.Watch on YouTubeFor starters, a new patch has been released – version 1.3.4 – that includes changes in 1.3.3, while fixing the save corruption bug. Everyone should download this patch. Housemarque detailed three scenarios for players who already had their save files corrupted by 1.3.3. If you played the game after installing patch 1.3.3, check your save file size. If it’s larger than 0KB, you…

returnal-actually-has-a-few-cheats,-if-you-plug-in-a-keyboard VG247

Returnal actually has a few cheats, if you plug in a keyboard

By Sherif Saed 5 May 2021 13:09 GMT You can turn on cheats in Returnal, but probably not for long.It seems Returnal developer Housemarque accidentally shipped the game with a number of active cheats. Cheat commands and debug codes are used in game development all the time, for the purposes of rapid testing and fine-tuning.Watch on YouTubeUsually, however, they are only known to developers. Without a way for players to enter them into the finished game, they remain a secret. Not the case in Returnal, apparently, as YouTube user TheRandomizer discovered this week.The player dug up a number of useful…

returnal-dev-asks-players-to-turn-off-ps5-auto-updates-to-avoid-losing-their-in-progress-runs VG247

Returnal dev asks players to turn off PS5 auto updates to avoid losing their in-progress runs

By Sherif Saed 5 May 2021 10:43 GMT You may want to hold off on downloading today’s Returnal patch.Housemarque has announced that a new update is coming to Returnal later today. The patch, which has yet to be detailed, arrives at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm UK.Watch on YouTubeAlongside the announcement, Housemarque issued a warning to players not to download the patch if they have a run in-progress. The studio recommends turning off the PS5’s auto update feature, as any console left in Rest Mode will automatically grab the patch once it’s available.When this happens, the game will restart to…

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Returnal Astronaut Figurine | What does the Astronaut Figurine and Child’s Watch do?

In the esoteric world of Returnal, the mysterious Astronaut stalks your every move. But while the motives of the full-size Astronaut are as opaque as the visor of his helmet, Selene can collect a tiny version to aid her mission of breaking the cycle of Atropos. Either after completing one of the brilliant house sections, or from a Fabricator shop, you can pick up an Astronaut Figurine, with the ominous promise that ‘it won’t let you go’. There are a couple of items that work similarly to this in Returnal, so here’s what they do. Watch on YouTubeReturnal Astronaut FigurineIn…

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Returnal PS5 reviews round-up, all the scores

By Sherif Saed 29 April 2021 13:06 GMT 2021’s first big PlayStation 5 exclusive is nearly here.Returnal, the new game from Resogun, Nex Machina and Alienation developer Housemarque, arrives tomorrow on PS5. Returnal is not only PS5’s first big exclusive this year, it also represents a bold new direction for its maker.Watch on YouTubeHousemarque has left the top-down perspective behind to bring its bullet hell gameplay, tight controls, particle effects overload and spectacle to third-person. Returnal represents a new adventure for the studio, one that also experiments with telling a proper story in-between and through runs of this rogue-like.In Returnal,…

this-new-returnal-trailer-shows-off-some-of-the-enemies-you-will-face VG247

This new Returnal trailer shows off some of the enemies you will face

By Stephany Nunneley 14 April 2021 17:23 GMT Returnal is out soon, and Housemarque has shown off some of the hostile forces you will encounter on the planet Atropos.The planet of Atropos in Retrunal features various environments with its own sets of enemies. These include organic and parasitic creatures and even corrupted entities.Watch on YouTubeThere are also mechanical automatons and an even greater variety of different foes.Each enemy has its own distinctive personality and its own uniquely identifiable attack patterns.Some enemies will shoot projectiles while some will pull off close-range attacks. One of these is the Titanops which you can…

horizon-forbidden-west-still-appears-to-be-on-track-for-release-this-year VG247

Horizon Forbidden West still appears to be on track for release this year

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 23 February 2021 15:57 GMT Development of Sony’s line-up hasn’t been majorly impacted by Covid.Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West still seems on track for a 2021 release.That’s according to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, who was asked by GQ whether the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic had impacted Sony’s slate of content for this year. The exec said that Horizon Forbidden West, as well as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Housemarque’s Returnal are on track for release in 2021.“We’re feeling pretty good about Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Horizon Forbidden West,” Ryan said.“And, you know, there…

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PS5 exclusive Returnal showcases combat in new gameplay trailer

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 13 January 2021 17:08 GMT Here’s how weapons, death and loot work. Developer Housemarque has given us more of a look of its upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal, this time with a focus on the game’s combat.In a post on PlayStation Blog, creative director Harry Krueger wrote that players will be able to augment the various weapons that protagonist Selene picks up over the course of the game with Weapon Traits. These modify the game in a variety of ways.Each weapon also features a random alt-fire mode, meaning that players can have an extra secondary option…

new-returnal-gameplay-footage,-dualsense-features-revealed VG247

New Returnal gameplay footage, DualSense features revealed

Housemarque recently showed off new Returnal footage of its PS5 exclusive during the latest HouseCast.While the HouseCast shows off new Retruanl gameplay, one of the largest takeaways from the cast is how it makes use of DualSense’s adaptive triggers.In the game, using the L2 button, if you pull it halfway down, it will aim the sights. But pulling it all the way will make the weapon go into an alt-fire mode. As with other PS5 games, the game also takes advantage of 3D audio and haptic feedback.The cast is around nine and a half minutes long, so grab a cup of…