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Hogwarts Legacy is delayed to 2022

Don’t start packing your trunk just yet, wizard wannabes. Hogwarts Legacy won’t make it for this year after all. After years of rumors, Warner Bros. finally announced the big open world wizards game near the end of 2020 with their plans to release it in 2021. No such luck after all, though. Hogwarts Legacy will now be arriving sometime in 2022. (more…)

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JK Rowling not “directly involved” with Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. assert

Hogwarts Legacy might be set 200 years before lightning-face shows up, but it couldn’t pre-empt the series creator’s transphobic outbursts. Following its debut at last night’s Playstation show, publishers Warner Bros. have attempted to reassure troubled fans that author JK Rowling is not “directly involved” in the game’s production – though they’re being cagey on just how, exactly, she stands to benefit from the game’s success. (more…)