Rami Ismail

someone-piloted-a-flight-in-microsoft-flight-simulator-while-sitting-on-the-same-flight-in-real-life Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Someone piloted a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator while sitting on the same flight in real life

Players do the darndest things—especially when they’re also game developers—and this sure is a thing that I feel silly for not seeing from miles off. Rami Ismail of former Vlambeer fame decided to really test out the accuracy of Microsoft Flight Simulator by piloting a flight in game while sitting on the same flight in real life. The future sure has arrived. (more…)

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Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing dev Vlambeer is shutting down

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 2 September 2020 12:30 GMT Vlambeer’s ten-year run is ending.Vlambeer, the two-person development team behind many indie hits on PC and mobile, is closing shop. The developer announced the news this week on Twitter, on the studio’s tenth anniversary no less.“We had a beautiful run, made incredible games, and worked with amazing people, but it is time for new things,” the developer said.“It’s not a sad day for us, but the happy conclusion to a whirlwind decade filled with screenshake. It feels like we’ve achieved what we set out to do – as a studio, as…