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The PlayStation 3 Is Now Fifteen Years Old

Can you believe it? The PlayStation 3 launched fifteen years ago today. It was an expensive console and a messy launch, with hype overload and some truly bad press conferences. But Sony didn’t give up on the PS3, and neither did gamers. The PS3 was home to a slew of great exclusives, such as The Last of Us, Demon’s Souls, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Yakuza 4. It’s easy to look back at the PS3 as something that was always a terrific game console, but it didn’t start that way. I remember sitting in the audience at…

a-history-of-shareware,-demos-and-covertapes Twitch

A History Of Shareware, Demos And Covertapes

Back before YouTube and Twitch and always online DRM, developers needed more effective ways of marketing than just relying on word of mouth. This resulted in shareware, demos and demo discs, free slices of playable content that spawned one of the most interesting phases in the gaming.