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dead-by-daylight-announces-second-resident-evil-chapter-and-attack-on-titan-crossover VG247

Dead by Daylight announces second Resident Evil chapter and Attack on Titan crossover

‘Seven minutes. Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you.’ I didn’t expect to be putting Resident Evil and Attack on Titan in the same headline this morning, but Behaviour Interactive clearly know their audience. Last night, during Dead by Daylight’s sixth anniversary broadcast, BHVR revealed that players can expect to see a second Resident Evil chapter, an Attack on Titan crossover, and a Dead by Daylight-inspired dating sim. During celebrations of the fifth anniversary, the first Resident Evil chapter for Dead by Daylight launched. With it came legends of horror, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine…

resident-evil-village-has-sold-over-6.1-million-copies-worldwide,-franchise-moves-past-125-million-units VG247

Resident Evil Village has sold over 6.1 million copies worldwide, franchise moves past 125 million units

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Capcom shared new sales figures for Resident Evil Village in its latest financials release. According to the presentation (slide 20), the game has sold 6.1 million units since its May 2021 release. Resident Evil Village shipped over 3 million units in its first four days of release, becoming the third-fastest-selling title in the series, tied with 2019’s Resident Evil 2. By July, the game had moved 4.5 million units, and hit 5 million units the following October. The game also…

resident-evil-re:verse-shows-signs-of-life,-on-stadia-of-all-places VG247

Resident Evil Re:Verse shows signs of life, on Stadia of all places

The multiplayer game was delayed into a vague window of 2022, but a new age rating in Europe implies news might be coming soon. Resident Evil Re:Verse could possibly, finally be coming out soon, as it recently received a rating in Europe for the Stadia version of the game. As spotted by Gematsu, the silence in Resident Evil Re:Verse news has been broken by an 18 rating from PEGI for the game on Stadia. That’s pretty much it, but we haven’t really heard anything about the game since it got delayed to some time in 2022. According to Gematsu, the…

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5 Best Video Game Themed Slot Machines

Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be aged 18 and above to gamble, please bet responsibly) Video game themed slots have had a massive influence on popular culture. Today, you can find a wide range of pokies (another name for slot machines) which are part of a leading video game franchise. It’s one way for betting providers to attract younger fans, especially millennials. Because of this, it shouldn’t be a surprise if a casino begins to look like a parlor in the coming years. Continue reading 5 Best Video Game Themed Slot Machines

resident-evil-village-to-receive-free-dlc VG247

Resident Evil Village to receive free DLC

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Resident Evil Village players will get some free DLC at some point in the future. News of free DLC coming to the game was mentioned in Capcom’s latest integrated corporate report included with its Q2 FY2021 financial results. The DLC was mentioned by Capcom’s director and executive officer, Yoichi Egawa, speaking regarding the company’s development plans (page 49). Egawa starts off by discussing how the company will be allocating 80% of its development investment budget to steadily develop popular IP…

all-i-want-for-spook-month-is-more-classic-survival-horror Rock,Paper,Shotgun

All I want for spook month is more classic survival horror

Listen. Outside your window, the chill wind chuckles in raspy glee at autumn’s death rattle. The branches of dying trees rake their gnarled fingers against the glass. You are spooked. You turn to the warm glow of your monitor for comfort. Instead, you find the most terrifying thing imaginable: an unpopular opinion about a videogame. On the internet, no less. You blink and rub your eyes in disbelief. Still, the words remain. Stark. Unforgiving. Undeniably spicy: “Resident Evil Village was disappointing and its success does not bode well for the future of survival horror.” You go to type a comment…

resident-evil-4-vr-arrives-on-oculus-quest-2-next-month VG247

Resident Evil 4 VR arrives on Oculus Quest 2 next month

Resident Evil 4 VR will release on Oculus Quest 2 next month, a new trailer for the virtual reality game has revealed. Capcom has announced that teh virtual reality version of its classic horror game, Resident Evil 4, will be arrive for Oculus Quest 2 on October 21 – just in time for Halloween. No other platforms have been announced for the game at the time of writing, so for the time being it looks like it’ll be an Oculus Quest 2 exclusive. The game was announced during April’s Resident Evil Showcase, where it was revealed that the the game…

resident-evil-village-gets-another-performance-patch-on-pc-this-week VG247

Resident Evil Village gets another performance patch on PC this week

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Capcom says the next Resident Evil 8 PC patch will provide “minor fine-tuning of certain graphical processes”. A performance patch is coming to Resident Evil Village on Steam next week, and it promises to make the game run that little bit better on PC. In a tweet via the developer’s social media channels, Capcom said this update explains that the new update is being pushed out in order to fix an issue where “certain” unspecified CPUs were “unable to launch…

resident-evil-village-crack-significantly-improves-performance,-and-capcom-is-promising-a-fix VG247

Resident Evil Village crack significantly improves performance, and Capcom is promising a fix

By Sherif Saed 15 July 2021 12:41 GMT Resident Evil Village does indeed run better when you crack it.Earlier this week, it came to light that Resident Evil Village‘s implementation of the anti-piracy DRM Denuvo (as well as Capcom’s own DRM layer) are the main reasons behind the game’s constant stuttering on PC.Watch on YouTubePirates said that using a crack eliminates all of these problems, and they have been proven right. Digital Foundry put these claims to the test, and found that DRM is indeed the cause of Village’s troubles on PC. The tech outlet’s latest video, seen above, demonstrates…

resident-evil-village-pc-crack-fixes-shuttering-issue,-claims-hacker VG247

Resident Evil Village PC crack fixes shuttering issue, claims hacker

By Dom Peppiatt 13 July 2021 10:50 GMT It turns out that Resident Evil Village‘s DRM may be causing its stuttering issues on PC, and a hacker believes cracking the software completely fixes the issues.One of the biggest bugs that has been affecting the PC version of Resident Evil Village since its launch on the platform is its traversal stutter, caused by moving through the level or triggering certain events, such as zombie kills. Only by turning off ray-tracing could you mitigate the stutter (which causes huge frame drops fairly often in the game), and even then it wouldn’t eliminate the…

netflix-releases-the-opening-scene-of-the-resident-evil:-infinite-darkness-series VG247

Netflix releases the opening scene of the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series

By Dom Peppiatt 12 June 2021 01:18 GMT If you want to check out the opening three minutes of Netflix’s upcoming Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, we’ve got some good news for you.The series is going to stray slightly from the Raccoon City setting its protagonists feel more comfortable in, but that shouldn’t be too much of a distraction for them on their mission to put a stop to the spread of the zombie virus.There’s currently no word on how many episodes there will be in the series.In the mini-series, Resident Evil 2 remake’s Nick Apostolides stars as Leon…

dead-by-daylight’s-resident-evil-chapter-will-star-leon,-jill-and-nemesis VG247

Dead by Daylight’s Resident Evil chapter will star Leon, Jill and Nemesis

Behaviour Interactive has announced a release date for the Resident Evil chapter coming to Dead by Daylight.Slated for June 15, the Resident Evil chapter for Dead by Daylight will feature Leon and Jill as survivors.Watch on YouTubeEach Survivor will come with three perks. Flashbang, one of Leon’s perks, enables you to spawn an entirely new item. Upon reaching a certain rate of repair progress on generators, Leon will be able to hide in a locker and craft a flash grenade, which can then be used to distract or blind the Killer temporarily. Those who prefer to play as Killer can…

we-all-loved-resident-evil-village-baby-chris-redfield,-gasp-in-horror-at-chris-redfield-baby VG247

We all loved Resident Evil Village baby Chris Redfield, gasp in horror at Chris Redfield baby

By Sherif Saed 12 May 2021 14:03 GMT The Resident Evil Village baby Chris Redfield mod is now responsible for more chaos.Shortly after the release of Resident Evil Village, industrious modders everywhere quickly began working on some of the more simple projects. PC players should all be familiar with model swaps, which replace existing assets with those from other games/movies/pop culture.Watch on YouTubeOne of the most terrifying applications of this came in the form of the Mini Me Chris mod, which turned Chris Redfield into Ethan and Mia Winters’ baby from the opening few minutes of the game. Not content…