porygon-and-charmander-are-the-pokemon-go-community-day-pokemon-for-september-and-october VG247

Porygon and Charmander are the Pokemon Go Community Day Pokemon for September and October

Players recently had the opportunity to vote on which Pokemon they wanted to appear in the next two Pokemon Go Community Day events – the victors were Porygon and Charmander. The poll was initially posted on the official Pokemon Go Twitter page, and was between four iconic Gen 1 Pokemon: Charmander, Porygon, Caterpie, and Grimer. 🗳️ Trainers, it’s time to cast your vote! 🗳️ The two Pokémon with the most votes will be the featured Pokémon for our next two Community Day events! #PokemonGOCommunityDay — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) August 23, 2020After almost 1 million votes were cast, there were two…