smash-bros.-ultimate-is-getting-shaken-up-by-its-own-wave-dashing-moment Twitch

Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Getting Shaken Up By Its Own Wave-Dashing Moment

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are obsessed with ranking the game’s extensive, crossover cast of video game characters in tier lists. Tier lists constantly change to reflect alterations to the game’s meta, caused by balance updates released by Nintendo, but also players finding new techniques. The Smash community recently found a new technique with potential to drastically change the game’s meta: the slingshot.

all-the-big-pokemon-games,-ranked-from-worst-to-best Twitch

All The Big Pokémon Games, Ranked From Worst To Best

Pokémon. It’s the biggest multimedia franchise on the planet. Everyone knows what a Pikachu is. The Pokéball, a red-and-white sphere bisected by a black line, is immediately recognizable to even your most out-of-touch aunts and uncles. But it all started with a game: 1996’s Pokémon Red and Blue versions, for Nintendo’s original Game Boy.