Raw Fury

kathy-rain:-director’s-cut-will-revamp-the-adventure-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut will revamp the adventure game

2016’s point ‘n’ click adventure game Kathy Rain is returning this year with a new, rebuilt, expanded Director’s Cut. Along with more puzzles and chat, it’ll have touched-up looks and bonuses like controller support. I quite liked it, as far as I can remember, and have forgotten enough that I’m game for another go when the revamp arrives later this year. (more…)

Trippy head-tosser Gonner2 bounces out next week

Truly the Basement Jaxx of videogames, shooty wobbly platforming sequel Gonner2 is almost ready to start asking where your head’s at. The sequel to Ditto’s absolute stunner of a side-scrolling roguelite, Gonner 2 dives into the underworld next Thursday, promising an even greater explosion of colour that threaten to knock the skull right off you. (more…)

atomicrops-sprouts-out-of-epic-exclusivity-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Atomicrops sprouts out of Epic exclusivity next week

It’s tough work, farming through a nuclear winter. Tough enough that Atomicrops is now recruiting farmhands from beyond the confines of the Epic Games Store. Only a few months after release, publishers Raw Fury this week announced that their carrot-plucking twin-stick shooter is heading to Steam and GOG later this month – bringing a bounty of irradiated new content with it. (more…)

robo-smashing-roguelite-star-renegades-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Robo-smashing roguelite Star Renegades is out now

Listen. Just because we’ve got a multiversal authoritarian state to demolish doesn’t mean we can’t take a few moments to enjoy the scenery. Released today, Star Renegades is a bloody stunning tactical roguelite RPG about smashing robots, dodging rivals, and catching some sweet sunsets at the end of the universe again, and again, and again. (more…)