terraria-has-added-steam-workshop-support-for-easier-modding Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Terraria has added Steam Workshop support for easier modding

The terrific Terraria added Steam Workshop support in a patch yesterday, making it easier to install mods and share worlds with other players. Players have been modding the crafty sandbox explore-o-stabber for ages, and the Workshop doesn’t support the most complex mods, but a Steam Workshop is certainly welcome for reduced faff. Read more

terraria-has-sold-over-35-million-copies-in-its-lifetime VG247

Terraria has sold over 35 million copies in its lifetime

Terraria, the game that mixes sandbox-style creativity with platforming action, has sold over 35 million copies across all platforms in its lifetime to date.As per a new update on the game’s official blog, Terraria has managed to shift an impressive 35 million+ units, dominating PC, console and mobile in the process.According to a breakdown of the sales, 17.2 million copies sold have come from PC, with 9.3 million are on mobile and another 8.5 million are on console. When that troubled Google Stadia port hits, you can likely expect that number to jump up once again, too.But just because the…

terraria-back-in-development-for-google-stadia VG247

Terraria back in development for Google Stadia

After a bit of an issue, Re-Logic’s Terraria is back in development for Google Stadia.Earlier this month it was revealed that Terraria for Stadia has been canceled due to Google having disabled the studio head’s Google account without warning, and being unable to address the problem.Basically what happened was that for some reason, founder Andrew Spinks’ Google account had been disabled without reason. According to Spinks, he did not violate the terms of service or do anything to cause the account to be disabled (thanks, Neowin).“My phone has lost access to thousands of dollars of apps on Google Play, I had just…

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Have You Played… Terraria?

Terraria astounds me. It astounds me because it is bottomless. I mine materials for hours, finally smelt some armour, then the developer saunters over and refills my glass. Just when I think I’m done for the evening, another one slides across the table. Oh, go on then. (more…)