league-of-legends-esports-now-has-its-own-sticker-album-as-lvp-superliga-partners-with-panini-for-the-first-time ESports News UK

League of Legends esports now has its own sticker album as LVP Superliga partners with Panini for the first time

Sticker albums are largely associated with football here in the UK, but now they’re branching out into League of Legends and esports for the first time. Trading card manufacturer Panini has teamed up with LVP (MediaPro Group) to produce a sticker collection for The Superliga, the Spanish European Regional League (ERL). The Superliga album is now available in digital format, although fans who complete it will have the opportunity to purchase it in physical format as well. Continue reading League of Legends esports now has its own sticker album as LVP Superliga partners with Panini for the first time

excel-esports-sign-uk-former-fnatic-valorant-player-moe-and-make-other-changes-to-roster ESports News UK

Excel Esports sign UK former Fnatic Valorant player Moe and make other changes to roster

UK organisation Excel Esports has made some changes to its Valorant roster, with the signing of Norwegian/Chile player Rubino and UK player Moe40. Rubino joins from Team Heretics and Moe arrives after a stint at Fnatic. There, he played alongside former Excel vlogger Boaster, with whom he also played on SUMN FC before joining Fnatic. Excel, Davidp and B1GGY have decided to mutually terminate agreements, to allow them to pursue other projects in the Valorant scene. Continue reading Excel Esports sign UK former Fnatic Valorant player Moe and make other changes to roster

excel-admits-academy-players-were-‘hesitant’-to-join-the-lec-team,-says-separate-mistake-around-attempted-substitutions-‘won’t-happen-again’ ESports News UK

Excel admits academy players were ‘hesitant’ to join the LEC team, says separate mistake around attempted substitutions ‘won’t happen again’

UK esports organisation Excel Esports has spoken publicly about rumours that some of its BT Excel academy players (pictured) declined to play in the LEC when called up. Specifically, jungler Markoon and support player Advienne, who play for BT Excel in the NLC and recently reached the EU Masters finals. Kieran-Holmes Darby, chief gaming officer and one of the co-founders of Excel, also addressed the fact that the org tried to sub out two players – Czekolad and Tore – towards the end of the Spring 2021 LEC Season, but failed. Continue reading Excel admits academy players were ‘hesitant’ to…‘are-female-and-marginalised-gender-players-good-enough-to-become-pro-gamers?-the-answer-is-simple-–-yes-they-are’ ESports News UK reveals Valorant Huntress Trials player rank data: ‘Are female and marginalised gender players good enough to become pro gamers? The answer is simple – yes they are’

Rix.GG, UK esports organisation Rix.GG has released player rank distribution data from the Huntress Trials, a female and marginalised gender Valorant tournament. This data, taken from all 83 players signed up to participate in the April tournament (including subs), shows that almost half of participating players had an in-game rank of either Immortal or Radiant – the highest ranks in the game. 44% of players in the Huntress Trials April tournament were Immortal during April of the current act, while 1.2% of players were Radiant. Continue reading reveals Valorant Huntress Trials player rank data: ‘Are female and marginalised gender…

uk-league-of-legends-2021-summer-season-roster-roundup:-nlc,-uklc-and-ukel-teams ESports News UK

UK League of Legends 2021 summer season roster roundup: NLC, UKLC and UKEL teams

Ah yes, summer. Sunshine, beaches, cocktails… COVID. Ugh. In any case, summer also mean more League of Legends action for the UK and Irish scene! With the three tiers of UK and Irish competition getting underway – the UKEL, UKLC and NLC – most rosters have now been revealed. Megalodontus lists the summer rosters and broadcast talent in one article. NLC groups, teams and rosters The two groups for 2021 summer are: THE #NLC SUMMER GROUPS ARE HERE 🥳 📰 — NLC (@NLClol) May 26, 2021 And the casters are as follows: The return of the pack 🥳…

riot-announces-mobile-version-of-valorant-and-14m-pc-player-numbers-as-game-celebrates-first-anniversary,-shroud-and-ninja-share-their-views-on-its-longevity ESports News UK

Riot announces mobile version of Valorant and 14m PC player numbers as game celebrates first anniversary, Shroud and Ninja share their views on its longevity

Valorant is one year old today and Riot Games is celebrating by announcing a mobile version of the shooter in the works. Riot also announced that an average of more than 14m PC players from around the world log on each month to play Valorant, with half a billion games played so far since Valorant launched on June 2nd 2021. Valorant Mobile doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it follows in the footsteps of other top competitive shooters that have made their way to mobile, such as PUBG and Fortnite. Continue reading Riot announces mobile version of Valorant and 14m…

intel-world-open:-which-rocket-league-teams-will-be-competing-to-represent-the-uk? ESports News UK

Intel World Open: Which Rocket League teams will be competing to represent the UK?

Five high-profile rosters have announced their intention to compete in the UK’s open qualifiers for the upcoming Intel World Open (IWO), an international event to be contested by one national team from each country. The event is supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and takes place ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics later this summer. It will be organized by ESL alongside game developer Psyonix. The five standout rosters, fashioned from a mix of UK orgs and teams, will contest the UK qualifiers on June 5th and 12th 2021 for a chance to represent the UK in the Regional…

why-uk-talent-is-shining-in-valorant-compared-to-csgo-–-fnatic-head-coach-mini-explains-after-fnatic-reach-stage-2-masters-grand-final ESports News UK

Why UK talent is shining in Valorant compared to CSGO – Fnatic head coach mini explains after Fnatic reach Stage 2 Masters grand final

Fnatic’s Valorant team – featuring two UK players and a UK coach – reached the grand final of the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters this evening. They beat South Korean team NUTURN Gaming 2-1 to reach the final, where they hope to take revenge against North American side Sentinels, who beat Fnatic 2-0 earlier in round one of the upper bracket. Fnatic then fought their way through the lower bracket to make the final, beating Team Liquid – another side with UK talent – along the way. Continue reading Why UK talent is shining in Valorant compared to…

rebranded-vodafone-gaming-sign-kasing-and-113-to-lol-roster,-say-pair-are-‘like-father-and-son’ ESports News UK

Rebranded Vodafone Gaming sign KaSing and 113 to LoL roster, say pair are ‘like father and son’

Vodafone Giants have signed UK support player Raymond ‘KaSing’ Tsang to complete their 2021 Summer League of Legends roster. 27-year-old KaSing (pictured left) arrives alongside 16-year-old Turkish jungler Doğukan ‘113’ Balcı (right) and Spanish mid-laner Ismael ‘Miniduke’ Martínez. They join up with Spanish top-laner Antonio ‘Th3Antonio’ ​​Espinosa and Portuguese ADC Amadeu ‘Attila’ Carvalho, to compete as Giants’ LoL team in in the Spanish LVP Superliga, which kicks off on May 31st. KaSing was most recently with MoviStar Riders, and prior to that was with UK organisation Excel Esports’ academy team BT Excel. Continue reading Rebranded Vodafone Gaming sign KaSing and…

dutch-rocket-league-players-from-uk-orgs-form-eteamnl-to-compete-in-the-intel-world-open-ahead-of-the-olympic-games ESports News UK

Dutch Rocket League players from UK orgs form eTeamNL to compete in the Intel World Open ahead of the Olympic Games

Four top Dutch Rocket League players from a mix of UK teams have been announced to represent the Netherlands in the upcoming Intel World Open (IWO). They will form eTeamNL and participate on June 3rd in the Intel World Open, a nations tournament linked with the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The players, selected under the supervision of the Dutch Esports Academy (DESA), consist of Thomas ‘ThO’ Binkhorst from Guild Esports, Ole ‘Oaly’ van Doorn from Wolves Esports, and Mike ‘Mikeboy’ Verkuijlen and Maarten ‘Oscillon’ van Zee from Rix.GG. Continue reading Dutch Rocket League players from UK orgs form eTeamNL to…

saf-global-gaming-announce-fifa-esports-academy-and-first-signing ESports News UK

SAF Global Gaming announce FIFA esports academy and first signing

SAF (Serious About FIFA) Global Gaming have announced they are launching their own esports academy within FIFA esports.  Tommy Mackie is the first UK player to join the academy team. Having recently turned 15 years old, he has already achieved multiple top 200 finishes in the FIFA Weekend League and has had several 30-0 weekends. SAF say he ‘could have a very bright future in FIFA esports with the guidance of SAF’.  The SAF FIFA academy will allow SAF to identify FIFA players who are not yet eligible to play in FIFA Global Series (FGS) events at an early age…

kripparrian-and-regiskillbin-give-up-crossroads-inn-vitational-slots-to-help-make-hearthstone-more-diverse-following-debate-around-inclusivity-and-sexism ESports News UK

Kripparrian and RegisKillbin give up Crossroads Inn-vitational slots to help make Hearthstone more diverse following debate around inclusivity and sexism

Two prominent Hearthstone streamers have stepped down from an upcoming tournament in order to help improve diversity and inclusion in the space. Kripparrian and RegisKillbin were due to take part in the Hearthstone Crossroads Inn-vitational tomorrow (April 21st), featuring 20 players and a $100,000 prize pool. They have now voluntarily stepped down, with women players Lunaloveee and Avelline taking their spaces. The move comes following a debate around sexism and a lack of inclusion within the Hearthstone community. Continue reading Kripparrian and RegisKillbin give up Crossroads Inn-vitational slots to help make Hearthstone more diverse following debate around inclusivity and sexism

guild-esports-say-upcoming-academy-could-be-‘the-biggest-thing-to-happen-to-uk-esports-for-a-very-long-time’ ESports News UK

Guild Esports say upcoming academy could be ‘the biggest thing to happen to UK esports for a very long time’

Guild Esports, the London-based esports organisation backed by David Beckham, has spoken confidently about its upcoming academy launch, saying it could be the biggest thing in UK esports for some time. The Guild Academy – set to launch this quarter – will be an online portal and ‘physical athlete-development system’ closely modelled on the success of the Premier League and inspired by David Beckham, who’s been involved in its creation and development. It aims to foster a global fanbase for the organisation, attract talented gamers and mentor them, as well as provide a ‘world-class’ training system including coaching, guidance on…

uk-org-into-the-breach-sign-dreamleague-dota-pro-circuit-team-featuring-uk-players ESports News UK

UK org Into The Breach sign DreamLeague Dota Pro Circuit team featuring UK players

Dota 2 may be one of the most well-known esports games out there, but it’s had a distinct lack of UK talent over the years. So UK Dota 2 fans may find this news positive in particular – UK esporgs org Into The Breach have signed a roster in the DreamLeague Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) featuring two UK players: Azdantick and Tanner. The team was known as Creepwave and will now be playing in the Season 15 DPC EU Lower Division under the Into The Breach banner. Continue reading UK org Into The Breach sign DreamLeague Dota Pro Circuit team…