pokemon-masters-interview:-looking-back-on-the-first-year-of-another-huge-mobile-spin-off VG247

Pokemon Masters interview: looking back on the first year of another huge mobile spin-off

There aren’t many video game franchises out there that can support multiple huge mobile games – but Pokemon is one of them. While Pokemon Go was the game that caused a huge splash and made waves in news headlines, others are highly successful nevertheless, including Pokemon Masters, which last month hit its first anniversary since launch.Pokemon Masters has something of a different focus to most Pokemon titles. While the critters that you bond and battle with are key, it also features an all-star cast of Pokemon Trainers and Masters from around the Pokemon series, pulling inspiration for those characters from…

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Pokemon Masters EX hashtag is trending because gaming Twitter is horny

A celebration of Pokemon Masters’ first anniversary has taken an… unexpected turn.Hashtag #pokemonmastersex is currently trending on Twitter worldwide. If your mind immediately went to the reading most people are running with, you probably already know the types of posts you should expect.The origins of the hashtag are, however, quite innocent. The mobile RPG Pokemon Masters is currently celebrating its one-year anniversary. The game recently received a big update. So big, in fact, the game got a slight name change to Pokemon Masters EX.The game’s official Twitter account has been celebrating the launch, sharing news under the capitalised #PokemonMastersEX hashtag…