mystery-steam-reviews-that-wants-double-the-fun Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mystery Steam Reviews that wants double the fun

What’s better than one video game? Two video games! What’s better than two video games? Two video games for the price of one video game! What’s better than two video games for the price of one video game? Boost bars, but we’re contractually obligated to talk about video games on this show. Read more

a-world-premiere-of-a-premier-mystery-steam-reviews Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A world premiere of a premier Mystery Steam Reviews

I know you’re ready to put the Electronic Entertainment Expo to bed for a year. I am too. I’m looking forward to playing a video game this weekend, instead of watching trailers for things I can’t download yet. I still haven’t played Chicory yet, and all I’ve wanted to do over the last week is colour in pictures of cartoon dogs. But we can’t move on just yet. Read more

mystery-steam-reviews-hearts-new-york-(and-mars) Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mystery Steam Reviews hearts New York (and Mars)

Prototype 2 has loomed over Mystery Steam Reviews for months now. That episode of MSR, which was about video games with bald protagonists, spawned a question that has been asked countless times since: New York or Mars? This video hopefully goes some way to answering that question. Read more

shhh…-it’s-a-quiet-edition-of-mystery-steam-reviews Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Shhh… it’s a quiet edition of Mystery Steam Reviews

There was a time when the video game playing public didn’t question silent protagonists. It was just accepted that the person you were controlling wouldn’t say a word. These days, though, you can’t shut them up. But, we’re not discussing the talkative lot on this edition of Mystery Steam Reviews. We’re highlighting the strong and silent types, this week. Read more

mystery-steam-reviews-asks-you-to-remember-these-forgettable-video-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mystery Steam Reviews asks you to remember these forgettable video games

We don’t like numbers round these parts. We’re more interested in telling you whether a game is worth your time with words. One person’s three star review is another’s seven out of ten, so it’s just better to evaluate games via text. However, there are a lot of folks that think otherwise. They enjoy giving scores to games. And, without them, we wouldn’t have a Mystery Steam Reviews this week. So, thank you, score-givers. Read more

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Celebrate slapheads by watching this week’s Mystery Steam Reviews

Every Monday, on The PC Gaming Weekspot, Colm and Matthew test each other’s game knowledge in a weekly quiz called Mystery Steam Reviews. You can probably guess the format of the quiz but if not: we read out Steam reviews and guess the game they’re about. Ian Hitman is arguably the greatest bald video game protagonist of all time. He makes his smooth skull work for him like few others. He even has a barcode on the back of his head to draw attention to it, the absolute ledge. Because Hitman 3 is on the horizon, and we waxed lyrical…