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Nate is leaving RPS, come say goodbye

Every October, Nate disappears into a puff of smoke to be replaced by his good pal Ghoastus, the Roman ghost. Alas, his yearly ascent to higher realms has sadly come much earlier than expected this year, as today is Nate’s last day at RPS – come say goodbye. Read more

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Help those affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict

The recent resumption of hostilities between Israeli armed forces and Hamas is taking a terrible toll on the people of Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem; at time of writing, over 200 civilians have died and thousands more are injured. Longstanding destruction of infrastructure, including loss of power and water, makes treating the wounded a challenge and exacerbates this humanitarian crisis. Help is urgently needed, particularly for Palestinians who make up the overwhelming majority of the casualties. Here we’ve listed some charities that are helping the most affected people in the region – please consider a donation. Read more