the-electronic-wireless-show-podcast-s2-ep-4:-biblically-accurate-dating-simulator Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Ep 4: biblically accurate dating simulator

This week on The Electronic Wireless Show podcast our interest was piqued by new trailers for a Jesus simulator and a politics in hell strategy game. We ask ourselves: why are there so many hell-themed games and so few heavenly ones? Is it blasphemy? What would our pitch for a game set in heaven be? (Spoilers for that last one: there’s a lot of admin involved). We also chat about what we’ve been playing this week, and Nate orchestrates a mini-game pitchathon that goes at least somewhat off the rails. Read more

ultimate-audio-bang-#30:-steam’s-most-wishlisted-fps-is-in-our-crosshairs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ultimate Audio Bang #30: Steam’s most wishlisted FPS is in our crosshairs

On this week’s episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we get an update on Hayden’s knees and the various ways in which he’s attempting to save them. We also take a gander at fantasy FPS Dark And Darker, Steam’s most wishlisted ‘shooter’. I’m less keen on it than Hayden is. In the second part of the pod, we talk about the goals we’ve achieved in theHunter: Call Of The Wild, including a tale about moose and a deer that knocked me out. Read more

listen-to-rps’s-brand-new-indie-gaming-podcast,-indiescovery Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Listen to RPS’s brand new indie gaming podcast, Indiescovery

Part of RPS’s goal is to shine a spotlight on every corner of the gaming peninsula, and a BIG part of that includes the incredible realm of indie games. In additional to our written work about the wonderful world of indie games, starting from now we’ll also be doing that across the audio waves in the form of our brand new podcast, Indiescovery! Indiescovery is the new sibling in the RPS podcast family and will sit snuggly next to Ultimate Audio Bang, and The Electronic Wireless Show, but our focus is strictly on the wonderful world of indie games. It’s…

ultimate-audio-bang-#24:-our-pick-of-the-best-fps-guns-that-aren’t-guns Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ultimate Audio Bang #24: our pick of the best FPS guns that aren’t guns

On this week’s episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we select a few of our favourite non-traditional guns that aren’t really guns. You know, the sorts of weapons that don’t just spew bullets but generate portals or even clean filth off car bonnets. What really happens is we go off on a massive tangent about Deathloop, because we can’t help ourselves. Read more

ultimate-audio-bang-#23:-our-favourite-fps-game-modes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ultimate Audio Bang #23: our favourite FPS game modes

On this week’s episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we get all nostalgic as we pick our favourite FPS game modes over the years. It’s mainly an excuse for me for me to bring up Gears Of War and it’s long-forgotten Wingman mode, which I demand make a return to the series. I also learn that Hayden likes big games, big modes, and big comradery. Read more

the-electronic-wireless-show-episode-194:-the-best-towers-in-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show episode 194: the best towers in games special

Matthew is away this week, which leaves me and Nate to take over The Electronic Wireless Show podcast and turn it into a big ol’ tower with loads of flamethrowers. That’s because we’re talking about our favourite towers in games. This means we need to draw a distinction between towers (the gamified concept as most popularly complained about in Ubisoft games) and towers (the architectural thing). Luckily, games have a lot of both. Meanwhile, Nate’s fish issue (fisssue?) is growing worse, I am enjoying the local acts performing on the summer bandstand, and we talk about Lord Of The Rings…

the-electronic-wireless-show-episode-193:-our-most-nostalgic-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show episode 193: our most nostalgic games

Come with us now on a journey to our childhoods, as we on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast talk about the games that make us feel the most nostalgic. The games we played as kids, or spent all-nighters on as teens. It’s a surprisingly diverse list, and Matthew has one anecdote in particular involving the music of Danny Elfman that I think makes this a genuine must-listen episode. Do you have the same nostalgia games? Which ones instantly transport you to the past? Read more

electronic-wireless-show-podcast-episode-172:-the-best-finishing-moves-in-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 172: the best finishing moves in games special

This week the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is going all in on our favourite finishing moves. This doesn’t just mean things from fighting games, although they do obviously make a good showing. As you can imagine, Nate makes the case for RTS games with what he and his pals term ‘the GG push’. Plus, we have a great Mortal Kombat themed Cavern Of Lies this week, courtesy of Matthew. Much time is spent on some excellent digressions this week, including James McAvoy as a rampaging dinosaur from Jurassic Park (a state of affairs that I think would have improved his…

ultimate-audio-bang-#18:-do-fps-games-still-need-a-campaign? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ultimate Audio Bang #18: do FPS games still need a campaign?

I arrive at this episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang thoroughly shootered. Both big FPS releases of the month, Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042, have been at my fingertips this week and I’ve got some thoughts. Of course, Imogen hits us with news too. Valorant has another new character coming out, Fortnite pulls Travis Scott, and Imogen gives us the lowdown on just how much she’s enjoying Apex Legends‘ latest season. Read more

vg247’s-definitely-not-a-podcast-video-chat-#2-–-cloud-gaming,-game-movies,-kojima’s-xbox-game,-and-more VG247

VG247’s Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat #2 – Cloud gaming, game movies, Kojima’s Xbox game, and more

By Tom Orry 2 July 2021 20:20 GMT As per last week, we are back once again to have a little chat about the week that was in video games. We still don’t have this setup as a “proper” podcast, but a podcast is what this essentially is. Look out for a full podcast launch in the near future, where hopefully the show will have an actual name, plus musical jingles and things to make you think we’re a professional outlet and not a bunch of people in casual clothes broadcasting out of bedrooms.Watch on YouTubeBut, this is not that…

vg247’s-definitely-not-a-podcast-video-chat-–-mario-golf,-chivalry-2,-scarlet-nexus,-and-pokemon-cards VG247

VG247’s Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat – Mario Golf, Chivalry 2, Scarlet Nexus, and Pokemon Cards

By Tom Orry 25 June 2021 18:00 GMT As we move forward with VG247 and look ahead to a site redesign, we plan to roll out a lovely podcast that you can listen to on a weekly basis, full of friendly chat about the latest games. You’ll get to know us all so well that when we inevitably all start our own Patreons we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Alex can buy all the arcade machines he wants, Dorrani can buy more trainers, and I can finally buy an OLED TV.Watch on YouTubeBut, this is not that podcast. This…

e3-2021-wrap-up:-the-best-games-and-the-biggest-disappointments VG247

E3 2021 Wrap-up: The best games and the biggest disappointments

By Tom Orry 16 June 2021 19:05 GMT We gather to discuss the highs and lows of E3 2021, including the re-reveal of Breath of the Wild 2, plus the Xbox Showcase.E3 2021 is over, yet you might be wondering if it even began, what with most publishers barely showing up and Sony not taking part at all. This year’s “event” has felt rather weak when compared to previous years, but we’ve still had a number of great-looking games get announced.Watch on YouTubeIn the video above you can listen to me, Alex, Dorrani, and Sherif pick our best games of…

the-weekspot-podcast-#038:-mako-and-play-the-whole-thing Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Weekspot podcast #038: Mako and play the whole thing

Do you like Mass Effect?… If you answered, “I, SPACEMAN,” then you probably already own the Legendary Edition and may find the conversation that happens in this week’s Weekspot redundant. If you checked the box that said, “the only renegade I know of is one-time WCW Television Champion, The Renegade, but I’d love to hear some chat on a remaster of a celebrated RPG trilogy,” then I’ve got just the podcast for you. Read more