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psn-tops-100-million-users-ahead-of-sony’s-ps-plus-premium-rollout VG247

PSN tops 100 million users ahead of Sony’s PS Plus Premium rollout

It might be Games Pass that makes the most headlines, but Sony’s PlayStation Network isn’t shirking its money-making duties. In a world where people can’t help but compare Xbox to PlayStation, PSN to Xbox Live, Game Pass to whatever PS Plus Premium will end up being, it’s hard to stay objective about the numbers. But, per a new report from the PlayStation parent company, it’s fair to say that Sony is, indeed, raking it in. In the latest corperate strategy meeting presentation, Sony announced that the PlayStation Network currently generates a frankly eye-watering ¥1,833.8 billion (that’s over $14 billion) in…

playstation-just-had-its-biggest-quarter-ever VG247

PlayStation just had its biggest quarter ever

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 4 August 2020 09:29 GMT The global coronavirus pandemic only helped boost PlayStation’s revenue.Sony’s first quarter of FY2020 (April-June 2020) has been PlayStation‘s best ever in terms of revenue, at $5.63 billion. During the quarter, PS4 shipped 1.9 million units, bringing total lifetime shipments to 112.3 million.The figure is certainly up over last quarter’s 1.4M, but significantly down compared to the same period last fiscal year (3.2 million). This downturn in hardware sales is expected, as the console approaches its final days ahead of the launch of PS5. That said, PS4 is still trending ahead of…