two-student-rocket-league-teams-from-the-uk-qualify-for-eurc,-as-uk-pro-teams-announce-roster-changes-with-noly-moving-to-karmine-corp,-archie-joining-endpoint,-williams-resolve-signing-stake-and-more ESports News UK

Two student Rocket League teams from the UK qualify for EURC, as UK pro teams announce roster changes with Noly moving to Karmine Corp, Archie joining Endpoint, Williams Resolve signing Stake and more

It’s been a busy week for UK Rocket League, with successes at the collegiate level and also a busy transfer window for pro UK Rocket League teams – we’ve rounded up the news here. Portsmouth Paladins win EURC 2022 First off, university teams Portsmouth Paladins from the University of Portsmouth and Keele Krakens from Keele University have qualified for the 2022 Collegiate Rocket League World Championship. They qualified via the European University Rocketeers’ Championship, with Keele finishing third and Portsmouth Paladins winning the entire tournament after beating Berlin Phoenix in the final. Continue reading Two student Rocket League teams from…

resolve-withdraw-from-league-of-legends-nlc-circuit ESports News UK

Resolve withdraw from League of Legends NLC circuit

UK esports organisation Resolve are withdrawing from the League of Legends NLC circuit – for the time being. They recently qualified for Division 2 of the 2022 Northern League Championship (NLC) – the European Regional League (ERL) for the UK, Ireland and Nordics – but have now decided to step back. The withdrawal from the NLC doesn’t mean Resolve are turning their back on League of Legends entirely – they may return to the UK scene in the future. Continue reading Resolve withdraw from League of Legends NLC circuit

simpkins-sails-back-to-esports:-ex-barrage-md-returns-with-new-role-at-uk-org-resolve-–-exclusive-video-interview ESports News UK

Simpkins sails back to esports: Ex-Barrage MD returns with new role at UK org Resolve – exclusive video interview

Five months ago, UK esports organisation Resolve acquired fellow UK side Barrage, and in doing so, Barrage owner and MD Jeff Simpkins took a well-earned break from esports. In late September, Resolve founder Ilias ‘Rai’ Pajoheshfar announced he was stepping back from esports for the foreseeable future, though he remains an owner and shareholder of the org. In an unexpected turn of events, Jeff has now joined Resolve as operations director, heading up esports operations for the brand that acquired his old org. Continue reading Simpkins sails back to esports: Ex-Barrage MD returns with new role at UK org Resolve –…

resolve-enters-rocket-league-with-williams-racing-partnership ESports News UK

Resolve enters Rocket League with Williams Racing partnership

UK League of Legends-focused organisation Resolve has partnered with British racing team Williams Racing and will take part in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season XI. Williams’ move has been made through its Williams Esports operation. Within the game, players can already choose to run the Williams FW43B livery, owing to Formula One’s recently released Rocket League fan pack. Williams Racing’s entry into the RLCS will see opposing teams of three players battle it out over the virtual pitch. Continue reading Resolve enters Rocket League with Williams Racing partnership

the-last-voyage:-a-tribute-to-barrage-esports ESports News UK

The Last Voyage: A tribute to Barrage Esports

On May 7th 2021, Resolve acquired long-running UK organisation Barrage Esports. It was a surprising turn of events, and meant that Resolve would be slotted into the NLC for the Summer 2021 Season. This may mark an abrupt end to Barrage’s steady navigation through UK esports’ often murky waters, but UK League of Legends should not forget them. So on that note, here’s Megalodontus’ tribute to Barrage Esports’ past endeavours as we look towards Resolve’s future. Continue reading The Last Voyage: A tribute to Barrage Esports

resolve-esports-acquire-barrage-esports-and-will-be-playing-in-the-league-of-legends-nlc ESports News UK

Resolve Esports acquire Barrage Esports and will be playing in the League of Legends NLC

For transparency: Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco was hired on a freelance consultancy basis to help shape earlier versions of the announcement found in Resolve’s Google Doc UK esports organisation Resolve have acquired Barrage in a deal that will see Resolve play in the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) from the Summer 2021 Season. Resolve said they have both ‘acquired and merged’ with Barrage in a Google Doc, and that they will now take on Barrage’s day-to-day operations. Continue reading Resolve Esports acquire Barrage Esports and will be playing in the League of Legends NLC

uklc-playoffs-preview-with-casters-jamada-and-hiprain:-‘guldborg-has-been-singing-the-praises-of-the-danish-teams,-but-resolve-are-going-to-eat-them-for-breakfast-at-telia-masters’ ESports News UK

UKLC playoffs preview with casters Jamada and Hiprain: ‘Guldborg has been singing the praises of the Danish teams, but Resolve are going to eat them for breakfast at Telia Masters’

The League of Legends UKLC 2021 spring regular split has ended, with Resolve going undefeated with 14 wins in a row and 0 defeats – an historic achievement for their first UKLC split. The fight for playoffs was another slugfest with London Esports, Enclave and MNM Academy filling the last three spots. Only the two playoff finalists will progress to the Telia Masters. We caught up with UKLC casters Jamada (pictured left) and Hiprain (right) to talk about the 2021 Spring Season, their playoff predictions and their expectations for the Telia Masters. Another season of UKLC comes to a close,…