uklc-playoffs-preview-with-casters-jamada-and-hiprain:-‘guldborg-has-been-singing-the-praises-of-the-danish-teams,-but-resolve-are-going-to-eat-them-for-breakfast-at-telia-masters’ ESports News UK

UKLC playoffs preview with casters Jamada and Hiprain: ‘Guldborg has been singing the praises of the Danish teams, but Resolve are going to eat them for breakfast at Telia Masters’

The League of Legends UKLC 2021 spring regular split has ended, with Resolve going undefeated with 14 wins in a row and 0 defeats – an historic achievement for their first UKLC split. The fight for playoffs was another slugfest with London Esports, Enclave and MNM Academy filling the last three spots. Only the two playoff finalists will progress to the Telia Masters. We caught up with UKLC casters Jamada (pictured left) and Hiprain (right) to talk about the 2021 Spring Season, their playoff predictions and their expectations for the Telia Masters. Another season of UKLC comes to a close,…

everspace-2-is-inching-closer-to-being-a-modern-freelancer VG247

Everspace 2 is inching closer to being a modern Freelancer

When Everspace 2 was first revealed, I got a little worried. The original game is a favourite of mine, but it was very much a less-is-more kind of game. Everspace 2 promised RPG-like mechanics, loot and a few other elements that I feared could unnecessarily bloat it. Having now played the near-final Early Access build – which goes on sale on Monday – I can safely say that my fears were misplaced.Everspace 2 feels like the perfect sequel. All the usual baseline upgrades, from visuals to scale and scope have all been made, but the game’s biggest triumph is how…

monster-hunter-rise’s-demo-proves-it’s-a-worthy-follow-up-to-both-world-and-mh4 VG247

Monster Hunter Rise’s demo proves it’s a worthy follow-up to both World and MH4

Monster Hunter Rise’s new demo proves that this is no mere spin-off. Monster Hunter: World had the potential to split this flagship Capcom series in two. World was a departure from the rest of the series in many ways – a game that took steps to be more approachable, accessible, and generally appealing to the Western market. As we all know, that was a huge success, going on to become Capcom’s best-selling game ever. That puts Monster Hunter Rise in an interesting position. While unannounced, it’s not exactly a secret that there will inevitably be a direct sequel to World…

hitman-3’s-murder-mystery-parody-level-is-the-most-fun-i’ve-had-playing-hitman Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hitman 3’s murder mystery parody level is the most fun I’ve had playing Hitman

Ian Hitman is imminently to return in Hitman 3 and, like Bourne off of Bourne, he faces near insurmountable odds in his struggle against a giant secret society that controls the world. Except who cares about that, really, because with all due respect to the writers, the overarching plot of the Hitman series was never the most fun or interesting bit. Hitman is about exploring big complex levels to learn all about them, and then killing someone in a ridiculous and elaborate way, without being noticed. Possibly whilst dressed as a clown. A preview of Hitman 3, comprising the first…

unable-to-go-to-a-real-one,-early-access-pc-game-simcasino-is-my-latest-obsession VG247

Unable to go to a real one, early access PC game SimCasino is my latest obsession

SimCasino is a great new take on a tried-and-true genre – and it’s helping me through some lockdown blues. Video games are my first gaming love, but I confess I have another. For better or worse (which, naturally, depends on luck), I love a gamble. In moderation, of course – but Blackjack, Poker, even slots – in person, at least, these give me a thrill. The digital kind has never really done anything for me, which means in pandemic lockdown I’ve been unable to scratch that itch – but then I discovered SimCasino.A recently-opened PC Early Access game, SimCasino is…

preview:-empire-of-sin-is-a-seamless-blend-of-four-different-gangster-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Preview: Empire Of Sin is a seamless blend of four different gangster games

There are two, pretty obvious, factors by which I judge strategy games: how immediately satisfying they are to play, and how well that satisfaction holds up in the long run. Success in the first respect is often a trade-off for success in the second, as the things that dazzle on day one become dulled by the cumulative effect of small design problems. It’s hard, then, to take the measure of a big ol’ strategy game during a limited preview play session. But after just a day with it, I have high hopes that Empire Of Sin, the extraordinary prohibition gangster…

wot-i-did-on-my-holidays-in-the-sims-4-snowy-escape-dlc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Wot I did on my holidays in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape DLC

This year for my holidays I was going to go on a road trip around a European country before it became too late, but then this summer became a bit of a write off. Enter the latest DLC for EA’s blockbuster life sim The Sims 4, a combined winter wonderland and chill hiking holiday. Snowy Escape is set in the “Japanese inspired” Mt. Komorebi, and the headline is that your Sims can do loads of winter holiday stuff. Having had access to a preview build, I have already shared my thoughts that Snowy Escape may actually be the precursor to…


Pokemon The Crown Tundra DLC preview: four big additions in Sword and Shield’s latest DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield had to make a few cuts in order to meet some of its ambitions, but its DLC expansion pass continues to buff up previously lacking areas of the game. In many ways, the theme of Pokemon Sword and Shield was revolution. A jump to HD graphics, areas with 3D camera control, more cinematic cutscenes – much was changed. Some change-driven omissions also angered fans, but expansions to the game appear engineered to address those complaints. June’s Isle of Armor expansion was about growth, focusing on expanding battling and training. The Crown Tundra, out later this month,…


Evil Genius 2 might be arriving 16 years late, but it looks like the sequel I always wanted

As the saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 2004 was a long time ago – a whopping fifteen years, plus 2020, the year that has felt like a decade. That’s basically twenty-five years (or sixteen, if you’re a stickler for real linear time). In the fast-evolving world of video games such a period has the potential to feel longer still – a game of that age can feel so cripplingly old as to be unplayable. But not Evil Genius.Evil Genius, the dungeon-building management sim that basically casts you as a Roger Moore era Bond villain, holds…

the-playstation-5-is-a-very-quiet-console,-according-to-hands-on-previews VG247

The PlayStation 5 is a very quiet console, according to hands-on previews

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 4 October 2020 14:48 GMT First impressions of the PlayStation 5 are starting to circulate after a hands-on event, and various commentators are reporting that the console runs impressively quietly.Anyone that’s played the likes of The Last of Us Part II or God of War on a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 4 Pro knows just how noisy the console can get. Once the fans kick in, you’d be forgiven for thinking a plane is taking off in your living room.It seems that the noise issue has been addressed with Sony’s next generation of hardware, though….