barnsley-college-launches-esports-coaching,-health-and-wellbeing-degree ESports News UK

Barnsley College launches esports coaching, health and wellbeing degree

Barnsley College has announced it’s running its own foundation degree in esports coaching and wellbeing. The new Level 5 undergraduate degree will launch this September at the SciTech Digital Innovation Hub, and will be titled ‘Esports Education: Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Foundation Degree’. It will be validated by Leeds Trinity University. The qualification aims to ‘develop students’ existing skills and support the development of transferable skills related to esports, sport, health, physical activity and coaching’. Continue reading Barnsley College launches esports coaching, health and wellbeing degree

bournemouth-and-poole-college-converts-132-seat-theatre-into-esports-arena ESports News UK

Bournemouth and Poole College converts 132-seat theatre into esports arena

Bournemouth and Poole College has tested out its lecture theatre turned esports arena for the first time, with its BPC Buccaneers student esports team. The college has converted its existing 132-seat theatre into an esports arena, by adding a 5m-high lighting rig, 4K projector and 6m wide retractable screen, plus a new stereo sound system with two 1kw subs. Esports students successfully tested out the revamped 143sq m space the other day. Continue reading Bournemouth and Poole College converts 132-seat theatre into esports arena

almost-70%-of-uk-parents-believe-esports-can-play-a-positive-role-in-school,-but-only-32%-are happy-for-their-child-to-have-a-career-in-it,-finds-new-education-survey-by-dell-and-intel ESports News UK

Almost 70% of UK parents believe esports can play a positive role in school, but only 32% are happy for their child to have a career in it, finds new education survey by Dell and Intel

Parents in the UK are warming to the benefits of esports in general, but aren’t yet convinced of the career possibilities for their children. That’s according to new research from OnePoll, commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel, which surveyed 1,500 UK parents with children who play esports and 500 financial decision makers in education such as headteachers, CIOs and department heads.  The results show that over two-thirds (69%) of UK parents believe esports allows their children to develop skills that they might not get through traditional education methods. Continue reading Almost 70% of UK parents believe esports can play a…

lucent-esports-partners-with-kirklees-college-to-help-students-learn-about-esports ESports News UK

Lucent Esports partners with Kirklees College to help students learn about esports

Yorkshire-based UK esports organisation Lucent Esports has teamed up with Kirklees College in Huddersfield to host esports masterclasses to students there. Lucent will offer their expertise on how to develop a esports organisation and provide feedback to students on their own brands. They will also talk about how to run an esports company, judge tournaments hosted by the college and run classes on esports and social media. Kirklees has this month launched the Pearson Esports BTEC level 2 and 3 courses to help students gain skills and pursue a career in esports. Continue reading Lucent Esports partners with Kirklees College…

williams-board-approves-plan-to-invest-millions-of-pounds-in-esports,-expects-to-double-number-of-dedicated-esports-staff-year-on-year ESports News UK

Williams board approves plan to invest millions of pounds in esports, expects to double number of dedicated esports staff year-on-year

British Formula One motor racing team Williams has spoken of its plans to invest heavily in esports over the coming years. This will involve branching into new esports titles and growing the number of dedicated esports staff on its team. Steven English, head of esports at Williams Racing, told Esports News UK: “The board of our company recently approved a new esports business plan, which is investing in millions over the next five years and beyond.” Williams entered esports three years ago in sim racing, and now has its sights set beyond that. Continue reading Williams board approves plan to…