mad-lions’-lec-win-‘marks-the-end-of-the-dominance-of-g2-and-fnatic-in-the-lec,-with-competition-becoming-increasingly-fiercer-each-year’-–-riot ESports News UK

MAD Lions’ LEC win ‘marks the end of the dominance of G2 and Fnatic in the LEC, with competition becoming increasingly fiercer each year’ – Riot

Image credit: LEC Flickr (Michal Konkol/Riot Games) Riot Games has commented on MAD Lions winning the Spring 2021 LEC and how ending G2’s reign as European champions reflects the tougher competition in the league. Yesterday, MAD Lions beat Rogue 3-2 in the LEC finals. In doing so, they became the first League of Legends European champions in six and a half years outside of G2 and Fnatic. The only other team to have won a European LoL title (EU LCS or LEC) was Alliance, back in Summer 2014 (you can see the full list on, with Fnatic having seven…

uklc-playoffs-preview-with-casters-jamada-and-hiprain:-‘guldborg-has-been-singing-the-praises-of-the-danish-teams,-but-resolve-are-going-to-eat-them-for-breakfast-at-telia-masters’ ESports News UK

UKLC playoffs preview with casters Jamada and Hiprain: ‘Guldborg has been singing the praises of the Danish teams, but Resolve are going to eat them for breakfast at Telia Masters’

The League of Legends UKLC 2021 spring regular split has ended, with Resolve going undefeated with 14 wins in a row and 0 defeats – an historic achievement for their first UKLC split. The fight for playoffs was another slugfest with London Esports, Enclave and MNM Academy filling the last three spots. Only the two playoff finalists will progress to the Telia Masters. We caught up with UKLC casters Jamada (pictured left) and Hiprain (right) to talk about the 2021 Spring Season, their playoff predictions and their expectations for the Telia Masters. Another season of UKLC comes to a close,…