Playing This Weekend

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What are we all playing this new year weekend?

Hallo again, and a happy new year to you! We’re slowly rousing from our slumber before RPS returns on Monday the 4th but while I’m briefly up to grab a wheel of cheese to gnaw on in bed, I may as well ask: what are you playing this weekend? New year, new games? New gaming habits? Though I understand old habits die hard, I say after falling back into The Binding Of Isaac over the hols. But enough about me, officially I’m not even here; what’s up with you?

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What are we all playing this holiday?

Hullo! While we’re away until the 4th of January, here’s a wee post for you, reader dear, to gab about what you’re playing this holiday. What are you catching up on? What have you still not put down? What did you get in the sales? Which games did our advent calendar nudge you into trying? And if you fancy more chat with folks over the break, perhaps you might visit the RPS forum or RPS Discord server?

what-are-we-all-playing-this-weekend? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What are we all playing this weekend?

PAX X EGX kicks off today, nine days of demos and streamed sessions and things to replace big games events that, y’know, didn’t happen. Should be lots going on, so see its website. Myself, my weekend is dominated by reckoning with the concept that we’re less than two weeks from the start of autumn. It doesn’t seem right – factually or morally. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on! (more…)