pippin-barr’s-hidden-game-objects-exhibition-returns-in-v-r-^2 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pippin Barr’s hidden game objects exhibition returns in v r ^2

Over the past decade, indie developer Pippin Barr has regularly shared free game experiments that you can play in your browser, such as Epic Sax, Chesses and its sequel, and the fantastically named Jostle Bastards. Now, Barr has taken another pass at his 2016 game v r 2, which was an exhibition of stuff you could find in the Unity engine’s GameObject menu. Except everything was inside cubes. In v r ^2, or v r squared, everything is out in the open on display. Take a gander at the trailer below. Read more

looks-like-many-more-square-enix-remakes-are-on-the-way VG247

Looks like many more Square Enix remakes are on the way

Forever Entertainment will be working with Square Enix on remakes of “several” titles which will reportedly all be from the same “brand” that the publisher owns. But what could they be?Forever Entertainment, a Polish studio based out of Kraków and founded back in 2010, has signed an agreement with Square Enix to work on several of the publisher’s games and release them as remakes, a report from Biznes claims.As per the article, Forever Entertainment’s projects will feature “a new graphic design”. Purists, fret not: “gameplay and scenario” elements of the final games will remain consistent with the original versions. All the…