resident-evil-village-was-the-most-downloaded-game-on-the-playstation-store-in-may VG247

Resident Evil Village was the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Store in May

By Stephany Nunneley 8 June 2021 17:20 GMT Sony has revealed the most popular games on the PlayStation Store in May.Resident Evil Village was the most popular game on PS5 for the month of May on the PlayStation Store in both the US and Europe.Watch on YouTubeIn second place in the US was Returnal and over in Europe, it was FIFA 21. MLB The Show 21 was third in the US, while Returnal took the slot in Europe.On PS4, Rust Console Edition was the top download in the US, and in Europe, the top game was Resident Evil Village. The…

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Resident Evil’s Nemesis is coming to Dead By Daylight

Like a giant Katamari made of scabs and jump scares, Dead By Daylight has collected another classic horror fiend to stalk its servers. The upcoming Resident Evil chapter will, unsurprisingly, bring the Umbrella Corp’s Nemesis to the multiplayer horror game. The new beast won’t be turning up on his own, though. Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine will be added as survivors for the meat-weapon-gone-rogue to chase. The ghastly collab was announced to celebrate Dead by Daylight’s fifth anniversary. The asymmetric multiplayer game, where teams of survivors try and outlast a singular enemy during a round, is packed with classic…

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Resident Evil Village Varcolac Alpha | And two other optional bosses you might have missed

By James Billcliffe 17 May 2021 13:56 GMT Hiding around every corner in Resident Evil Village is a secret waiting to be discovered. And while there’s plenty of clandestine loot to find, there are a few optional bosses, like the Varcolac Alpha and giant, axe-wielding butcher brothers, to hunt down too. These tough opponents either appear in their own new spaces, or to punish you for being too comfortable backtracking through areas you thought were safe. Here’s where you can tango with a few of the optional bosses in Resident Evil Village you might have missed. Watch on YouTubeResident Evil…

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Resident Evil Village Food Locations | Where to find Fish, Juicy game

Slaying monsters in Resident Evil Village is hungry-work. That’s why along with his less conventional stock, your merchant chum, The Duke, offers to cook up a hearty meal for Ethan – if you can bring him the ingredients. Along with regular cuts of fish, poultry, and meat, you can find special food items throughout the Village. Watch on YouTubeThese are unique items which are used to procure the best bonuses The Duke’s Kitchen has to offer, which include health buffs, boosts to your movement speed, and an increase in the efficiency of your blocking. Of all the ingredients, it’s fish,…

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Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Rewards | How to get SS Rank

The Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil Village is a single-player post-campaign challenge made up of eight stages. In order to complete everything the mode has to offer, you need to achieve SS Rank or higher on every stage.Watch on YouTube How to improve your score to earn an SS Rank in Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries — Rank Requirements Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries — Rewards list How to unlock the LZ Answerer in Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries How to earn CP from Challenges in Resident Evil Village: Mercenaries How to improve your score…

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We all loved Resident Evil Village baby Chris Redfield, gasp in horror at Chris Redfield baby

By Sherif Saed 12 May 2021 14:03 GMT The Resident Evil Village baby Chris Redfield mod is now responsible for more chaos.Shortly after the release of Resident Evil Village, industrious modders everywhere quickly began working on some of the more simple projects. PC players should all be familiar with model swaps, which replace existing assets with those from other games/movies/pop culture.Watch on YouTubeOne of the most terrifying applications of this came in the form of the Mini Me Chris mod, which turned Chris Redfield into Ethan and Mia Winters’ baby from the opening few minutes of the game. Not content…

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The Weekspot podcast #037: All lycan eat

We’ve been doing The Weekspot for the best part of nine months now. In that time, there’s been weeks where either the big releases have dried up, or the news has been lacking a little oomph. But, I think we’ve been able to cobble together a podcast you can enjoy, regardless of the previous seven days in PC video gaming. This week, there was zero cobbling. Read more

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Resident Evil Village | What are the Cadou?

To understand the story of Resident Evil Village, you need to be familiar with a few key concepts. Unfortunately, if you missed out on collecting clues earlier on, some of the late-game revelations can seem a little disjointed. For example, a lot of players seem to be getting tripped up on just what the Cadou are.Watch on YouTubeBefore we begin, consider this your spoiler warning for Resident Evil Village. This article is primarily focused on lore and backstory rather than the events of the game itself, but if you want to go into your playthrough completely fresh, do not read…

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The cheapest places to find Resident Evil Village for PC, in the US and UK

Resident Evil Village is the talk of the town, and you may well be wondering where the cheapest place to pick it up is. We’ve scoured every legitimate key-totin’ outfit in the land to find out – on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US, the cheapest place we’ve found for the PC version is Newegg, where you can pick up a digital copy of the game for $50. (An Xbox Series X/S version is also available at the same price.) The game also comes with two pre-order bonuses, even though you’re sneakily purchasing it post-release: the Mr. Raccoon…

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Resident Evil Village Prioress Door | Where to use the Maroon Eye Ring

Above the main hall in Resident Evil Village’s foreboding castle, Ethan Winters finds a strange carved relief: the Prioress Door. With no obvious way to open the firmly locked portal, and only a maroon eye ring and a picture of his missing family in his pockets, it’s easy to get stuck. Watch on YouTubeThis is a classic style of puzzle in the modern Resident Evil series, but one that’s easy to lose track of. Here’s how to open the Prioress Door in Resident Evil Village. Resident Evil Village Prioress Door – What to do with the Maroon Eye RingWhen you…

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Resident Evil Village: the best settings to improve your PC’s performance

Resident Evil Village is finally here, continuing the story of Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7 as he finds himself trapped in a bleak, wintry landscape full of tall vampire ladies, snarling wolf boys and more horrible nasties than you can shake an Umbrella-shaped stick at. It’s also one of the best-looking PC games of the year by my reckoning, especially if you happen to own a ray tracing-capable graphics card. It runs supremely well, but it can start to chug a bit if you exceed your graphics card’s memory limit. To help you get the best performance in Resident…

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PC players have bypassed Resident Evil Village’s 60 minute demo timer

Resident Evil Village launches this Friday, but you can explore a bit of the game right now in a limited-time demo that’s available until May 9th. You’re only supposed to be able to play the demo for a total of 60 minutes, but of course PC players have found a way around that already. Now you can play the demo over and over through this weekend if you really want to. Photo mode is time consuming, right? Read more

here’s-how-to-reset-the-resident-evil-village-demo-timer-on-steam VG247

Here’s how to reset the Resident Evil Village demo timer on Steam

By Sherif Saed 3 May 2021 15:08 GMT As expected, PC players have figured out how to unlock Resident Evil Village’s demo time limit.The Resident Evil Village demo finally came to PC over the weekend. Available on Steam, the demo includes two sections, one set in the eponymous village, and another in the castle.Watch on YouTubeJust like on other platforms, the Resident Evil Village demo can only be played for an hour in total. It’s always-online, too, so you can’t easily bypass this limitation – “easily” being the operative word here. That’s because, to no one’s surprise, someone figured out…

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Resident Evil Village’s baddies make adorable puppets, somehow

Well well, looks like it’s casual Friday over in the village. The deadly baddies of upcoming horror sequel Resident Evil Village have all cast off their spooky faces and transformed into puppets. Yes, including your favorite large lady Alcina Dimitrescu. She’s joined by the felty faces of Mother Miranda’s other lords for a silly little skit. Actually, one of them’s a puppet twice over, somehow. They do look quite cute this way though, even when they’re murdering each other. Read more

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You can preload Resident Evil Village’s demo now

Capcom, bless their hearts, have some funny ideas. They’re releasing a demo for Resident Evil Village this weekend, but it’ll only be playable for a week and will have a hard time limit of 60 minutes total. Heaven forbid people freely play a demo. But I’m still up for it because I’m well up for Village, so how handy that we can now preload the demo and be ready to get stuck right into our… limited fun? Read more