pokemon-trading-card-game-classic-is-a-stroke-of-genius VG247

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic is a stroke of genius

Revisiting the classic Pokemon TCG experience with a premium new set may seem like an odd move, but it’s a very, very canny one. Let’s not mince words. Pokemon is ultimately for children. A lot of us grown-ups love it, yes, but this isn’t one of those game franchises that has sort of ‘grown up’ with its audience while trying to simultaneously appeal to older fans, like Final Fantasy or Zelda. This is a franchise in a perpetual Peter Pan-like state of adolescence. Catch the debut of Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic here. If you know this scene, it’s pure…

over-230-familiar-pokemon-not-present-in-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-will-be-encountered-in-the-dlc VG247

Over 230 familiar Pokemon not present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be encountered in the DLC

When Nintendo announced the upcoming expansions for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it confirmed that some familiar Poke friends return – 230 in fact. These Pokemon will appear in Part 1: The Teal Mask and Part 2: The Indigo Disk, none of which have appeared in either game. Nintendo has decided not to provide a list of the returning Pokemon, as it wants you to find out for yourself by playing the game. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero | Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet That figure also includes the Pokemon you can bring to your game via Pokemon Home or…

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-has-sold-over-20-million-units-worldwide VG247

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has sold over 20 million units worldwide

Splatoon 3 is also selling rather well. Nintendo announced in its most recent financial report that sales of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has sold 20.61 million units. The figure was reached within six weeks of release. Previously, Nintendo announced Scarlet and Violet was the fastest-selling console title in company history, as it moved 10 million copies globally in 72 hours. It is also the fastest-selling Pokemon game of all time. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Kelsey’s 2022 GOTY For the nine months ending Jauary 31, 2023, other new titles released during the period also sold millions of units. Splatoon 3…

pokemon-go-players-have-go-tour:-hoenn-global-and-rayquaza-to-look-forward-to-in-february VG247

Pokemon Go players have Go Tour: Hoenn Global and Rayquaza to look forward to in February

Guess who’s back? Back again. Rayquaza’s back. Tell a friend. Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza returns to Pokemon Go in late February. Finally. The super-ancient Pokemon will appear in five-star raids from February 22 to March 1, and will know the Charged Attack Breaking Swipe. Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are coming to Pokémon Go The folks at Niantic must have heard my repeated pleas for the Pokemon’s return. I’m super excited and will accept any raid invitation I receive featuring the Dragon/Flying-type. I better start saving my PokeCoins because I will need to purchase more than a few remote raid passes,…

celebrate-the-lunar-new-year-in-pokemon-go-with-bunnelby,-buneary-–-and-darumaka-for-some-reason VG247

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Pokemon Go with Bunnelby, Buneary – and Darumaka for some reason

Quite a bit of Fire-types included for a water year. Pokemon Go is bidding farewell to the Year of the Tiger next week by welcoming the Year of the Rabbit with the annual Lunar New Year Festival. Because it’s the Year of the Rabbit, Bunnelby and Buneary will appear more frequently in the wild, and you can look forward to other event-themed Pokemon in the wild, in raids, and hatching from Eggs. Pokemon Go Season 9: Mythical Wishes is here! During the event, you’ll have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Darumaka, an opportunity to receive Lucky Pokemon in trades,…

there-are-now-1008-pokemon-in-the-wild VG247

There are now 1008 Pokemon in the wild

Have you caught them all? The Pokemon Company has released a video commemorating the release of 1008 Pokemon. Yes, there are now 1008 Pokemon running about the place thanks to the release of Generation 9 in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which added 103 new Pokemon. It also added new moves, bringing the total to 898, and 31 new abilities bringing the total to 298 (thanks, Bulbapedia). “Did you catch them all?” No. Of course I didn’t. You can look over a comprehensive list of the new Pokemon added with Scarlet and Violet through this handy list from IGN. It even…

noibat-fans-will-be-pleased-to-know-it’s-the-star-of-pokemon-go’s-february-community-day VG247

Noibat fans will be pleased to know it’s the star of Pokemon Go’s February Community Day

Time to finally evolve your purple bat. If you have been unable to acquire enough candy to evolve your Noibat in Pokemon Go, you will soon be able to earn enough (hopefully) to change it into Noivern. This is because the little purple bat will feature during February’s Community Day. Huzzah! Pokemon Go Season 9: Mythical Wishes has kicked off! The bat is one of the harder Pokemons to evolve because it takes a whopping 400 candy to change into Noivern plus, it doesn’t have a very high spawn rate. That will all change on Sunday, February 5. From 2-5pm…

pokemon-go’s-twinkling-fantasy-event-will-abound-with-dragon-and-fairy-types VG247

Pokemon Go’s Twinkling Fantasy event will abound with Dragon and Fairy-types

For the first time in Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to encounter Shiny Dedenne. If you are a Pokemon Go player, you’ll have something new to participate in next week: the Twinkling Fantasy event. Running January 10 through January 16, during the event, you will come into contact with various Fairy-types like Dedenne, can join a raid featuring Mega Salamence, and the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom returns to the game. Pokemon Go Season 9: Mythical Wishes has kicked off! During the week-long event, you will earn twice the XP and candy for catching Pokemon with Nice, Great, and Excellent throws. In…

the-10-biggest-kotaku-posts-of-2022 Twitch

The 10 Biggest Kotaku Posts Of 2022

What did Kotaku readers click on this year? Once you see the list of 2022's top 10 posts below, the topics likely won’t be too surprising. Things like Pokémon, hentai, and fast food are practically internet catnip. You might read about them even as you curse your curiosity about these subjects. That’s how we get you! Oh, but don’t worry. There are plenty of video games in here too. Well, kind of.

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet’s-first-patch-fixes-bugs-and-adds-ranked-battles VG247

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first patch fixes bugs and adds ranked battles

“We are working on improvements to the games.” In the first update since it launched on November 18, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is finally dishing out bug fixes and opening up ranked play. If you’ve been on the internet at all this week, there’s a mighty chance that you’ve seen the abundance of bugs, glitches, and performance issues that Pokemon players have been facing. It’s incredibly fortunate that the gameplay is great enough to be able to overlook such issues, and this certainly didn’t stop Scarlet and Violet from selling 10 million copies in its first few days. I wonder…

pokemon-go-season-9:-mythical-wishes-will-feature-three-different-events,-new-pokemon-sizes VG247

Pokemon Go Season 9: Mythical Wishes will feature three different events, new Pokemon sizes

May all of your Mythical Wishes come true. Season 9 of Pokemon Go kicks off December 1 and runs through March 1. Called Mythical Wishes, it will feature three different events throughout the season. Trainers will need to select a bonus from three different Timed Research tasks during this time, and the bonus will be in addition to existing event bonuses. Trainers can pick from either XP, Incubators, or Stardust. Pokemon Go Season 9: Mythical Wishes The first Raid Pokemon of the Season are Virizion and Mega Abomasnow. Both will remain until December 8. Research Breakthrough encounters for the Season…

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet’s-battle-stadium-has-one-fundamental-issue VG247

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Battle Stadium has one fundamental issue

The RNG seed is the same for every battle… Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has plenty of issues, mainly in the realm of performance. We’ve witnessed Pokemon fall through the floor in battle, NPCs that function at around 5FPS, and a host of other amusing glitches and bugs. It’s not great, but with the gameplay throughout Scarlet and Violet being among some of the best we’ve seen in recent years, these performance issues are easy enough to brush off when you’re having a good time. Which of the adorable Paldean starters did you choose? That said, players who have spent time…

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-sells-10-million-copies-in-a-matter-of-days VG247

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sells 10 million copies in a matter of days

This makes it the fastest selling Pokemon game of all time. We were already well aware that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has had the best physical launch in the UK this year, but how has the latest mainline Pokemon instalment done altogether? Nintendo has since announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is, in fact, the fastest-selling game in Nintendo’s history. These guys think Quaxly is the best starter. Go tell them they’re wrong. The game, which introduces Generation 9 of Pokemon, has managed to sell 10 million units globally in both physical and digital sales in its first three days…

with-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet’s-release,-redditor-realises-pokeballs-have-avoided-inflation-for-26-years VG247

With Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s release, Redditor realises Pokéballs have avoided inflation for 26 years

Sounds like a nice place to live. Since 1996, Pokémon has been an almost idyllic universe for catching and training ‘mons without any real trouble. Sure, there’s the chaos caused by “organised crime syndicates trying to start global apocalypses,” according to Reddit user TheFoochy, but Team Rocket are the least of your troubles here. Which starter did you choose? If it was actually Quaxly, I’m sorry. As a young teenager let out into the wild with a single Pokémon, you’re already living rent-free. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you only have to attend school for a few days before you’re…

forget-the-trees,-everything-in-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-looks-jank Twitch

Forget The Trees, Everything In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Looks Jank

The reviews are in for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, with many critics noting that the Nintendo Switch clearly struggles to run the game properly. But it’s one thing to read about performance issues in the abstract. It’s much funnier to see how badly the character models clip through each other in the game while the framerate lurches.