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the-best-game-you-missed-in-september-2020:-craftopia Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best game you missed in September 2020: Craftopia

As 2020 goes kicking and screaming into that good night, we’ve rounded up some of the best games from the year that we didn’t end up covering. Check the Best Game You Missed tag for more. When Kirby inhales an enemy, he’s able to steal that character’s famous moves as well as a bit of their appearance. Now imagine a group of Kirbys, all attached to one another like some pink frog spawn, inhaling every popular game that released over the last couple of years. Then the violent eruption as Multi-Kirby belches out the result: Craftopia. (more…)

this-game’s-trailer-indicates-it-is-every-game-that-has-ever-existed,-from-zelda-to-factorio Rock,Paper,Shotgun

This game’s trailer indicates it is every game that has ever existed, from Zelda to Factorio

If you blink too long while watching the trailer for Craftopia, you might come away thinking it’s a bit like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild but with farming. No, you should hold your eyelids open with matchsticks so you don’t miss a second of this trailer, which keeps revealing more and more weird features that made me shout WHAT each time it pulled back. This game. Has. Everything. I realise that ↑ image gives away one surprise but there’s so much more you should see for yourself. Come watch. (more…)