Prime Early Access Sale

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Unlock a Ryzen 7000 upgrade with Prime Early Access Sale deals on DDR5 RAM

I was underwhelmed by Prime Day’s lack of compelling desktop RAM deals, and Amazon’s follow-up – the Prime Early Access Sale – is also pretty quiet for good memory discounts. However, there are some intriguing offers on DDR5 RAM, which is perfect timing: AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs have just launched, and unlike their Intel 13th Gen/Raptor Lake rivals, won’t be compatible with older DDR4 at all. Read more

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Best Amazon Prime Early Access Sale PC gaming deals – day 1

Apparently not content with only having Prime Day once a year, Amazon have launched their Prime Early Access Sale: another carnival of discounted wares, exclusive to those with Prime memberships. It’s interesting timing, considering Black Friday 2022 is next month, but this Amazon-only sale does provide some fresh opportunities to pick up some components, peripherals or gaming laptops at more agreeable prices. Therefore, I’ll be here across the two-day event – that’s October 11th and 12th – keeping track of all the best Prime Early Access deals on PC gaming hardware that I can find. Read more

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Amazon Prime Early Access Sale 2022: dates and what to expect

Turns out early access isn’t just for games. The Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is taking place this October 11th-12th, a full six weeks before Black Friday 2022, and from a PC gaming standpoint will offer the same kinds of component and peripheral deals as that annual pre-Christmas shoppingfest. Just earlier. That said, the Prime Early Access Sale isn’t purely a prelude to the anything-goes chaos of Black Friday. It’s more like a Prime Day 2, in that it’s an Amazon-only event, with all the best deals set to be require Amazon Prime membership to access. That’s right, it’s one…