Rain World: Downpour

rain-world’s-downpour-dlc-cements-it-as-a-fascinating-and-underrated-beast Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rain World’s Downpour DLC cements it as a fascinating and underrated beast

An adorable family of furry mammals traversing a dystopian urban environment; snapshots of joy and intimacy (playful hunts, mutual grooming, snuggling together for a nap) already infused with the melancholy of impending catastrophe; the terrible, life-altering moment when a young cub loses its footing and plunges into unknown depths, separated from the pack. Our fledgling protagonist, alone for the first time, has to fend for itself and find its way among the perilous mega-city ruins. If you engaged at all with the indie-game sphere in 2022, chances are this introduction rings a bell. Only it’s not a description of last…