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gog-back-down-from-re-releasing-devotion Rock,Paper,Shotgun

GOG back down from re-releasing Devotion

Earlier today, the developers of the horror game Devotion announced it would return to sale via GOG on Friday. It’s been unavailable for purchase since early 2019 due to an in-game joke at the expense of Chinese president Xi Jinping. Hours later, GOG have released their own peculiar statement reversing their decision to release it. (more…)

horror-game-detention-now-has-a-netflix-show Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Horror game Detention now has a Netflix show

Red Candle Games are perhaps best known for Devotion getting into trouble with the Chinese government, but they also, y’know, made decent video games. One of those, the high school horror Detention, has now spawned a live-action series on Netflix. It started this weekend, and after seeing the first two episodes, sure, I’ll keep watching. Oh, and they have a new game coming. (more…)