a-new-mod-adding-raytracing-to-half-life-looks-nice,-not-just-shiny Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A new mod adding raytracing to Half-Life looks nice, not just shiny

These days, you can’t shake a stick without bouncing brown beams around the room. Raytracing has been a hot high-end graphics trend for a few years, with new games boasting support for the complex lighting simulators and old games being retrofitted with shine. This year, a new Half-Life mod will add raytracing support to Valve’s seminal shooter, and even as someone usually perfectly happy with old games looking old, I think it doesn’t look half-bad. See for yourself in the new video, below. Read more

minecraft-for-windows-10-now-officially-supports-ray-tracing Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Minecraft for Windows 10 now officially supports ray-tracing

Managed to snag yourself one of those fancy new Nvidia 30-series cards? Looking for something to really put it through its paces? Well, lucky for you, graphical powerhouse Minecraft has finally taken its RTX ray-tracing support out of open beta. Now, anyone and everyone can give the block-busting builder a ridiculously shiny makeover, assuming their PC is packing the power to run it. (moreā€¦)