league-of-legends-and-csgo-esports-betting-guide-for-beginners:-how-to-get-started,-place-bets-and-have-fun-safely,-with-tips-from-a-former-pro-bettor ESports News UK

League of Legends and CSGO esports betting guide for beginners: How to get started, place bets and have fun safely, with tips from a former pro bettor

Promoted article (in partnership with Dragoni). You must be aged 18 and above to bet. Please gamble responsibly. Image source: Riot Flickr. Esports betting is still finding its feet in a growing market that shares similarities with traditional sports in some ways, but is also be wildly different in others. And it’s not always easy to get started in terms of placing an esports bet. We talk to Mark Cole, the CEO of Dragoni (a new licensed UK esports betting provider offering bets in League of Legends and CSGO), and Adam Boothe, a former professional esports bettor who works for…