what-was-the-first-game-that-really-grabbed-you-and-dominated-your-life? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What was the first game that really grabbed you and dominated your life?

A few weeks ago, I talked about a number of new features coming to RPS in 2023, and here we are with our very first edition of Ask RPS! This is a new mailbag feature where RPS supporters get to pose questions to the RPS Treehouse team (mostly video games-related, though not necessarily always), and we then answer those questions in public posts for everyone to get involved with. Easy peasy. To kick us off, our first question comes courtesy of Old_Man_Gaming, who asked: “What was the first game that really grabbed you and dominated your life?” Come and find…

quake-goes-brutalist-in-a-new-map-pack-that’s-all-about-concrete Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Quake goes Brutalist in a new map pack that’s all about concrete

An exciting new fan-made Quake singleplayer map pack explores the Internet’s favourite architectural style, Brutalism. 35 maps offer all sorts of concrete hells, ranging from housing estates and Control-esque facilities to otherworldly ritual spaces and straight-up murderholes. Having spent much of my early thirties skulking around the Barbican, I really enjoyed this variety of Brutalist experiences. And the monstermurder. The monstermurder’s fun, too. Here, come admire how pretty the hub level is. Read more

quakecon-returns-today-as-a-digital-only-event,-here-are-some-highlights Rock,Paper,Shotgun

QuakeCon returns today as a digital-only event, here are some highlights

This year’s QuakeCon begins today, and it’s once again being staged as a digital-only event. The organisers say they’re committed to being an in-person event again in 2023 but for now there’s still some intriguing streams to tune into starting from 6pm BST/7pm CEST/10am PST. Read on for more info and our personal highlights on what’s happening at QuakeCon 2022. Read more

i-was-only-a-baby-when-quake-released-–-here’s-me-playing-the-modern-re-release VG247

I was only a baby when Quake released – here’s me playing the modern re-release

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Dorrani plays through the first three levels of new Quake on PC. What does he make of it? Quake is a classic of the FPS genre, or so I’m told. I’ll be honest with you and say that it’s not a game I’m familiar with, partly because I was only a baby aged one when this game came out back in 1996. I am a huge FPS fan, though, these days spending a lot of hours on Apex Legends, and…

quake-2-and-quake-3-arena-are-now-on-xbox-game-pass VG247

Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena are now on Xbox Game Pass

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Xbox Game Pass now has three Quake games. Xbox Game Pass has gained two more Quake games. Following yesterday’s reveal (and release) of the Quake remaster, Microsoft added both Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena to the line-up. Both games are only available on PC at this time, unlike the new Quake re-release, which specifically brings the game to consoles. As a result, don’t expect any upgrades to the two games. 33 Bethesda games are now available on Xbox Game…

quake-renaissance:-where-is-quake-now,-and-how-did-it-get-here? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Quake Renaissance: where is Quake now, and how did it get here?

Everyone’s heard of Quake. In 1996 it popularized “true 3D” level design, team multiplayer, the rocket jump, and even mouse look. Nine Inch Nails’ subtle in-game soundtrack is still a high point in video game music. Source Engine games like Apex Legends use fancy upgrades of Quake’s original movement code, and the internet recently shat itself when it realized Half-Life: Alyx still uses Quake’s light flickering presets. Quake is everywhere. Everyone’s heard of Quake. But does anyone care? A couple years ago, I sure didn’t. I thought it was just a more boring, less colorful Doom. But then I learned…

another-id-software-game-has-been-rated VG247

Another id Software game has been rated

By Dom Peppiatt 29 June 2021 10:45 GMT Another new id Software title has been rated in Australia, and this time the classification documents refer to Project 2021B – but what could it be?Earlier this year, we saw Doom Eternal VR revealed early by the Australian ratings board when a game called ‘Project 2021A’ was classified under the “virtual reality” category. Two months after the classification was spotted, the studio announced it was for Doom 3: VR Edition.Now, the ratings board is at it again (via Gematsu). This time, we’ve seen a slight progression in the naming convention and the feature of the game…

the-9-best-bugs-in-pc-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The 9 best bugs in PC games

The Oxford English dictionary describes a bug as: “a sort of computer oops”. It is the result of errant coding, mismatched texture, wonky physics or (sometimes) a briefcase. Developers must fight bugs day and night to safeguard the digital realms we call our playgrounds. Sometimes they lose that battle and a bug comes stomping ravenously into our game, ready to upset us. But sometimes that bug is not an annoyance or a game-breaker, but instead the funniest thing to ever happen. Here are 9 of the best bugs in PC gaming. Read more

grab-quake-2-and-quake-3-free-through-the-bethesda-launcher VG247

Grab Quake 2 and Quake 3 free through the Bethesda launcher

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:31 GMT Bethesda is handing out free copies of Quake 2 and Quake 3 through its launcher.Quake 2 and Quake 3 are yours to claim through the Bethesda launcher. Each game will be free for 72 hours, and Quake 2 is free right now so hurry on that one. Quake 3 will be made available on August 17. The freebies are to celebrate money raised for charity during QuakeCon at Home which took place last weekend. During the show, Quake was free to download.Over $30,000 was raised for charities such as Unicef, Direct…