vg247’s-best-games-ever-podcast-live-at-egx VG247

VG247’s best games ever podcast LIVE at EGX

In which we argue on stage about what constitutes a pie while several people look on bewildered. ^Stay tuned for the video version of our live podcast – straight from the EGX theatre! What is the best game where you get to eat pie? Because it’s the opening line of our theme tune, it’s the first question anyone ever heard asked on our acclaimed Best Games Ever podcast: a five star rated show which some critics have described as “safe as badgers” and “short running time”. So we decided to ask it for our first ever live podcast, recorded at…

ico-is-awkward,-unsettling,-and-weird-–-but-it’s-still-an-essential-ps-plus-game-everyone-needs-to-play VG247

Ico is awkward, unsettling, and weird – but it’s still an essential PS Plus game everyone needs to play

Before Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian, there was Ico – and it’s still essential, some 21 years later. You know those beloved novels you always mean to read, but never quite get around to? Ico is my gaming equivalent. Released in 2001 for Sony’s bulky behemoth, this PS2 classic is heralded as one of the medium’s greatest achievements. If that wasn’t enough of an excuse for a games journalist to just fucking play it already, it’s also part of a trilogy that I utterly adore. Falling head over heels for creator Fumito Ueda’s feverishly anticipated 2016 epic…

atlus-knows-how-badly-you-want-to-see-persona-2-and-persona-3-remakes VG247

Atlus knows how badly you want to see Persona 2 and Persona 3 remakes

The Atlus Survey 2022 Special Program livestream made it clear that the publisher understands what its fans want to see: old games on new platforms. How good would it be to see your mute Persona 3 protagonist shoot themself in the head with a special summoning gun, and have a fully powered-up Orpheus Telos appear in a blaze of unstoppable vengence? Maybe you’d prefer to see Persona 2: Innocent Sin or Persona 2: Eternal Punishment’s protagonists once again shunted into the spotlight instead – after all, other than a release on the PS Vita a few years back, many gamers…

playstation-plus-premium-will-not-support-dlc-and-add-on-content-when-streaming VG247

PlayStation Plus Premium will not support DLC and add-on content when streaming

This isn’t news to those who’ve had a PlayStation Now subscription. Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus Premium will not support DLC and add-on content when streaming a title. This is according to a new PlayStation Plus guide posted on the PS Blog. What this means is that if you have DLC for a PS3 game, you won’t be able to play the additional content, and the only way to play PS3 games is through streaming. But this will also be the case with any streaming title. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, just one of the PS3 games confirmed to…

rumours-grow-as-details-of-a-silent-hill-2-remake-emerge-following-recent-leak VG247

Rumours grow as details of a Silent Hill 2 remake emerge following recent leak

A remake, a new mainline game, and “side ‘stories’” are all part of this week’s rumours. The rumour mill doesn’t want to stop at the moment, as a new rumour has come out claiming that The Medium developer Bloober Team is working on a Silent Hill 2 remake. Earlier this week, some images leaked of a supposed Silent Hill reboot were taken down via DMCA by Konami. While it can’t be confirmed if these images are real or not, the take downs certainly are suspicious. And now YouTuber NateTheHate has claimed that a remake of Silent Hill 2 is in…

how-playstation’s-the-getaway-managed-to-outdo,-yet-fail-against,-gta-3 VG247

How PlayStation’s The Getaway managed to outdo, yet fail against, GTA 3

The ambitious PS2 action game is still revealing secrets to this day. “In many ways GTA 3 was inferior to what we had created,” Mike Rouse says, “and this was emboldening.” That might sound like hubris or denial coming from a developer on The Getaway. As GTA 5 celebrates its third major launch across a third console generation, it’s safe to say that the pre-release competition between Sony’s Team Soho and Rockstar North is now long-settled in the latter’s favour. There are no Oasis vs Blur-style discussions still raging about who won this particular battle for pop cultural dominance. Yet…

why-lego-star-wars:-the-skywalker-saga-is-selling-zillions-of-copies Twitch

Why Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Is Selling Zillions Of Copies

WB Games announced today that Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga had a massive launch, selling through over 3 million copies worldwide, and has set new records for Lego games across all platforms around the world. To put it another way: This latest Lego Star Wars game is one of the biggest releases of the year, and one of the most successful Star Wars games of the decade.

shin-megami-tensei-5-almost-sells-a-million,-atlus-reveals VG247

Shin Megami Tensei 5 almost sells a million, Atlus reveals

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The long-running devil summoning series is more popular than ever. It’s time the devils had their due. Persona Central (thanks Destructoid) reported that, according to a statement released from Atlus via Japanese games mag Famitsu, Shin Megami Tensei 5 has sold over 800,000 copies since launch. That’s pretty good for a series that didn’t arrive outside of Japan until its third entry for the PS2 in 2003. For comparison, the last numbered entry in the series, Shin Megami Tensei 4…

the-biggest-gaming-disappointments-of-2021 E3

The Biggest Gaming Disappointments Of 2021

Hell-year 2021 is almost over. It’s been a terrible year for more reasons than I can count. Pondering all the bad, disappointing, or just plain sad news that transpired within the video game industry alone is enough to make you want to jump into bed, hide under the covers, and binge on TikTok, candy, and/or Animal Crossing until you pass out. But instead of running and hiding, let’s take a moment to look back at just how awful 2021 really was, examining some of the biggest disappointments, worst trends, and just plain not-great news this monster of a year threw…

with-the-ps3-generation,-digital-store-shutdowns-manifest-their-most-damaging-form-yet VG247

With the PS3 generation, digital store shutdowns manifest their most damaging form yet

We’ve seen digital store shutdowns before. But Sony’s announcement that it’s to close the PS3, Vita and PSP stores for good is without doubt the most devastating yet.There’s a lot of anger about this decision, and justifiably so. But this is the digital future, and the gradual march of progress. It’s scary.When Google Stadia was announced, I said that streaming could be the future of games but gave me grave worries for game preservation. But perhaps when I wrote that we were already on a slippery slope, with too many purchases shackled to online services that can be closed down…

playstation-has-‘retired’-the-official-killzone-website VG247

PlayStation has ‘retired’ the official Killzone website

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 10 January 2021 12:33 GMT Sony has “retired” its official Killzone franchise website, and anyone clicking through to the site now gets forwarded to the generic PlayStation site instead.If anyone heads over to Guerrilla Games’ official Killzone website, they’re only going to be met with a message from Sony and a redirect to“The official website for the Killzone franchise has retired,” Guerrilla says in a statement on the newly-emptied site. “We apologise for this inconvenience. […] Thank you to’s many fans and visitors throughout the years for their enthusiasm and support.”Seven years after the last…