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mr.-sun’s-hatbox-is-a-slapstick-roguelike-with-a-heavy-dose-of-metal-gear-solid-5 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox is a slapstick roguelike with a heavy dose of Metal Gear Solid 5

Have you ever been waiting for a delivery, only to have it never arrive? Ever wondered where it went? How does the courier even begin to track a lost item? Mr. Sun’s Hatbox answers all of those questions (very seriously) in a genre-blending comedy. When I say genre-blending, I mean this is a platforming roguelike with extensive base-building, shooting, whacking, stealthing, and a heavy dose of Metal Gear Solid 5. Seriously. It launches on April 20th. Read more

have-you-played…-the-longest-road-on-earth? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have You Played… The Longest Road On Earth?

According to the definitely legit authority of Dangerousroads(dot)Org (and maybe also the Guinness Book Of Records), the actual longest road on Earth is the Pan-American Highway, measuring 30,000km long, and spanning several different countries as it wends its way from the bottom of South America to top of Alaska. I can’t even imagine how long it would take you to do a full journey across it all, but it will definitely take you longer than the two hours you’ll spend in the company of Brainwash Gang’s loosely connected anthology story game The Longest Road On Earth. But cor, what a…

the-night-call-devs-are-swapping-taxis-for-tech-fuelled-gas-stations-in-their-new-narrative-management-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Night Call devs are swapping taxis for tech-fuelled gas stations in their new narrative management game

Petrol stations might not be the most natural setting for pondering life’s biggest questions, but the ones in Flat Eye, the next game from the makers of detective taxi-me-do Night Call, aren’t your ordinary rest stops. As well as a convenient place to relieve yourself and top up on snacks, these futuristic service stations also house cosmetic surgery bots, operation tables, teleportation booths and more – and they’re all overseen by a powerful AI trying to find the best possible future for the human race. As the station’s head clerk, you’ll debate the ethics of eternal youth and end of…

cassette-beasts-is-monster-collecting-rpg-that’s-more-power-rangers-than-pokemon Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cassette Beasts is monster-collecting RPG that’s more Power Rangers than Pokémon

At this year’s Gamescom I got hands-on with Bytten Studio’s Cassette Beasts, an upcoming monster-taming open world RPG in the vein of Pokémon, which is far more interesting to me than the basic concept of Pokémon. That’s because you’re able to fuse together any monsters you ‘catch’, but moreso because it’s a monster collectathon where you become the monster, essentially fusing yourself with bomb dogs and hermit crabs with traffic cone-homes. I like the way the game does away with the overdone shonen story of wanting to become the very best there ever was, and instead puts the spotlight on…

dome-keeper-review:-a-small,-but-perfectly-formed-tower-defence-game-that-strikes-gold Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dome Keeper review: a small, but perfectly formed tower defence game that strikes gold

As players of Image & Form’s excellent SteamWorld Dig games will know, there is something innately calming about chiselling your way through a hunk of rock. In both of those western-themed platformers, you were hunting for gem-like treasures to take back to the surface so you could get bigger and better equipment to begin the dig cycle anew. Now imagine that surface is constantly under threat from waves of alien attacks and that’s pretty much Dome Keeper in a nutshell, a moreish, meditative mining game that sees you balance digging for resources and hunting for all-important relics while defending your…

explore-the-freeform-open-world-of-sable-when-it-arrives-on-ps5-later-this-year VG247

Explore the freeform open-world of Sable when it arrives on PS5 later this year

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Exclusive features and brand-new content. Raw Fury and Shedworks have announced the critically acclaimed Sable will be coming to PlayStation 5. The exploration game with the original Japanese Breakfast soundtrack will be released with additional content as well as PlayStation-exclusive features by the end of this year for PS5. Sable PS5 Announcement Trailer Sable tells an atmospheric coming-of-age story on an alien planet full of secrets. In it, you take on the role of Sable, who leaves her home to…

american-arcadia-is-a-genre-flipping-cinematic-feast-from-the-call-of-the-sea-devs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

American Arcadia is a genre-flipping cinematic feast from the Call Of The Sea devs

I did a lot of talking at Gamescom, whether that be to developers or muttering to myself deliriously as I typed stuff up in the evening. Talking to devs especially is a wonderful thing, especially when you’re playing their game and it resonates with you. But getting hands-on with an early portion of American Arcadia rendered me virtually silent, to the point where I had to apologise to the devs for being so quiet. And I wasn’t being rude; far from it! I was just so engrossed in the game’s mixture of side-scrolling platforming and first-person puzzling. Keep this under…

dome-keeper-is-a-superbly-satisfying-wave-defence-game-about-fending-off-aliens-with-a-giant-laser Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dome Keeper is a superbly satisfying wave defence game about fending off aliens with a giant laser

I realised earlier that today was the last day of Steam Next Fest, and I panicked. I remembered seeing one particular demo on Steam which made my ears prick up and my eyes expand to thrice their usual size, and until now I hadn’t the time to try it out. So today I carved out a small portion of the day to download and play the demo for Dome Keeper, a wave-based survival game about protecting your glass dome home from alien invaders using a gigantic laser. Unfortunately, I ended up playing it a little too long, and now I’ve…

the-5-best-games-from-the-guerrilla-collective-showcase-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The 5 best games from the Guerrilla Collective showcase 2022

The Guerrilla Games showcase this year had trailers for like, 60 games, or something, and no woman can play 60 games. Who do you think I am, Santa? You think I can slow time to infinity when I need it? So I’ve done you a little roundup of the games that caught my eye this time. There’s some action, some horror and some puzzles. Fun for all the family! Read more

call-of-the-sea-dev’s-latest-is-a-mix-of-the-truman-show-and-logan’s-run Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Call Of The Sea dev’s latest is a mix of The Truman Show and Logan’s Run

The studio behind the 1930s supernatural mermaid-filled adventure Call Of The Sea have announced their next game, and it looks like a tonally bang-on pastiche of reality shows, social media saturation and 1970s dystopian sci-fi. Published by Raw Fury, American Arcadia centres on Trevor Hills – an average bloke in flares, tank top and ‘tache – who is a bit too boring to survive the unwitting reality-show metropolis of Arcadia where he lives. Cue a mysterious guide who may or may not be trying to help Trev escape. It’s good to hear that Yuri Lowenthal and Cissy Jones are back…

superfuse-is-making-a-violent-play-to-be-your-next-co-op-diablo-like Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Superfuse is making a violent play to be your next co-op Diablo-like

Diablo meets The Boys is the four-word elevator pitch of Stitch Heads and Raw Fury’s new isometric hack and slasher – and judging from the amount of loot, blood and minced limbs I saw in my hands on demo last week, I’d say they’re pretty bang on the money, albeit with an extra dash of Borderlands thanks to its cel-shaded comic book visuals. Whichever way you slice it, though, Superfuse makes a striking and violent first impression. Perhaps it’s because I’m playing as its Berserker class, a large walking slab of man muscle whose axe and (comically large) fists can…

detective-adventure-backbone-is-getting-another-game-next-year Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Detective adventure Backbone is getting another game next year

If you simply can’t get enough of raccoon detectives sleuthing around dystopian Vancouver, then you’re in luck, because more is on the way. Developers EggNut have announced that a new Backbone game is coming in 2022, dropping us back into the snowy, animal-filled city. We don’t know much about it yet, but Backbone is an excellent detective puzzle game, and a gorgeous one at that, so I have high hopes for the next one. Read more

sable-review:-a-beautiful-adventure-beset-by-troubling-bugs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sable review: a beautiful adventure beset by troubling bugs

As you might expect from a game set on a desert planet, Sable has a lot of sand. You traverse it on your floating motorbike as the titular character, a young woman who’s part of a nomadic culture where adolescents leave home to complete their Gliding. During this gap year of sorts, the Glider does odd jobs and explores the world until they figure out what they want to be for the rest of their life. Sand is a feature. But as they say, sand is coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. Each individual grain of sand…

backbone-review:-it’s-not-what-you-expect,-but-hot-damn-is-it-pretty Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Backbone review: it’s not what you expect, but hot damn is it pretty

An important part of having a lovely time with something is setting your expectations correctly. Just ask the two old ladies who I once saw going into a screening of Zombieland and leaving after approximately seven minutes. So in that spirit, it seems important to tell you that Backbone is not the point and click detective adventure game with all puzzles you might have thought it was. It’s more accurately described as a grim, philosophical, story-focused noir game about collectivism vs. individualism, dressed up in the tropes of a detective puzzle game. Like The Good Place with more depression, or…