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Sea of Thieves Season 4 will send players under the sea

It’s better, down where it’s wetter. Sea of Thieves Season 4 starts next week, and it looks like players will venture under the sea once more. That’s going by what we gleaned from the short teaser trailer released today by Rare. The video shows a pirate waving to a passing ship, and the voice-over asking if you can “hear it calling to you.” It then goes on to speak of a “forgotten world of adventure,” and a “kingdom of riches beyond compare,” before stating “it waits for you.” Then, the video zooms in, goes under the waves, and you get…

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Sea of Thieves: Trident of Dark Tides | Can you sell the Trident?

The Trident of Dark Tides is a special weapon in Sea of Thieves, introduced with the recent 2.2.0 update supporting the launch of the game’s third season.Watch on YouTubeThe Trident has some unique uses, but also carries with it some restrictions. Can you sell the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves? Where to find the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves How to use the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves Can you sell the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves?To put it simply: no, you cannot sell the Trident of Dark…

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Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Pearl | How to complete the Statue Puzzles in Siren Spire

The Sunken Pearl is a Tall Tale introduced in the third season of Sea of Thieves — which, as most fans are already well aware, features a major crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.Watch on YouTubeThis is the second of five Tall Tales that make up the season’s story campaign A Pirate’s Life. After you’ve completed the campaign’s titular first quest, you’ll need to head off in search of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship the Black Pearl… the only wrinkle is, it’s currently in the Sunken Kingdom which, as the name suggests, is at the bottom of the ocean.To get…

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Sea Of Thieves’ A Pirate’s Life expansion does feature lots of things that aren’t Johnny Depp

Bobbing onto our screens in 2018, Sea Of Thieves was perfectly timed to provide the jovial, ultimately unthreatening ambience of Pirates Of The Caribbean, just as that film series became a lot less fun due to the allegations against leading man Johnny Depp. How unfortunate, then, that 2021 should bring a massive Pirates Of The Caribbean crossover to the game, with Captain Jack Sparrow plastered all over it. Read more

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Xbox Games Showcase: Extended coming Thursday, promises conversation with Hellblade dev and more

By Sherif Saed 14 June 2021 09:47 GMT Xbox is hosting another showcase this week.Microsoft has announced that its E3 2021 events are not yet done. On Thursday, June 17, the platform holder will be hosting the Xbox Games Showcase: Extended, a special showcase featuring developer interviews and a deeper look at some of their projects.Watch on YouTubeThe event takes place 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm UK. So far, Microsoft confirmed attendance of Hellblade maker Ninja Theory, Psychonauts’ Double Fine, Sea of Thieves creator Rare, as well as The Outer Worlds/Avowed developer Obsidian. More partners will also be part of…

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Sea Of Thieves season 2 starts next week and adds another sneaky emote

After switching to the seasons and Plunder Pass model earlier this year, pirate playground Sea Of Thieves has teased the start of season two coming next week. They’ve released a short teaser trailer that those of you with a good spyglass may be able to spot. I’m very afraid that stealth strats may be about to get out of hand. Do you know where every barrel on your ship is? I’d start memorizing right now if I were you. Read more

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Sea of Thieves Season 2 is coming to Xbox and PC next week

By Dom Peppiatt, Wednesday, 7 April 2021 11:20 GMT Rare is about to roll out a big new update for Sea of Thieves Season 2, but what can eager sea-faring players expect from the stubbornly popular pirate simulator in the coming weeks?According to the trailer, Sea of Thieves Season 2 launches on April 15, but some of the specifics about what we can expect from Rare’s next big update are somewhat shrouded in mystery.Luckily, the developer is edging out some information about the new Season in waves (no pun intended) and the most recent trailer actually gives us some insight…

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Sea of Thieves update Fate of the Damned has arrived

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 28 October 2020 20:02 GMT Fate of the Damned is the latest Sea of Thieves monthly update, and it’s available now and free for all players.In the Sea of Thieves update Fate of the Damned, skeletal Shadows of Fate are roaming the seas, and pirates must seek out Flames to fight back against this threat which will change week by week.This year, pirates will be dealing with  Shadows of Fate which are skeletons normally confined to the Fort of the Damned. Working together with the Bilge Rats, you will need to uncover the story behind the threat…


Sea of Thieves devs release pirate-themed Van Halen cover in touching tribute video

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 11 October 2020 15:07 GMT Sea of Thieves developer Rare has recorded a pirate-themed cover of ‘Jump’ by Van Halen as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen.A selection of developers that work on Sea of Thieves at UK studio Rare have released a cover of the iconic Van Halen track to celebrate the life of Eddie Van Halen, who sadly passed away on October 6 at 65 years of age.The developers posted the touching tribute on Twitter, where it’s been met with praise from music lovers and gamers alike. A tribute in our current Sea of…

Sea Of Thieves devs made a pirate shanty tribute to Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen, song writer and lead guitarist of iconic rock band Van Halen, passed away this week. Across the internet, tributes have poured out for the legendary rocker, including a rather surprising one from Sea Of Thieves developer, Rare. They’ve made a pirate shanty cover of the song Jump. It’s a bit weird, but you know what? It’s really sweet, too. (more…)

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Sea Of Thieves is offering a free Ori-themed ship set this weekend

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day on Saturday, so naturally, Rare’s excellent pirate adventure Sea Of Thieves has some goodies in store for its players. The first of which is a free ship set inspired by Ori And The Blind Forest (or Will Of The Wisps, I suppose). And the second is a whole weekend of double gold and reputation rewards between today and Sunday the 20th of September. (more…)